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K-Pop (Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hiphop, rock, R&B, and electronic music originating in South Korea. In addition to music, K-Pop has grown into a popular subculture, resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers.

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Image Comics is a United States comic book publisher founded in 1992 by high-profile illustrators as a venue where creators could publish creator-owned properties. Its best-known series include Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, The Darkness, Invincible, and The Walking Dead.

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2020.12.01 05:34 BananaBreadHYD TIFU by voicing my frustrations with an ex.

Back at the start of the quarantine, I started seeing this girl (let’s call her L) She was the best sexual partner that I’ve ever had, but other than that she meant nothing to me. I mean I didn’t dislike her but honestly I had no feelings for her. Apparently I didn’t give L enough attention because one day she decided that she didn’t want to see me anymore. Didn’t really affect me, so I moved on.
About a month or two later I started my current job and met my current girlfriend (let’s call her M). I fell hard for her very quickly, and after our first friend date, I fell in love with her. I genuinely love this human being more than I ever thought I could love someone. Her eyes captive me, her smile puts me under a spell, her voice is like the most beautiful symphony. Every day all I do is think about M. Everything about her is amazing. We are basically the same person, personality-wise. She and I have the exact same sense of humor, and while we have different interests/hobbies, we still support each other and sometimes participate in each other’s interests/hobbies. After being with M for two months I genuinely think I want to spend the rest of my life with this girl. The only part of our relationship that hasn’t gone perfectly is our sex life.
I am M’s first sexual partner. Things have gone fairly smoothly for us, but because she is so new at things, she is fairly vanilla. L was the exact opposite: very experienced and very kinky. She let me live out some of my fantasies before she broke things off. While things are good with M, I can’t help but think of the things I used to do with L. Not specifically the times I was with L, but of the actions themselves. They were fairly taboo though, so I’ve never brought them up to M because I was afraid she’d judge me for them or even leave me. So that leads me to where I fucked up.
Early today I messaged L to vent my frustrations and honestly kind of point some blame to her. I didn’t bring things to M’s attention, again, because I was afraid of her being repulsed by them or, even worse, feeling like she wasn’t doing enough in bed. Being M’s first sexual partner, I wanted to be very positive, encouraging, and supportive of her in bed to build a good self image. I didn’t want to even remotely make her think anything she was doing was bad or not good enough. So I went to L instead. I never once said or insinuated that I wanted anything from L, but she misconstrued things for me wanting just that. So she screenshotted the conversation and sent it to M. And exactly what I thought would happen, happened, but not in the way I expected.
M was upset, but more so because I took my sexual issues to L instead of to her. I tried explaining that my intentions weren’t to explicitly go behind her back to talk to an ex. I just didn’t want to hurt M’s feelings and honestly wanted to direct my frustrations at L who caused them. I feel like I really fucked up though. M has said that we’re through and has responded to me in hours. I can’t imagine living without M in my life. I love her, but a lapse in my judgement and common sense has seriously hurt her. I just hope she’s okay and that she can find a way to forgive me. How screwed am I, guys?
TL;DR - My girlfriend wants to break up because I vented my sexual frustrations and anxieties with her inexperience to an ex.
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2020.12.01 05:18 mothman_is_cornflake Help with an personal mental issue

I'm sorry for the very noninformative title, but i don't exactly know what to call this. I've looked online, talked to people i know, like friends, but they can't exactly relate. I just want to know what this may be? For years now, I've personified anything that has eyes. The funko pops i collect, book/disc/CD covers, shirts, posters, charachers in tv/movies/video games, paintings, drawings (both traditional and digital); you name it, and I'll get incredibly paranoid around them. This only applies to things i haven't created, all of the drawings and clay figures I've made have no thought or feeling. Everything else freaks me out, i feel like they communicate between each other, judge me, talk about me, it'll get to the point where i try to act as how i think would please them, act 'cooler', 'smarter', depending on the character and their personalities. I can't hear them or anything, but i just can't fathom that they're just inanimate. I tried talking to my therapist and she said its just from my low self image and anxiety. I tried telling my parents and they thought it was silly. Its gotten to a point where I'm putting tape over the eyes i can cover, turning book spines around. I try to avoid all eye contact and i guess it works a little but im still incredibly paranoid and anxious around things with eyes. I know it sounds silly, but if anyone could help me out or experiences the same thing, i'd love to hear anything about it. I just wanna know how to cope and live with this, i want to be led in the right direction to figure out what this may be. Thank you :) sorry for the long read.
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2020.12.01 05:12 IntentionDue2403 help

Hopefully this will help me with my mental state and where it is at right now but I just need someone to hear me out and I am out of solutions.
My freshman year of high school, there was this guy who was a senior, that was a mutual friend of one of my friends. We knew each other vaguely but I didn't get to know him or have a conversation with him until the Summer going into my junior year (2019). It was august and he added me on snapchat. He was the one to initiate the conversation and proceeded to tell me all the typical nice things such as, "you're so beautiful", "why are you single", "I would give you everything" and things of that nature. This being the first real attention someone has ever shown me, I was infatuated and found myself doing whatever he told me. It started out as just sending nude photos to him whenever he asked and when I would not send them, he would get upset, call me names and threaten me by saying he would spread rumors about me to my friends and ruin my image as a cheerleader. I am an International Baccalaureate student and didn't want my reputation ruined, so I did whatever he told me. When pictures became an everyday asking, he talked me into meeting up with him, whether it would be in one of our vehicles or at his house where he lived with his parents. Whenever I would say no, again, I was threatened and scared so I went along with it. Each time I met with him, he wanted to engage in unprotected sex. I was too scared to let anyone know what was happening. As time passed on, he became aggressive and would put his hands on me for telling him no. I often had bruises across my chest and on my arms and legs. When my mom grew suspicious, I told her the bruises came from cheer practice. It wasn't until March of this year when I realized I had missed my period. Trying to avoid the thought of me being pregnant, I continued seeing him and having what I thought was a relationship with him through snapchat. That was the only way he would communicate with me. He always reassured me that he loved me and that he would never leave me. In June, I found out he was talking to another underaged girl and asking her to have sex with him. I grew furious and asked him what it was about. He blocked me and i didn't communicate with him until August of this year. He sold me the typical "i'm sorry, I don't deserve you" speech and I accepted it. At this time, my stomach began growing bigger and bigger and I knew I was pregnant. I continued going to cheer practice and attending football games to cheer at. It was October 30, 2020, and that morning I had extreme back pain. I laid in bed the whole day, falling in and out of sleep. My mom came home from work that day at 6 and I finally told her that I was pregnant. She rushed me to a local children's hospital when I had an emergency delivery. I had given birth to a healthy baby girl. My mom, dad, and sister had no clue as to I barely gained any weight. While laying on the hospital bed, my sister asked who the father was. It was the guy I had been sneaking around with, scared to turn down. My mother called him and informed him that I had given birth and that i was being transferred to a different hospital. He told my mom that he was too young and wanted to opt out, and did not visit me while I was there but proceeded to visit my daughter that stayed behind at the children's hospital. It has now been a month and I am a 17 year old teen mother. Never would I imagine my daughter would be fatherless. He is 20 years old. I realize now that I was taken advantage of and now I do not know what to do. Someone please help me
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2020.12.01 05:03 PG-Imaje Rim Advice - Straw Poll

Hello Fine People of Reddit!
I am looking to get new summer rims for my project car (a 2012 Lancer - Cobalt Blue), so I created a Straw Poll of 8 rims I am looking at. I originally looked at 137 different styles of rims and me along with my friends picked the ones we liked the best.
I have photoshopped the rims on to a stock version of my car with the same colour and I was hoping to get random peoples advice/opinions on what rims they think I should go with. I cant decide from the 8 I like so lets have strangers decide! *What could go wrong*
If you are willing and don't mind, I would love to have people vote on what they like the most! (the default pic looks pretty small so you can click on the image and it "should" enlarge it a little.
Thank you in advance for those who read this and for those you voted. Thank you!
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2020.12.01 05:00 Nazer_the_Lazer The Young Knight and the Old Dragon - Part 26

[Part 25]()
Aten was roused gently by Gertrude, who placed a slab of rock and a piece of meat and potatoes atop it as soon as his eyes cracked open. He rubbed the tire from his eyes and willed the previous night’s dream to leave him. The dragon Apophis sat upon a throne with a crown on his head blaming Aten for the destruction of Kolog. It did not sit well with him.
“I apologize, but we have nothing in the form of plates, so I cleaned some flat rocks to eat from,” Gertrude said quickly. She seemed to be in a hurry.
“Are you going somewhere?” Aten asked, looking around drowsily. Ren and Parner at at the water’s edge enjoying the meal while Trise stood under the outpost looking seemingly impatient.
“Trise insisted on practicing with the bow this morning. I apologize if you wanted to leave sooner, but she is very adamant about this,” Gertrude said apologetically.
As Aten’s focus returned to reality, so did the pain of hundreds of rocks of yesterday’s battle. He strained to sit up and would not have been able to do it had Gertrude not pulled him up gingerly.
“Do what you feel is best. Just let Hiromoto go before we forget,” Aten said, rubbing his temple to nurse an oncoming headache.
“We already released him.”
“Ah, I am glad you let him off early.”
“Aten, it is well past midday.”
Aten blinked a few times and looked up to see the sun beyond its zenith. He blinked a few times more to understand just how long he had been asleep.
“I take it you tried to wake me?” Aten asked.
“At least for breakfast, yes. Now hurry and eat your lunch so you can regain your strength,” Gertrude pushed the rock slab closer to him and stood. She moved briskly to Trise who led her to a tree with a makeshift target on it.
Aten ate in silence, examining his arms in the sunlight. It was mostly covered in bruises, though it was also wracked with small, shallow cuts. He flexed his forearm and felt its litany of aches and pains surge through him. It would be difficult to pick himself off the floor, let alone carry a sword. He wondered when he would truly be able to rest.
Ren turned and smiled when he saw Aten awake, nudging Parner. Parner winced at being nudged and punched Ren back. Aten laughed as Ren howled in pain and shoved Parner over before running to Aten’s side.
“Welcome back,” Ren said.
“I think you slept enough for all of us given the time you took,” Parner caught up.
“If it is so late in the day, why are Trise and Gertrude just beginning to practice?” Aten asked.
“They have been loosing arrows into trees all day. Trise has been yelling into her ear the entire time to ensure she can focus under pressure the next time the need for their skills arises,” Ren explained.
“Is it benefitting her?”
“I doubt we will know until we need to,” Ren said.
“And you two? Have you been sparring?” Aten asked.
Ren and Parner looked to one another, embarrassed.
“We mostly took count of our new inventory and planned our way to Sekoa,” Parner said.
“You took a break,” Aten concluded.
The two nodded in agreement.
“I think… I think Ren might benefit from the same kind of training as Gertrude,” Aten suggested, not meeting Ren’s eyes. The sound of Trise’s orders and beratement made its way to the knights.
“I can spar with you all without a problem,” Ren said defensively. “It is fighting the unknown that I am not prepared for.”
“And I do not need any such practice, seeing how I was able to kill someone without needing them to fall in love with me,” Parner said mischievously.
Aten grinned. He was happy to see Parner back to his usual self. He was also pleased to see that Ren knew where his weaknesses lied. He wondered where his own were for a moment before another wave of pain flowed through his aching body.
“When can we be off?” Aten asked, digging into his meal of meat and potatoes.
“We are prepared to disembark at a moment’s notice. Trise has been especially focused on Gertrude, to the point where she ignores us,” Parner said with a hint of chagrin.
“Perhaps she will listen to you,” Ren suggested.
Aten looked to the archer’s mid-chew. If he was strong enough to stand on his own, he decided, he was strong enough to leave. He swallowed his morsel of food and braced himself. He groaned and arduously dragged his feet under him to pick himself up. Ren and Parner moved to assist him, but he held his hands up to signal them back. He groaned once more and fought the flames of pain burning brightly in his legs, moreso in his injured calf. With a misstep catching himself forward, he was able to stand upright.
“Amazing,” Parner said sarcastically. “Simply witnessing you stand up may be enough to defeat the dragon by sheer intimidation.”
“Shut up Parner.”
Aten used the sheath of his sword to hobble over to the archers, the intense training led by Trise growing more intimidating as he drew nearer. Aten could see that Gertrude was wearing something over her forearm today to protect from the string snapping at it. He wondered whether they had that yesterday and she did not have the time to put in on. Soon, he was close enough to hear Trise’s lesson.
“Again! Walk and shoot the target! Sometimes you and your opponent are in motion. Are you going to let them get the advantage? Are you?”
Instead of replying, Gertrude shot at the tree. A near-miss from the center. Aten was impressed, but Trise scoffed.
“If your enemy’s helmet is tight, you will not have the luxury of missing by massive margins like that. Again!”
“Trise! Gertrude!” Aten cut in awkwardly. “We should be going.”
Trise looked him up and down for a moment, her energy dissipating.
“You are well enough to travel?” she asked, a red hue fading from her face.
“Well enough to want to travel.”
Trise shrugged and tilted her head at Gertrude to gather the arrows. Aten made his way back to the boat, his bad leg buckling every few steps, but he tried to keep that a secret from the others. He could sit and rest on the boat. He would not volunteer to row. Parner and Ren helped Aten step aboard and the four of his companions gathered their supplies and pushed off into the river. Trise and Gertrude began rowing gently.
“I can row,” Parner offered.
“Take a look at your hands,” Trise responded.
He looked down at the litany of scratches, welts, and scabs threatening to tear open.
“I will be fine.”
“You will be better off when you let your hands rest for the day,” Gertrude replied.
“We must at least attempt to repay your bravery yesterday. The three of you did well to act as cover when we were under the rock rain,” Trise said.
Ren stiffened, embarrassed, but Parner chuckled.
“We have had fire rain down upon us, as well as rocks. I feel as though we will experience a rain of air before a natural rain of water,” he said, amused.
“A rain of air?” Trise challenged.
“I would have asked you what a rain of fire or rocks were only a fortnight ago! Do not consider it out of the question,” Parner laughed.
Aten was happy at both the speed they went at and the calmness they enjoyed this day. He was grateful for both the provisions they had and the company he kept. As his wounds took their time to heal, he was pleased to make more headway to the Deserted Desert. Soon, he would be able to defeat Apophis.
The borders of the river gave way to less trees and more plains the further they drifted south. Hours, they went with casual, short conversation or just relishing the silent journey south. The knights would routinely readjust themselves to take pressure off of one point of pain only to inevitably agitate another sore when they sat back down. Aten could see rolling hills out in the distance on his right. He squinted at them for a moment.
“Do the hills look… unnatural?” Aten asked. Parner scoffed.
“What a question! Do the hills…” Parner frowned mid-sentence. “They do look a bit unnatural, do they not?”
The hills were a dark black, as if covered in a thin sheet of tar. There was no foliage to be seen anywhere near them, and a light scent of something burning hung in the air.
“This is where Apophis stopped…” Ren said in an abated breath .
“Stopped?” Gertrude asked.
“We are east of Pallas. The dragon chased us this way, razing the land as it flew. It left nothing but scorched earth in its wake. It seems this is where it decided to look for other means of finding Aten,” Ren said.
Aten looked closer at the hills. They did not look familiar, but it was possible that the tiremarks of the wagon they took from Waron would be found within the carnage, or perhaps the wagon itself. Aten wished he could return it to the weaponsmith, but he knew it was unlikely he would find anything in the ashen terrain. He watched the hills intently, imagining the white, hot flames bearing down on them and leaving them in the state they were. He could follow a line, a scar written in the ground by fire that made a trail all the way back to Pallas. He felt a renewed drive to find Pirulo. He never wanted to see this kind of large-scale destruction in his life.
“This is the power Apophis possesses?” Trise asked in awe.
“You act like you did not witness Berdun,” Parner replied.
“I just… I thought it was more limited in its ability to produce fire. How do we defeat a monster like this?”
“We find someone who already knows how,” Aten answered confidently.
Ren looked to him skeptically, but the others nodded in agreement. Aten’s gaze fell back on the river when his jaw dropped at the site ahead of them.
A giant tree, taller than anything he had ever seen, loomed ahead, its branches comparable to clouds in their size above a small city and lake at its base. Beyond the tree, on the horizon, Aten could see a desert, but the tree took command of the view, probably visible for miles around.
“What is that!” Aten pointed, his arm stinging in protest.
The other passengers followed his gaze, then followed his expression, all of them looking in wonder. Ren suddenly perked up and went into one of the bags onboard. He pulled out a parchment with detailed images scrawled across it.
“I witnessed it on the map, but believed it an exaggeration,” he said, pointing and showing the group the parchment was a map. “That is the tree towering over Sekoa. We have arrived!”
Aten looked at the map, then at the city. Ren was right in that it looked comically large for a tree on the map, but it truly was a sight to behold.
“What a marvel,” Aten said.
“I have heard tell of this tree before,” Parner said. “I believe it is called a Sekoa Tree, named after the city or perhaps the other way around. Legend says that the entire city was built from the branches pruned from this fantastic feat of foliage.”
“Fantastic feat of foliage?” Trise smirked.
“I am as erudite as I am loquacious,” Parner said pompously, bowing.
Aten recalled that ‘loquacious’ was a word that Vesta had once used. He still did not know what it meant, but chuckled at Parner’s display, regardless. He was in high spirits. He felt their journey would be ending soon.
Very happy to have been able to keep my promise to release one chapter every other day in November. Still more to come! Next part Dec 2nd!
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2020.12.01 04:49 Anath3mA Elysium enemy "souls" - based on something specific?

the image of the orb with an eye is kind of sticking with me and i cant help but feel like its based on something that i remember vaguely. maybe the hamsa hand amulet, used to ward off the evil eye?
if anyone knows of a source about the dev inspiration for these guys, i'd love to read it.
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2020.12.01 04:46 Macaulyn League of Legends is missing an old lady character

While I admit I have enjoyed the increased ammount of sex appeal in male characters, I won't lie that when it comes to the female characters, being pretty or cute is even more common and its kinda boring. And with more than 150 characters, you'd expect an old lady to be present at least, specially because one can argue that at least LoL has female characters with different body types (Camille and Illaoi) as well as non-human females (Anivia and Rek'Sai) in its roster, which is more than many games with playable rosters can say for themselves.
And don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to play SJW here, but honestly, I really think the idea of an old lady would be very fun, we all have this image where old ladies are fragile, whether they're loving grannies or old hags, so having one in a game with constant battles would be interesting. I think it would be even cooler if she was not a mage or an enchanter (and this is coming from someone that mains champions in those classes), an assassin old lady would sure as hell be a breath of fresh air when it comes to design.
LoL has been suffering with lack of originality in their designs (and I admit that the hot guys are part of that problem), so if they really don't want to add monsters, we could at least have different human characters to make things different, and in this specific case, its something we don't have at all.
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2020.12.01 04:45 OuttaSightOutyaMind I (20M) was sexually assaulted by my ex (20F) and was retaliated, how do I move forward?

TW; one small but important part of this experience focuses on sexual coercion pretty explicitly , please be safe with your reading. So I’m telling the half full story, general is at the bottom
Hey hi, so we go to the same university and we met through a mutual friend. I was going through a lot socially at our university and just wanted a new space to be who I felt I was atm. We were infatuated and then okay for a bit but my ex has anxiety and depression and I have BP type 2 so this led to some complicated moments very early on, not to mention a lot of immaturity and volatility became apparent to me quickly after the first month(interacting with her ex, irrational paranoia, narcissistic control and deceitful communication) This sort of shined a light on a codependency pattern my ex has displayed before, (due to extreme* class privilege and also I spoke to an ex and ex roommate of hers that experienced similar behavior). soon after the first 5 months it became little more about inside jokes and art and sex all while trauma bonding and trying to support each other. Toxic. The entire 6th month she tried to leave me (sometimes twice in a night if that makes sense) after I had attempted to peacefully end the relationship many times months before only to be begged or vice a versa. toxic x2 End of month six she goes home for her moms birthday and uses the opportunity to split, I’m broke but okay w it as I understood the plane was crashing anyways, days later she wants to try again but this goes back and forth and ultimately I come to see her in California (I was in Idaho) and meet her parents officially hoping to reconnect. I was very weary because she’s was always very abusive when she would ‘leave ie verbal and sometimes physical assault, recording me crying or having an emotional reaction, gaslight me in my familys home and use our interracial dynamic to her advantage, etc.
This is an important bit, at the end of my week in California things still weren’t working out on her end, she just couldn’t keep the commitments up, we had made simple ones when I came that she agreed to and we’re reasonable, nothing major splitting payments and moving as a unit if that’s what we were setting out to do, ultimately we do neither. So When I split things off I stayed w her and tried to be kind and apologetic because I knew we were both confused on how we ended up there, she begged me for three hours and I eventually said she could come back to my parents for a bit (also she was working w my mom and needed more training) next couple days we get back and I feel completely icy, the warm thrill of our rollercoaster had gone. So much so it devolved into the next
Super important bit; before she comes I told her if she tried to leave again I wouldn’t stop her, I had stopped having sex w her because it left me uncomfortable and feeling used. Within our final three days, she bought a plan ticket to leave and still asked me for sex, I didn’t want to even interact if that’s where she was going I’d rather save us both the trouble, however she cancels the ticket but we still don’t have sex, next day we do, but I don’t know at that moment she’s told our mutual friends I’ve trapped her in my house and am abusing her because she’s had to cancel a ticket to try and fuck me, while trying to leave.The day after we get into a ‘final’ discussion and I feel empty still and now she’s incredibly cold. 9/27 That night she confesses confusion and cries to me about it. I try to comfort her but she again tries to use this moment for sex. Remember what I told you before (our mutual friends are OTW to ‘save her’ unbeknownst to me) I made it very clear I didn’t wanna have sex and I didn’t think it was wise or a comfortable thing to do (just had a feelin) I had smoked and drank that day but not enough at all to induce intoxication. She continues to advance while I’m trying to understand why she’s confused and crying and I resist eventually not saying anything and just being touched till it starts’? It still fucks me up trynna understand what I felt. Anyways there was no conversation between us having sex and me waking up in the morning to her telling me our friends were on the way to pick her up. Mind you; the coercion; she asked me to make love to her in multiple ways, accepted any condition I asked about our status while trying to resist. Put her body on me after I explained my uncomfort, reassuring me it’s for HER SAFETY. Asked me to put children in her etc etc literally everything you could try to say to make a vulnerable person be ok w fuckin, it was almost corny looking back.
Anyways after that everything falls apart, she fled the state and block me on everything that day and I didn’t open a case until a week after when I went to the hospital due to a psychotic break after I realized what happened and wanted to cut my dick off. She slandered me on socials publicly warning people in areas of my presence talking about my circles of manipulation and citing women I had told her about but was never involved w during our relationship. This was all in retaliation to a Title IX case I opened through my University that she fucked up w a no contact order, by this point I’ve lost so many people it’s discouraging for a young black man like me to even try and get someone to care, I don’t want justice I just want wonder how can I move on knowing the world hasn’t set this up for me to be perfectly fucked.
Tdlr: my ex assaulted me in the midst of a break up and retaliated me by reconnecting w my ex’s and other to use my image to victimize herself, need to know how to move on w no closure or contact from my narcissist assaulter.
EDIT: Explicitly asking for advice on how to move forward, and heal from the betrayal trauma on many levels
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2020.12.01 04:43 ThePhysicsDemoGuy Radon/gross alpha in well water - need help firming up plans + opinions

Radon/gross alpha in well water - need help firming up plans + opinions
Hiya Radon!
Looking for general opinions regarding radon found in our well water. We currently remediate the AIR in the basement with active depressurization beneath the slab, vented above the roof - went from ~7 pCi/L to below 1.0 - more than happy.
Now looking for interpretation of the WATER test results (images below).

Radon concentration from our well water (direct from pump)

Advanced tests (MCL = Maximum Contaminant Level 'permitted')

I've had a workup from the same company that tested the well water and they recommend a filtering system (granular activated carbon filter - 3 year replacement cycle) and a proprietary "Gross alpha treatment system" which appears to include an aeration system with a pH adjustment tank (needs brine refills and "mandatory 6 month services" for media replacement).
I don't mind spending on a system, but needing a lot of service is an issue for me.

My personal plan would be just an aeration system with vent... Thoughts? As of right now, I have a green sand filter and plan to add some simple particulate filters...
Current basement (L to R): Pex manifold, water heater, greensand filter, water pressure tank, sump with cover.
I'd love anyone's input/opinions! Thanks!
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2020.12.01 04:36 ImpaktuEmeraldo About to use reddit

Hello guys my name is WaddleDeestar (formerly known as ImpactEmerald)
So last year, I was thinking the reddit was good, I was posting unfunny images, such as Whooosh, GoCommitDie and bonehurtingjuice, well my old reddit post wasn't so funny and its not good and unusable subreddit for now, i rarely use reddit for now and posting facts and artworks (fanart included)
I dont give a fuck about the damn reddit normies, such as hating fortnite, worshipping keanu reeves, saying "wholesome 100", etc. its all unfunny.
of course i actively use roblox_arsenal and its good, I think?
thanks for reading .
Found a bad grammar? chat me!

Follow my Twitter AccountsMain - WaddleDeestarRoblox Content - WDaystarArt Account - WaddleDrawsAlot
Subscribe my YouTube channelsMain - WaddleDeestarAlt - WaddleLovesTemmieAlot
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2020.12.01 04:29 Zirie What do you think of this statement in a blues book?

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post, but I'm looking for a second opinion. I am learning blues, through books, and recently bought this one on Amazon: Fingerstyle Blues Guitar by Daniele Bazzani. When I received it, I noticed a text in the bottom of the back cover that reads: "Even if you are white and you have never worked in a cotton field, you can still love and play the blues". I wonder if someone else thinks that's not good. Thoughts?
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2020.12.01 04:27 snewmy Really bad experience with a behaviorist :/

My husband and I adopted a pit bull/hound (maybe? dog tax) about a month and a half ago. Anyway, he's a rescue and very anxious but has been steadily improving by leaps and bounds since we got him and are very consistent with our trainer, and positive reinforcement. He's very treat-, praise- and ball-motivated (is ball-motivated a thing?). We love him so much already.
We also have a cat - we were trying to do the slow introduction thing, but the dog got through the baby gate, cornered the cat, and really scared her (and me). The cat scratched up the dog's face and actually got her back claw stuck in his nose. He very quickly backed off. He didn't try to bite her at all, but the fact that he chased her was what was concerning.
My local vet suggested we have a consultation with a veterinary behaviorist. So I set up the "consultation" zoom meeting. After hearing this story, he says that 1) there is ZERO hope for this situation 2) the dog will probably kill the cat 3) if he doesn't kill the cat, the cat will die of a stress-related disease 4) THEN he goes into GRAPHIC details about how exactly dogs kill cats 5) he says we should either rehome or euthanize the dog.
After the initial shock, I'm fairly angry. It seems like this is not an insurmountable problem. I'm not a DVM, for sure, but to say that there's ZERO hope? What I do know from a different research project (I'm a public health professor) is about good patient/provider communication and scaring patients using graphic images seems to be highly unprofessional to me.
So I guess I have two questions, reactivedogs; 1) this behaviorist was unprofessional, yes? 2) what to do from here? He hasn't shown any interest in the cat since, but she's also not coming out much. I'd also like to get some better guidance on working with him as he's leash reactive and wigs out in the car. We have a dog trainer but it's on hold in our area due to COVID.
Thank you!
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2020.12.01 04:08 HolidayAd7032 body image, recovery

How do you deal with days where you genuinely love yourself and your body and then a few days later you hate it so much and wish you could just be normal..?
It frustrates me that it’s such an issue for me but like, my sister and I are basically the same size and yet all I can think is how she’s so much prettier than me and how she doesn’t have a single care about her body image, weight, or food.
I’ve reached the point where I don’t want to associate with the ED in any way anymore but on days like this, how can I keep moving away from it?
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2020.12.01 03:55 monkeykong111 Need to evaluate some diamond options I found

I'm in the process of selecting a diamond for a budget around $25K. Did a lot of research on diamond evaluation but need some second opinions
I found these two diamonds interesting.
The strong blue fluorescence on the 1.9 carot one is deterring me from that but the idealscope image is a bit better than the 2.01 from what I can tell.
I can provide cut proportions if needed
Someone told me to scrap those two options in favor of this one due two its superior cut.
The line of inclusions in this diamond is making me hesitant and the premium is way above the cost efficiency line.
Would love to hear some other opinions/diamond suggestions
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2020.12.01 03:52 Zymyrgist [Weekly Writing Prompt] The Dream gives way to the Dawn

For the briefest of moments, pure silence hung in the air.
Freyja broke the silence first, a scream of pure rage and anguish ripping from her demonic form’s throat. She lowered her head and charged with the thunder of hooves against the cobblestone streets. Sharena and Fjorm answered her cries with echoes of their own, both Princesses charging to meet her head on.
Sharena raced ahead, bringing her shield to bear as Freyja crashed into the Askran Princess and tossed her aside with ease, her horns hooking around Sharena’s shield with a jerk of her head. Fjorm followed up, each swing of her spear releasing blasts of super-cooled air that froze into clouds of frost hanging around Freyja’s head, forcing the Nightmare Beast to back away from the freezing mist.
Slowly, the Princesses gained ground, Sharena keeping her shield in front of the beasts spiraling horns and lashing tails, Fjorm striking in turn as the ice magic of Leiptr kept Freyja on the backhoof, scrambling for a footing as the stones beneath her feet turned to ice.
“Ahh,” Loki drawled, watching the battle between the three from afar with the Summoner by her side. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen your little snookums over there so worked up.” She turned to Will with a wink. “Aren’t you worried about her? Want to go help?”
“She can handle herself,” Will replied, his eyes searching the battlefield. Soldiers and nightmares alike stood frozen in time. Behind them, Reinhardt and Olwen were back to back, lightning and wind stuck mid spellcast from their tomes. It was...unsettling, he decided, bending down to pull a sword from a fallen knight’s scabbard.
Loki watched him with a smile of delight growing wider on her face by the second. “Oh?” Her eyes lit up in delight. “The gallant Summoner, here to fight his own battles at last?” She licked her lips in anticipation. “Oh, how I’ve waited for this moment.”
Will’s voice didn’t waver as he turned to Loki, blade at his side. “What she said. About Alfonse.” He raised the blade, the shining tip pointed directly at Loki’s heart. “Was it true?”
Loki’s smile never faded as her fingers drummed on her staff. Her head tilted slightly, watching him with hawk like focus. “And if it is?” Her voice was sweet, almost casul. A passerby could have been convinced she was asking about the weather.
Something snapped in the Summoner. He was scarcely aware of his own actions. His feet left the ground, covering the distance between them in one impossible bound. The blade whistled down, faster than his eyes could track, faster than his arm had ever moved before.
It didn’t matter to Loki. She shifted her stance, her staff coming up neatly to catch the blade with a hollow ringing sound. The Summoner landed, sparing only an instant to look up in amazement at that perfect, smiling visage.
Then she punched him in the face.
“Aughh!” Will recoiled, one hand reflexively going up to stem the bleeding from his bruised nose, only to catch a dagger like heel in his sternum as the Trickster’s snapped kick caught him unawares. Bodily lifted from the force, he hit the ground with a hard impact, the breath knocked from his lungs.
Loki’s visage swarmed in his vision again as she sauntered up to the downed Summoner, her grin maddeningly fox-like. “Dearest,” she practically purred, raising her staff. “A friendly word of advice. Don’t start a game if you’re not willing to play for keeps.”
Will’s eyes widened and he rolled to the side as her staff slammed down, cracking the pavement into a small crater where his head had been moments ago. He scrambled to his feet, keeping low to the ground, blinking away the stars that swam in the corner of his eyes. Loki nodded approvingly, spreading her arms in an inviting gesture with a sardonic little bow.
Will took the offensive, darting in with quick jabs and swipes of the Askran broadsword. Each strike was met with Loki’s staff in a chorus of ringing metal, the Trickster laughing gleefully as she parried away his increasingly erratic strikes with graceful twirls of her staff. She spun around his last strike, shoving hard on his back with the butt of her staff, driving him again to the ground. “Getting better,” she teased. “You almost had me that time!”
“How about this time!” Will snapped as he spun, blade whipping in a fierce arc that caught the Trickster in her side. Her smile never faded as the blade passed through her, completely harmless. Eyes alight with glee, she held her hand up and snapped her fingers again.
The sound had scarce faded before the blade in his hand shimmered and vanished.
“Oh,” he managed meekly before her hand snapped out again, closing around his throat will all too real and terrifying strength. With monstrous ease she surged forward, pushing him down to the ground, her silk clad form following him down and straddling the now prone Summoner as she lay atop him, staff discarded.
“Oh.” She repeated, eyes half closed. “I do admire the pluck, though,” she whispered, leaning closer to him. “I knew she chose well.” Her smile turned sinfully sensual as she adjusted her position, her free hand braced against his sternum. “Now, now, what have we here?” She muttered, shifting her hips again.
“Just because you’re hot,” Will sputtered, color rising in his face, struggling to break her grip on his throat. “Doesn’t mean you’re attractive!”
“So witty, too!” Loki laughed, releasing his throat to brush away the hair from his face. “If a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.” She leaned back, fingers tracing down his cheek with a possessive longing. “Don’t you think it’s time to end this charade?”
“What are you talking abo--mmph?!” Will sputtered to a stop. Loki sat perched atop his body, leaning over his face like a lover long denied, but the unmistakable feeling of someone elses lips wrapped around his own. Loki’s eyes sparkled with delight.
“There we go,” she muttered with glee, cupping his cheek in her hand. “Seems your darling Princess has read her share of fairy tales. How does it go? The Prince wakes the sleeping Princess with a kiss?” She winked. “Well, you’re no Princess, but I certainly can’t fault her for trying.”
“Sleeping? I’m…” Will tried to shake off the sudden bouts of confusion. “I’m...wait, who’s sleeping?”
“Only in your dreams, darling, could you last as long as you did with me.” Loki replied with a smile. “Come on now,” she reached down and twisted his face to the side, to where Freyja, Fjorm, and Sharena had been locked in a duel. Only, he belatedly realized, he stopped hearing their fight some time ago. In place of the three, there was only Freyja left, staring sullenly at the Summoner and Loki.
“So, that was your purpose.” Freyja muttered darkly, refusing to meet either of their gazes.
“Quite so,” Loki nodded, smiling sweetly. Freyja’s scowl deepened. Dark fire, beating with a purple core, gathered around her before suddenly dissipating. Freyja collapsed to the ground, glaring up at Loki’s still beatifically smiling face with pure venom in her eyes.
“All of it was a lie?” She spat at the Trickster. “The Allfather? All of it?!”
Loki tapped her chin thoughtfully, the gleam in her eye still present. “Well, think of it more as a...creative misdirection,” she mused. “I was born in this dream for one purpose, after all. I’d say my job was done splendidly, even if,” she continued, winking at Freyja. “A few eggs had to be broken to make an omelette, as the saying goes.”
Freyja stared at her with naked contempt and disgust, rage shaking her body. She drew herself to her full height, towering over the Summoner laying on the ground. She pointed one terrible finger at them, her voice practically shaking the air. “I am Freyja,” she vowed in a dark and terrible voice. “This may be the end of my dream but I swear it to be the start of your nightmare.” She shrank back down, dark fire covering her body as she faded into the shadows. “I swear it…” her voice faded with her, following it’s mistress back to the realms of nightmare to trouble them no more.
The streets of Askr’s city were replaced by gently rolling clouds in a heartbeat. The battlefield vanished, replaced by an endless blue sky reflected in a mirror sheet of water. Will blinked, suddenly standing apart from Loki who smiled at him warmly in this strange, empty world. “Where…” he started, glancing around. Vague, indistinct voices filled the air.
“Between waking and sleep.” Loki supplied, nodding. “You can think of this like your...subconscious, if you will.”
“Empty, I know.” Loki winked. Will turned to the apparition, still on guard, though the cuts and bruises sustained in their scuffle had vanished.
“, what are you?”
Loki’s phantom took a moment to answer, as if considering her options. Settling on one, she shrugged. “Do you remember our last meeting?”
“Vaguely, I think...there was...the censer!” Images came flooding back to him, reflected in the water's surface beneath his boots. Loki nodded approvingly.
“Yes, you asked for help to follow your friends into the realm of dreams. Alas,” she sighed pitiably. “While there, you caught the eye of Freyja, the Lady of Nightmares, who entranced you in her scheme. It was your Order that brought an end to that, fortunately.” The wicked smile suddenly returned. “Tell me, do you remember what I did to help you?”
“I...No,” Will began, the images in the water between them flashing faster and faster.
“Liar,” Loki teased. “Fortunately, human minds are...malleable to a degree. Strong emotions, experiences, can leave...shall we say, lasting impacts on the subconscious.”
“So you’re…”
“Your dream, yes.” Loki drawled, waving her hand idly. “The dream form of the Loki that you know, all my powers...and then some.” She winked at him. “After all, my real self would be heartbroken if her prize slipped into the arms of the Dokkalfar. Someone had to keep an eye on you.”
“And Sharena? Alfonse?”
“She is by your side as ever, I imagine. As he is with his own dearly beloved. Come now,” she chided him, her form beginning to fade as the indistinct chatter around him began to fade, the empty world of sky and water replaced with blinding light. “Did you really think it would be Alfonse punished for your own actions?”
Three beings awoke in that moment. One, met by the warmth of love and friendship, surrounded by light and joy. The others awoke in darkness and despair, the life given to them returned once more by their benefactor. Dark flowers did they place at her side, thorns bent protectively around the still and sleeping form of the Lady of Nightmares. With naught a word between them, the two clasped hands before the altar of their Lady and bowed farewell, rising on dark wings and into the world both familiar and new.
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2020.12.01 03:48 psycopup What is the funniest joke/dialogue in the pokemon anime?

Straight forward really, what do you think is the funniest or at least most entertaining piece of dialogue or visual/audio gag in the anime?
A lot of my top contenders come from AG really.
That one time when May was going to swim and straight up strips in public was hilarious (and for context it was funny because she was wearing a bathing suit beneath her clothes but she concerned Ash, Max and Brock because... y'know).
That time James was "dying" of dehydration and was just ready to die was funny (all be it dark)
When Ash said "Team Rocket's trying to steal all of your pokemon" in the Norman divorce episode (dub) He sounded so bitchy I love it.
And of course the famous BUFF TORCHIC (god tier joke right there).
Some others like the Beheeyem thing from BW. Or in Johto when Misty went "Someday we'll be married too" to Ash and his reaction is priceless. And also in Johto when he went "Whoever smelt it dealt it"
Many good jokes I could list here but my all time favorite comes from Johto. It's in the episode The Heartbreak of Brock, where Misty uses water gun directly at James, the main girl saves him but out of no where Ash goes "HOW DARE YOU JAMES, YOUR GONNA PAY" as if it weren't Misty's fault. That episode is hilarious but this is the best joke by FAR.
But enough about me, what about you? What's your favorite joke or just piece of dialogue/image/audio in the whole anime?
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2020.12.01 03:47 SynthoStellar Empire Rising Ch 24

The Legacy of Man: Empire Rising

First Prev
The great demel city of Danuz Kazra was ancient. As indicated by the meticulous history books within demel schools, Danuz Kazra was one of the first cities founded after the Sundering. While the event itself has different years associated to it depending on who you talk to, the general consensus is that it started roughly two thousand years ago. Many major events of that time period are the defeat of the Redrak Insurrection and the Great Daemon War.
The roads within Danuz Kazra was laid out with perfect demel precision, made with the highest quality stone. The buildings themselves were poured and molded with Liquistone, a fantastic material that drove the redraks into such envy, they arrogantly declared themselves the original inventors. Which was understandable to some degree. It was like mud during shaping, yet can withstand a catapault after drying. Because of this, the buildings also enjoyed excellent demel craftsmanship, albeit without the aesthetics that the aemel obsess with.
Near the city limits, where it straddled the boundaries of the mountain that looms over it, lies the city's main economic power. A rich vein of iron. While the other mel races are capable of refining iron into steel, only the demel possess the secrets and know-how to create the purest, strongest steel. Quality and precision. The hallmarks of a demel product.
Deep within the mine, its tunnels supported by Liquistone columns and illuminated by Magistones, the slaves were at work. None of them were mel folk, absolutely not. They did not deserve such demeaning, humiliating and back-breaking existence. No, these were draks. Most of them were born into such a life, with a few groups being recent acquisitions from the rebels that the wamel would periodically collect.
The demel Supervisor strode through the tunnels, his displeased gaze scanning the lines of ragged draks digging away at the earth with their pickaxes. On watch for any signs of disobedience. Ideally, they know their place. Before they ever set foot for work, they are put through a rigorous and thorough process of ensuring they acquire obedience. The thick web of scars upon their backs is a rite of passage for them, and the most obvious.
And if he even thinks there's a thought of defiance within them, all he needs to do is let out a quick whistle and guards stationed across the tunnels will immediately arrive and crush it. There is no compromise. If they want to avoid punishment and re-education, they must work and convince the Supervisor there is no problem.
That was the case, of course, until he rounded a corner and spotted a group of draks huddled around a segment of the tunnel. In a flash of mixed annoyance and anticipation, he readied himself and marched forward.
When he was close, his voice boomed with authority, yet dripped with malice, "What's going on here?"
Instantly, the filthy, ragged mess of the crowd split apart, cowering before him and afraid to speak. As they did, the Supervisor saw a hint of the reason. On the ground was a drak, curled up slightly with a deep, exhausted cough. Sighing, the Supervisor believed it was just another slave too weak to handle honest labor when a glint caught his eye. Stepping through the crowd, who backed away even further, he found the source of the glint.
Magistone. The earth around it did not possess the shades of brown, but instead, a multitude of colors. Wisps of magic energy danced about the rough hunk of jewel-like stone. The Supervisor now knew what was going on. A slave had stumbled onto the Magistone. No doubt in its ignorance, it remained in close proximity, where it proceeded to succumb to the powerful, raw energies of Magistone. The demel cast a glance to the sickly slave on the ground, now noticing a damp spot next to it that indicated vomit.
So far, this particular slave is just suffering from magic poisoning, and not some kind of mutation. By the looks of it, it's rather severe.
Which also reminded the Supervisor. Where are those damn wamel and the new shipment of workers? He's getting rather tired of wasting time and resources coddling the labor force.
"Alright you lot, looks like you get an early day off." The Supervisor sighed, then pointed to the collapsed worker. "Go ahead and bring him along too, I don't want any good ore scattered around because one of you tripped over him. Tomorrow, you should have proper gear to mine out this Magistone deposit. In addition, report whether he lives or dies."
Without a word, the slaves scooped up their ill companion and proceeded to leave, showing fearful hesitancy as they passed by the guards.
The Supervisor, minding his distance, looked more closely at the Magistone. It doesn't appear to be its own individual volume of rock. By how its edges sink into the earth, it's more likely this is a real deposit. The question is, how much Magistone is there? He'll need to send out a Prospecting team to investigate. well as filing a requisition order for the suits designed to protect against the unrefined Magistone's dangerous release of raw magic. Let's see how today fares. Maybe he'll remember...maybe not. There's always more slaves to find.
Denasas. Governor's District.
Derek can't remember the last time he walked through a busy urban area. He's visited Seattle and Portland before, but those were a while ago. Before the world-ending explosion, that is.
But here? He feels as though Denasas was...bigger. Most likely because there's no clear roads designed for cars or trucks. There are roads, but they're not as wide, most likely meant to handle those odd magic-powered bikes as well as people getting from side of the town to the other. Or is it city now, considering the scale of this new world?
It sure felt like a city, disregarding total population. He expected to find a sprawling mass of buildings, but instead, after passing through the gate, he discovered multi-story buildings. Not just two or three, but those with four or more floors. Derek couldn't help but take in the sights everywhere. The sheer amount of people packing the streets and sidewalks, those dotting the windows of various buildings and the large crowds within popular locations. Probably restaurants or some kind of cafe.
After a time, he felt himself wondering when they would arrive at a major street or avenue, faintly recalling how he would orient himself within the two cities he remember. But it was all essentially the same. Very tightly packed, since cars and telecommuting aren't a thing, and an incredibly dense sea of redrak people all going their myriad ways and doing some part of their lives.
That all stopped when they arrived at the Governor's District. Passing through a tall gate manned by guards similar to Scarface's legion, it opened up to a rather beautiful scene. A square-ish courtyard with a massive fountain dominating the center. Four different stone paths forming a crosswalk that met at the fountain, accentuated with perfectly clear water underneath them. Finished with a wall carrying vines and greenery growing along the slabs of what must be concrete.
"Here we are, Derek." Splinter said, eyes constantly darting along the scene. "Before we go ahead, let's go over how you introduce yourself as well as general rules when talking with the patricians."
"Why are we here though?" Derek asked with a shrug. "I thought we were going full speed towards Ironpeaks? To get to Albert and prepare for the Swebians?"
"That's what we're doing." Splinter nodded. "During the brief period of time where we're gathering food and supplies for the travel, we need to envigorate the people. Motivate them. And what better way than telling them that not only are the Three Hero-Gods returning, but with the long-lost Fourth with them as well?"
"I think we'll take care of that once we get an army together and march towards the Swebians." Derek shrugged again. "I mean, I get the feeling it's been quite a while since Italy, or whatever it's called now, has seen much action. The moment somebody sees a massive army, led by all four of us, that's going to get people talking."
"That's...true, but-"
"You mean by me." Scarface interrupted the redrak assassin with a scowl. "Albert's not a fighter, Splinter does better in the shadows, and I am not allowing you anywhere near combat, Derek."
"I'm not saying I'll be at the frontlines, dude." Derek jumped a little then raised up his hands defensively. "Just, I don't know, deck me out in serious armor, give me a guard and I'll try and give uplifting speeches."
"No, you're staying where it's safe." Scarface scowled deeper. "And that's Ironpeaks."
"I never did politics back when I was a human, Scarface." Derek began with an annoyed tone. "But even I know that's not a good image to build up. An emperor who hides away in his palace when war comes? Letting everything get done by his underlings? At the very least, I have to look like I'm doing something personally."
"Only the hamel thinks rulers need to be an all-mighty leader." Scarface sighed in exasperation. "Not with us. As long as you're not corrupt or prioritizing parties and balls over ruling the empire, you're not going to get any complaints. And that's a promise."
"Splinter?" Derek asked suspiciously.
"He's right." Splinter answered. "Well, partially. It's not just the hamel, but the mel-folk consider it cowardice for their leaders not to take part when war arrives. We believe it's common-sense. Let the soldiers and officers handle war."
"Exactly as he said it." Scarface said firmly with his arms crossed. "Let me handle fighting the Swebians. Let Splinter handle gathering information and taking out key targets. You focus on uniting and leading the redraks."
"I...okay." Derek muttered as he struggled to reconcile what he was told with what he expected of this world, idly resting his fingers against the sides of his head. "So...back to the governor here. Are we talking to him now or later?"
"Ultimately, it's your decision, sir." Splinter said. "You're the Emperor now. Just need to let the people know of it."
"I...still don't know if it's that simple." Derek sighed as he scratched his neck. "Like...are you sure that the moment we publicly declare my rule, nobody is going to reject it and start some kind of civil war? Cause problems and shit?"
"Now here's a promise of my own." Splinter stated with a darker tone. "There won't be any problems. The only way you stop being Emperor is if either all of us are dead, or you yourself decide you don't want to do it anymore."
"Oh, that's..." Derek replied, unsure how to respond. "I mean, I'm glad you guys will help me whenever possible, but...we're basically going to install me as ruler over an entire people. Aren't there any confirmation processes or some kind of proving method or whatever that'll tell us if I truly am capable of doing this?"
"...not really, to be honest." Scarface sighed. "The father trains the incoming heir for the throne. When it's time, we just expect that they're ready for it."
Derek sensed something in his voice. With a wary tone, he asked, "I'm guessing that didn't work out too well?"
"When the barbarian tribes invaded and brought the Empire to ruins," Splinter began, his voice somber, "We were fully capable of holding them back. When the daemons came, that was when things got grim. But it got worse because our Emperor just...didn't understand."
"...I got a feeling you're about to explain that." Derek said with a tone that implies he believes he knows what it meant.
"While there's no way we could've gotten through it without damage," Scarface scowled immensely, "If we had an effective response from the start, at least we could've saved some of it. Enough to rebuild. But no...everything up to Ironpeaks was destroyed. All because the last Emperor didn't want his fun party time to be ruined."
"Was it really that bad?" Derek asked with hesitant curiosity. "The uh...Emperor and what you had to fight against?
Scarface nodded slowly, holding a grim gaze to the gray-fur. "You'd never tell by how things look now, but trust me. It was just ruin and fire. And as for the Emperor...there was nobody in my entire life had I wanted to kill more than that...kaking idiot."
"...I can't imagine what it was like then." Derek sighed, returning an emotional look towards Scarface. "Fighting as hard as you did, desperately trying to keep things together...and all while dealing with a self-centered ruler...I can understand why things just didn't seem worth it when it all ended the way it did."
"I don't really know if it was the greatest stroke of luck or fate that kept us alive," Splinter said with a warm smile, "But we're here. And now you are too. Again, as long as you're committed to being the new emperor, then we too will be committed in supporting you however we can."
Derek nodded with a smile of his own. He looked back towards the grand neoclassical, or rather, classical mansion ahead that housed the governor. He wanted to tell them his plans, that he won't be an emperor for long, but rather, a president. But, as much as he wanted to, he knew that it's still too early. Only until the Swebians are beaten back will he start sharing his ideas. Until then, he'll just need to do the best that he can.
"You know what, let's go ahead and talk to the guy." Derek stated simply. "Like it or not, better to start learning how to talk with nobles sooner rather than later. Splinter? How do I go about it?"
"Alright, the most important thing you should always remember is this..." Splinter began as the group approached the grand entrance. Once they were past the large metal doors, their first step in forging a new, better empire would begin.
Somewhere to the east, Devil's Spine Mountains.
"Just where are you taking us, woman?" Neville asked between huffs, struggling to lift himself over a ledge. His pet undead redrak was already on top, helping his master.
"I don't know, but the arcane wind is getting stronger." Isabella replied, carefully scanning the mountainous environment. "Wherever it is taking us, it must be close."
"I swear on Athul's bones, Isabella, if there's more climbing..." Neville gave a pathetic groan as he finally got onto the ledge, spending a few moments on the ground to catch his breath.
"I never realized you were this out of shape, Neville." Isabella giggled a bit with a grin after looking over to the hamel necromancer. "You'll need to change that soon, you're making your own pet look like a well-travelled warrior in comparison."
"Shut up." Neville grunted, rising to his feet.
"I bet you had many women enjoying your company, sir." The redrak zombie said with what appears to be a smirk on its rotten mouth. "Every one of them just swoons and falls for you upon hearing your voice. Desiring you after-"
"Stop." Neville interrupted sharply with a glare. "I already have half a mind to decapitate you and leave you as a chittering head for the rest of your days."
Immediately the zombie shut his decomposed lips, retreating into a docile-like posture.
"Okay, I think I might see it actually, c'mere." Isabella directed with a gesture. Neville eagerly walked over to the badrak's side, awaiting her instruction. Leaning slightly, she then pointed to a distant cave. "See that? The winds feel like they're congregating there. That might be what we're looking for."
"A cave? How original." The zombie muttered his sarcasm.
"Wait...not just any cave..." Neville said, cocking his head as he tried to focus on what he's seeing. "Something around there is...isn't natural. Are those...stakes?"
"...ah, I see them." Isabella stated once she found out what he was referring to. "Yeah...looks like stakes to me too. Considering where we are...we might have to deal with an ormel tribe living there."
"Should be no problem then." The undead redrak shrugged, his voice more audible this time. "Just smash a few heads and you'll be best friends with them."
"We don't have time to try and play nice." Isabella responded with sudden malice. "Neville? We're getting in there. Kill anyone who stands in our way. Raise them too, in case their friends are out and about."
"Uh, really?" Neville stammered in surprise. "I mean, as much as I enjoy working with flesh, I'm sure the ormel aren't that savage. Just, I don't know, put on a meaningless display of magic and that'll dazzle them."
"I said, we don't have time." Isabella warned darkly, practically pressing her face against his. "You want to keep learning from me? Keep up or get left behind. Let's go."
Without even waiting for a response, Isabella already went on ahead, possessed by sudden determination. Neville just stood there, wide-eyed, for a few moments before resigning to this course of action and readied his macabre staff.
"You didn't seem to hesitate with me, sir." The zombie sighed dejectedly as he followed alongside his master.
"Because I still don't see the necessity in rushing to killing." Neville sighed. "The ormel are easily dazzled by magic. Just throw a few sparks here and there and we won't have a problem. Maybe this is just how you draks are, always eager to spill some blood."
"So why follow one?" The rotting redrak cast a suspicious glare towards his hamel master. "Surely that's humiliating for you, isn't it? By learning from a drak, you're acknowledging its superior expertise?"
"...for the moment, yes." Neville scrunched his face, most likely suppressing his indignation. "I won't deny that Isabella has picked up a few things during her travels. But once I learn those secrets, just like with everything else introduced to this world, death magic will be recognized as a mel invention."
"Why are you people so obsessed?" The redrak said sharply, no doubt something that had been boiling for a long time. "What have we done to you that brought out such hatred? Anger? Why are you mel so determined to not only enslave or kill us, but to take what we made and say you did it?"
Neville glared at his minion, a glare that contained indescribable anger. "Because we are the inheritors of the promel, not you. Only we are fit to find and continue their legacy. You are just animals, who's place is to eat, sleep and rape in the wilds amongst yourselves. Whatever it was that destroyed the promel, this much is clear: You and your kind are an accident. A mistake. And like all mistakes a responsible being would fix it. And that time is coming very soon."
The undead minion couldn't speak a word, completely shocked to silence at not only the message he was hearing, but of the conviction behind those words. For much of his living days, he had heard about their message of supremacy. He had always wondered why they so fervently believed it.
And now that he finally got his chance to understand, he was horrified beyond measure.
"Isabella?" Neville called out once he and his undead minion finally arrived at the cave's mouth. He didn't find any bodies in or around the entrance, so he assumed that the badrak death mage already raised them to her service.
No answer. It was quiet. Deathly quiet. Casting a quick glance to his minion, who hesitantly nodded its loyalty, they both entered. Unlike the warm air outside, it was cool and somewhat damp within the cave. Seeing that the light was growing dark quickly, Neville raised his staff slightly. And from the cranium of the skull on top of it, a bright blue light shone outward, illuminating their path.
There's the bodies. Ormel laying on the ground., these weren't fresh. The blood around them was dry. Neville even spotted the early signs of decomposition among them. No, Isabella did not kill these men. These were dead for some time. Tribal infighting? A conflict with another?
If that was the case, then considering it's still deafeningly quiet within the cave, either Isabella killed off hidden survivors, or the cave is filled with the corpses of those slain long ago. And considering the stakes and signs of encampment within and without the cave, that rules out a convenient spot for on-the-road execution.
Travelling through the winding paths of the cave and making sure to step carefully over the fallen bodies, Neville and his pet soon encountered a large, grand cavern. And dominating the cavern was a smooth hill, of which Isabella was at the peak. Judging by her posture and movements, it appears she's already setting up for some kind of ritual. Neville spotted an ormel at the base of the hill. Judging by the attire, it was most likely a shaman of an ormel tribe.
Based on what happened to its head, or lack thereof, as well as Neville remembering that some ormel tribes are led by shamans, he thinks he has an idea of what happened here. Some kind of mutiny that ended badly. Oh well, before he set out for this journey, he hasn't heard any word of ormel tribes moving to attack Swebia or outlying villages and freetowns. Not his concern.
"Isabella?" Neville asked after climbing up the hill. As he thought, Isabella already prepared a ritual. A sigil was marked in blood on the ground, candles were set up and alight.
"This is it." She replied simply, snapping towards him with the widest grin he'd ever seen. "This is what I've needed. Can you feel it, Neville? Can you?!"
"I, uh..." Neville was taken aback. Still, to placate her, he breathed in and concentrated, remembering her lessons on perceiving the winds of magic. And here he can feel it. And damn can he feel it. "Y-Yes, I can actually. There' much magic here."
"Exactly!" She giggled with joy. "I had the materials and know how, but I didn't have the power to do it. That's why I settled for any promel soul to test the resurrection ritual. And now? Now that I know it works, combined with the raw power we're feeling here...I can finally rescue Jesse!"
"And if it isn't Jesse, please don't just abandon another promel." Neville sighed as he crossed his arms, his staff nestled against his chest. "At the very least, let me have them. I for one want to know what they were like on some level."
"It won't just be any promel, Neville." Isabella sighed as she shook her head. "It will be Jesse. And if you want to talk to him, that's if he feels like talking, understand?"
"Ugh...fine." Neville replied with a resigned scoff. "Then could you teach me the ritual, so that I can summon a promel myself?"
"As soon as I get Jesse, I'll teach you everything as promised." Isabella assured him, standing to her feet. "Until then...head north."
"For...what?" He questioned in confused with a shrug.
"Blood." She replied simply. "Hamel blood. Exclusively male. Focusing on recently grown men will keep it fast. You select the sacrifices, I'll gather up the jars and a cart."
"That it? Just boys who have become men then?" Neville shrugged again.
"In regards to age, not whether or not they've bedded a woman." Isabella replied dryly. "And yes, as long as they are of that age, any man will do."
" I'm curious though." Neville muttered before asking another question. "Does it need to be hamel? The redraks down south are closer, so-"
"Yes, it needs to be hamel." She interrupted quickly with an annoyed tone. "Like I said, if it isn't exclusively male or female, you will get odd combinations. As such, it stands to reason that mixing the blood of different races will also lead to the same results."
"Alright, so only hamel men, got it." Neville nodded his confirmation with a groaning sigh. "Through the mountains we go then..."
"Ah, before we do." Isabella spoke up and gestured across the cavern. "Let's make sure this place is guarded. We're still in ormel territory, so it's a matter of when, not if, a tribe will come and settle in here. Go on ahead, I'll prepare things accordingly."
"Alright, well, in that case, see you up north." Neville nodded before waving his departure, the redrak zombie following close behind as always.
Governor's mansion, Denasas.
"Governor Ampirius? They're here." A guard announced. Ampirius, a brown-furred and rather portly man, immediately stiffened his posture. Not once in his days as governor has such a thing ever happened. He had heard that Skafin had launched an expedition into the Devil's Spine Mountains, and had hoped that they would be passing by. And as joyous as it was that they're stopping, if only for supplies, in his cities, never had he thought they would request his audience!
But what truly took him by surprise was the fact that, in the request, it wasn't just Skafin, but also Sfin and their legendary father, Tarac! Not only the fact that Skafin, Sfin and Ahbet were left to their own devices within Ironpeaks, but Tarac himself?! Ampirius was filled with so much excitement, anxiety and dread that his entire body was quaking. He poured every bit of concentration into his mannerisms and body language. The last thing he ever wants is to be regarded as the man who angered three of the Hero Gods.
The doors then opened, painstakingly slow to him. And his heart skipped a beat when a column of legionnaires marched in. Their armor, weaponry, all of it could only be from Ironpeaks itself. With expert precision and well-drilled coordination, they split up and formed a wall on each side of the path between him and the door.
And when they came, that was when his heart stopped completely. There they were. Tarac, the Great Father. Skafin, the Indomitable Warrior. And even Sfin, the Lord of the Night. All three marching down through the walls the legion formed.
"W-Wel-cough." Ampirius struggled to speak. The anxiety of humiliating himself, the excitement of meeting three Hero Gods at once, all of it came together to reduce him to a silent fool. "Welcome to D-Denasas, great ones. I-I am Governor Ampirius. I cannot lie, y-you have me at a great disadvantage. Still, wh-what has deemed me worthy of your privileged presence, good sirs?"
"News, good and bad, Governor." Sfin spoke with a bow. "We'll begin with the bad."
"Swebia is marching to war against us." Skafin explained simply. "They've already mobilized their knights and are no doubt sending levy summons to their plebians. We must assume we don't have much time."
Ampirius let out a shocked gasp. "Wh...why? I can assure none of us have done anything!"
"That ties into the good news, of which Tarac will explain." Skafin answered, then stepping back.
The gray-fur stepped forward, and with a voice filled with authority and confidence, said, "The Empire is returning, Governor. And I'm the one who will lead you, as Emperor. Our current plan is to get to Ironpeaks, organize an army, and then make our way back up. Ideally, the Swebians won't have set one foot onto Empire soil when we meet."
Ampirius was taken aback. Tarac had been lost to time for countless generations. Nobody, not even his own children, knew where he was. And now, when yet the redraks are to be invaded once more, he's appeared! More than appearing, he's taking charge! But...
"Tarac...where were you?" Ampirius asked upon remembering the books detailing the Empire's fall. "Where were you when the mel barbarians and the daemons tore down our nation? We needed you then!"
Tarac let out a deep sigh of remorse before he answered. "I was...let's just say I've been imprisoned for some time. But, as you can see, I'm free now and I intend to help however I can. I give you my word, I will do everything I can to unite the people and secure our survival."
Ampirius still wanted to ask him. Ask who imprisoned him. But when he looked into Tarac's eyes, heard his voice...everything melted away. No, this wasn't love, not at all. It was...peace? Confidence? All he knew was, his fear and dread at the coming Swebians were no longer there. Instead, he feels relieved. Hopeful. That even though things look bad, he's now confident that things will work out.
"So've come here to deliver such message?" Ampirius questioned, the tension he had felt in his body, too, melting away. "That even though the Swebians means to conquer us, you have come to deliver us?"
"I'll do more than just deliver you." Tarac replied, his voice projecting determination now. "Once the Swebians are dealt with, I will work to construct the greatest Empire our people, no, anyone has ever heard of. One that doesn't require conquering others, only if there's no other choice, but an empire born from the strength and creativity of the redrak people. The ultimate expression of our pride. Our identity as a people. If the mel become determined to defeat us, then let them come. Wherever they are, we will stop them. I offer my sincerest apology for not being here when you needed me most. I'm here now, and I intend to make up for lost time and then some. As long as I am Emperor, no redrak shall ever want for safety again. Within our nation, they will be safe and taken care of, this I promise."
Every word he spoke swelled something within Ampirius. Whatever his thoughts were, they all became how he would do his part. How confident he is that the redrak people are now secure in their safety. And somewhere back within his mind, he realized. Tarac's words are moving him. Filling him with confidence and drive he had never felt in his life before.
"Then don't let me keep you any longer, Emperor Tarac." Ampirius stated firmly as he stood up with a grin. "Go, make haste to Ironpeaks. I'll do what I can to prepare in case the Swebians reach us. Get the army you need. Kill the Swebians by the score, and when you come back, you will find me welcoming you with open arms as our new Emperor."
Tarac seemed surprise at his statement. He cast a glance to both Skafin and Sfin, who both gave smiling nods to him, most likely of encouragement. Then, summoning up all of the holy determination within him, Tarac said, "I won't take long, promise."
AN: It would seem that once again, I am super late on this one. Don't you just love it when your classes assign big, complicated assignments all at once? Finals are coming up, so hopefully once those are over, I can get back to putting these out quicker for you guys!
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2020.12.01 03:43 PsychoactiveWanderer A Message You Can All Relate To

Last night, as many nights before it, I have allowed the forces of this world and those I do not understand to overcome me.
I am swayed by wrong and evil urges. I have proven to myself time and time again that I cannot trust my future self to do good.
While my present self is shameful and fearful of the Divine Lord, the creator of the Universe, the Supreme King of all existence - I cannot trust that my future self will be.
I cannot trust that my future self will tremble at Your word, oh Lord. I cannot even trust that I will fear you. You are the One who sustains and nourishes me every second of the day, for all eternity. There is no other in all the world's and beyond who sustains and maintains the very essence of my being.
I am completely dependent upon you, and by By my own power I am powerless over sin.
I cannot trust myself to not disgrace and defy you, my God. I cannot even trust myself that in 10 minutes time I would not lust after a women I see on the road, or in my office.
In truth, it feels pathetic to say I am powerless over sin. It feels like I am giving up, surrendering to the enemy willingly. Yet this is my experience. Time and time again, year after year, I disappoint myself. I gain confidence and strength and am pulled down, lower and lower.
Therefore, I cannot count on my own doing and my own being for Salvation.
I am not strong enough that by my own good works and purity I may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This, time and time again has been proven.
I am untrustworthy, ungrateful, sinful, corrupted, broken hearted and weak willed.
I am inpure, prone to doubt, lustful, prone to sway and influence by false teaching and influences I do not even pretend to comprehend.
I take pleasure in what I know to be evil. Lust consumes me.
I am resentful, dishonest, spiteful and lazy. Alongside all of these things, am jealous and envious.
I do what I know is wrong and suffer accordingly.
I turn my mind and body from the Lord and instead turn toward carnal, bestial pleasure. Like a hungry ghost, I cling and grasp, trying to fill these holes inside me with pleasures of the flesh.
Oh Lord, oh Lord, only You can fill these things I speak of. This brokenness cries out to You my Lord. May your Love clear away this darkness and heal me as you have demonstrated so beautifully time and time again.
My animalistic urges betray me. My flesh is ensnared by the devil and his minions. I am powerless without the Light of God. I, am powerless without the being Jesus Christ.
I could spend the rest of my life wandering this earth in turmoil and bitterness, forever cast into the shadows by my own wrongdoing.
For the rest of my days on this earth I could wander in hopelessness. That I did not live up to who I was meant to become. In that spirit I continually turn my back on the Lord in shame.
Guilt ridden and consumed in accusation - But Christ is my blacksmith.
Christ is working within me, showing me how unworthy I am without Him. How dependant I truly am on Him and the Father of all nations.
In a strange turn of Grace, I feel as if I have been placed at the complete and direct Mercy of the Lord.
Yet unbeknownst to me, I have been in this position for all eternity, I only imagined myself to wander.
I think back to myself as a young child, around the age of five. Was I pure enough then to inherit the Kingdom of the Lord? Did I have enough credit in the bank of my Spirit that I was redeemed by my own being?
And now I am reminded of the words of Jesus Christ himself:
“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."
The meaning of this passage is only beginning to shine through into my consciousness. Could even a child enter the Kingdom of Heaven by his own merit? No, but by the Grace and Will of God.
Was I holy enough last week yet now my spiritual merit has run so low I may not be embraced by the Love that God pours day in and day out?
I am beginning, by the Grace of the Lord, to realise that it is not so much a matter of purity and inpurity, sin and sinlessness.
For I am redeemed in Christ my saviour.
I am not worthy of being saved, yet I am reminded by the words of the Gospel:
"For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord"
All this time I thought life would seperate me from the Divine Lord. The choices I make, the errors born of brokenness. Now I understand there is nothing in this world that can truly seperate us from the Love of our Father, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, that Holy Being who made us in his image.
I pray: "Oh Lord, I am at the complete mercy of you Not my will but yours. Not my will but yours."
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2020.12.01 03:39 throwawaycadet12 A US army officer breaks down the ACE-OPs/Ironwood

Im bad at starting long posts, especially when it comes to a topic I've thought long and hard about. Unlike my other posts about guns (1 'n 2 ) and guts, this one is uh, a bit more complicated and requires more perspective. The long and short of my background is that I'm a US Army National Guard Ordnance officer, and a civie cop. My minor, and honestly my true passion outside of sport shooting is history. I love history, as its so much more relevant than what most people would think and so dramatically different than how most people perceive it. To really get the true story on our 6 thousand+ year long existence (as modern humans, its more complicated than that) is in fact almost impossible. Theres just so much to learn, and often reality is stranger than fiction.
Which is why so much of the ACE-OPs and Ironwood is beyond intriguing to me. The writers at RT got so much of this right, and I wonder if they know it or not. If it was intentional or not. If they've really dug down into why people turn to totalitarianism, or if I'm just seeing what I want to see through rose tinted glasses. It is refreshing however to see something i wonder about reflected in one of the few forms of media I consume. I dont watch TV or anime outside of RWBY really, its kind of an anomaly in my life.
Eh, whatever, fuck this edgy shit. Lets get down to what I see.
The long and short? Fear. Which is perfect. But it isnt just fear in what youre thinking about, that massive ass Grim invasion outside the city walls. Its further beyond that. Its fear of being wrong, of being "that guy", of being the reason your mission fails and your kingdom falls. When you work in the fields that I do, you quickly understand that there three things you can do in any situation:
1) The right thing, which is the idea. 2) The wrong thing, not so great 3) Nothing, which is when shit typically goes south very, very fast.
And this is why I understand the ACE-OPs and the positions they take. Why their loyalty to ironwood is so steadfast, even though many would call them "bootlickers" or "spineless". Its actually not that simple. As I think and drunkenly type this, I ponder ways to put this in language everyone understands and only the dramatic works currently.
Youre a platoon leader, in charge of 30-40 guys currently pinned down by enemy machinegun fire or mortars. You've got two ways to go. One of these shit shows is gonna kill half your guys. The other is only gonna kill a quarter. fuck yeah. Lucky you.
Heres the thing. You dont know which is which. I mean, you probably have an idea. But youve gotta shoot from the hip. Oh, and you better make the choice right the fuck now, because doing nothing (remember, the worst choice) means all of you die. Or if youre an EMS worker, you better take a course of action because your patient is going to go into cardiac arrest. Well shit, you broke grandma's ribs and punctured her lungs. Killed her. Happened to my first aid mentor by the way, even though he did nothing wrong. Or if you work in law enforcement, your suspect beats you on the draw. You could sworn it was just a garden hose or a cell phone. I've heard that story too.
This is the mentality. This is why the ACE-OPs dont push ironwood, and at the same time why the new guy, Marrow, doesn't get it. Because so often right or wrong comes in the post mortem and gets hashed out afterword. You then take these lessons and make sure the next generation doesn't make the same mistakes you did. It isn't perfect, but the world is an ugly place sometimes. The best you can do is just that. The best you can do.
If i receive an order that I think is goofy, its not a suggestion. Its an order. Unless this order is illegal, immoral or unethical, i have no grounds to question my order. Hell, even then depending on how dire the situation is (see Atlas's current clusterfuck) It may very well be apparent that some rules have to bent in order for everyone to survive. But this is where good leadership comes into play, and is the second reason why the ACE-OPs dont push Ironwood as well as Ironwood's current failure as a leader.
Causing a stink in the middle of whatever is going on puts the plan on pause. The longer the plan is on pause, the longer youre sitting there getting rained on by mortar fire. See what I mean? It isn't just this idea of not wanting to make waves or get in trouble or whatever. The plan going through, even if the plan sucks, is critical to everyone's survival. Ruby and Ironwood are pushing for the same theme in that "We have to move forward", theyre just diametrically opposed in their goals. Two different plans. Just as Salem would have wanted. And you know theres the obvious part of earned respect and trust between the operators and their commander.
Now in the real world outside actual, literal, mortar fire, If i got an order or a task that I thought was just...dumb, I could pull my commander aside and say "Hey boss, I dunno about X Y and Z. Heres my input/suggestions/questions whatever". Obviously, at the end of the day, CO makes the call and I go do whatever stupid thing or write the stupid speeding ticket. A good leader would hear their subordinate out however, and if time allows explain in more detail why theyre making the choice theyre making. This might be a luxury though, just to be clear.
This is where Ironwood fails, but also why his failure makes sense to me from both a military leader and a consumer of fiction in general. He's lost confidence in himself and his men. He cant hear the "hey boss" talk anymore because historically its fucked him over.
Congratulations General, welcome to the burden of leadership. You get all the praise, and all the shame, whether you earned it or not. Its all your fault. That arm you lost before the story began? Your fault. The fall of Beacon? Your fault. Cinder and Watts fucked your security? Your fault. Salem knocking at your door right now? Your. Fault. Nerd.
Let me show you two images. One from RWBY, one from history. Ive cropped out the historical one because violence. The historical one is a South Vietnamese general executing a spy who had just killed a bunch of civilians. Know his reason? It wasn't anger, or hatred. It was simply because if "you do not act, people will not follow you". Oh, by the way this was smack dab in the middle of the Tet Offensive. Bit hectic, that. Not much time for dilly dallying.
Look Familiar?
It wasn't hatred, or anger that made him shoot that chairmen. It was simply making a hard, cold hearted decision in that moment. Was it the right thing? Oh fuck no, that was insane. But you and I and the rest of reddit know that sitting comfortable in our heated homes, drinking uh...shit. What was I drinking? Pabst? Yeah, Pabst or coffee or whatever. But this is his failure. There is no more "Hey boss". There is no more questioning. He's given in. But at the same time, shit.
What would I do?
Sure I'd love to think I'd never just summarily execute some noisy chairmen. And if I did, i cant imagine I'd survive the experience between the bottle or my own gun. But shit man, im not staring down the barrel of the apocalypse. Half my team hasn't already mutinied, lied to me and stripped me of not only my primary means of fighting back (Penny), but also a WMD (the lantern) and killed one of my best commanders (Clover). At this point, its pretty "obvious" the diplomatic route isnt fucking working anymore. Maybe I've failed, maybe I'm actually not great at this whole generalship thing and after this i need to retire. But god damn it, there will be an "after this", and if some noisy chairmen cant get the message, then no one else will either.
I'm not saying I approve. But I am saying that, sadly, I get it. I dont like it. But theres plenty of things in reality I dont like. The dirty truth is that i could see myself making all the same mistakes hes making, including shooting dissidents if it was between them and the safety of the entire planet. Stress on that point, the entire damned planet. Now dont ask me why he didnt shoot Watts in the mouth, that one's beyond me.
Just a little insight into my brain I guess as to why I love Ironwood and this chapter in general. The MPV is gonna be Marrow, calling it now. But he might also end up on the wrong side of Ironwood's Unica.
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2020.12.01 03:25 NameOfSprent 27 [M4F] Los Angeles/Anywhere - If laughter is the best medicine, I’m the guy with quaaludes at Outback Steakhouse

Uhh, my name is Greg. I would be your perfect date because I can take care of you intellectually AND physically, and I know all about the fax machines and the equipment in your office if it breaks. I am very experienced in lovemaking - I borrow heavily from the Latin culture. I’m an average size man, the one issue is I have very small petite feet. And uh, ya know sometimes people check to see if it’s a man or a woman walking into the room by the sound of the steps. I’ve been told I have a very feminine step lol hehehehe woaah, ohhhh, I don’t believe I said that! It is very hard for me to find shoes.
( X / 10 points)
“Only in America could you find a way, to earn a healthy buck, and still keep your attitude on self destruct”
( X / 5 points)
The Far Side, Pharcyde, and Farce Ides: How modern day segregation pushes humanity away from evolution
( X / 5 points)
Tekken 3, Soul Calibur / Sega Genesis it fuels my fire, bruh / Streets of Rage, Sonic & Knuckles / Spider man, I’m talking Crash Bandicoot / Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid / PlayStation 3, with the mod chip, PlayStation 2 all black its killer / Gameboy Color, Pokemon Arena / I love it, video games my ni**a
( X / 10 points)
( X / 5 points)
A full album >>>>>>>> singles
( X / 5 points)
Cats are objectively greater than dogs. Tigers vs wolves? Easy peezy. Jaguars vs coyotes? FREE. Cheetahs vs foxes? No contest. And obviously, 1 billion lions DESTROY 1 of every pokemon.
(Dogs are still cool too, as well as the diversity and intricacies of animal life just being dope in general)
( X / 10 points)
If the penalty for a crime is a fine, then that law only exists for the lower class. “If you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life” - There is no perfect job for me! You romanticize a career to feel better about giving your best years to wage slavery. Do not indoctrinate me into your cult of complacency old man!
(X / 10 points)
Images of cats > Teenage Stepdad, Everything is Terrible, etc > Memes without text > “relatable” memes > reusable meme templates
(X / 5 points)
Imagine like the worst day you’ve ever had. I would live that day for eternity instead of being dead for one second. Death is terrible and it’s pain and it’s meaningless. There’s nothing after, that’s the horrible thing. There’s nothing it’s just more you. You’re just trapped inside your own body and there’s nothing there. Okay bye bye. Also Sarah Squirm
( X / 10 points)
Riddles, Lateral Thinking Puzzles, and Thought Experiments: How to achieve orgasm without fiddling with your dangus
(X / 5 points)
Option Selects, okizeme, edgeguarding, cross ups, ledgetrapping, combo routes, frame traps, reactions vs reads, mixups, 50/50s, juggling, tech chasing, SHFFL, matchup experience, DI/SDI, GG’s
(X / 15 points)
And, as always, thanks for watching
( X / 5 points)
Please no anti vaxx/COVID hoax/ flat earth/ astrology & tarot / heavily religious or anything else touching on pseudoscience or Soros/Qanon levels of conspiracy. Definitely open to various viewpoints and ideologies, as well as understanding of people who might enjoy some of this for fun or in a way that’s lighthearted, but if you genuinely believe anything mentioned here we probably just won’t match well.
You do not have to smoke at all (although preferred if we could vibe together) but if you’re somehow staunchly anti weed, this ain’t the one for you.
If you are 100% set on having biological kids someday, and wouldn’t even think about fostering or adoption to give kids that already exist a loving home and family, then we fundamentally disagree on life. If you have kids already it’s no biggie to me, all I wanna do is eat Oreo cheesecake and play video games anyway so me & kids get along pretty well.
Have no hang ups on basics like race/body type/age, most important thing for me is if we can laugh and enjoy ourselves together. That said, generally prefer someone older than myself (somewhat significantly) or at the least 21+. And I’m slender myself, but big bodies are absolutely beautiful 👍🏾
Preferably at least a couple of the 10 pointers here you REALLY connect with. Anyone can say hi, but if you’re really clueless on everything I posted above, the novelty will wear off and/or I will get bored 🤷🏾‍♂️
If you are a creative/artist/musician/comedian or anything along those lines, give yourself an extra 10 points and a pat on the back. This originally said “pat on the boobs” but then I thought it’s not that funny, then I thought it’s REALLY funny, then I realized a pat on the boobs is probably more aligned with preparation for a mammogram as opposed to a congratulatory physical affirmation.
I’m just some guy here, a Jim Jangus if you will, a Quarez Handlewood perhaps, a Jarvis Jinto AND a Dinko Davis, and I miss having companionship. I’d say on a scale where 0 is anonymous sex and 100 is a committed lifelong relationship, I’m seeking something between a 40 and 60, and just open to taking things as they come. That said, I’ll always be upfront and value communication & honesty immensely, so just hope for the same from you. Maybe we can just keep each other company, share some laughs and gaming together for a bit. Maybe that bit can end up being a lot longer.
Feel free to share a pic (especially if you plan on asking me for one) but I’m in no rush for either, and greatly care more about your score out of the 100 points above.
And if it isn’t clear by now, I will almost always prefer to send you long blocks of text that ultimately say nothing, than quick lines that say nothing, but in a faster, less self masturbatory format.
Local to LA/SoCal would be super nice to legit be able to meet (following COVID safety protocols)
Why did Batman name himself Batman? I mean I get it, he was afraid of bats and wanted to beat his own fear or whatever, but like, EVERYTHING he does is bats. He’s got batarangs, the batmobile, the bat cave...sounds a lot less like someone afraid of bats, and more like someone who engages in nude horseplay in the parking lot of Arby’s at 2AM. Also, who is Arby? Is Arby a name? Are you sure someone wasn’t trying to say “Kirby” and just had food going down the wrong pipe at the moment. That’s also a fear I have deeply that there’s just food sitting next to my lungs because I done swallowed through the wrong pipe too much. Is it possible to have food inside your body that’s not directly in your digestive tract? Like just sitting around? If you are a doctor please be my friend :)
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2020.12.01 03:25 valleygirlvoice Seeking Reassurance: love life has been unfulfilling, recently diagnosed with a disorder, feeling s*******, body image has been destroyed. Will this eclipse be good to me?

Seeking Reassurance: love life has been unfulfilling, recently diagnosed with a disorder, feeling s*******, body image has been destroyed. Will this eclipse be good to me? submitted by valleygirlvoice to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

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