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Problems with RDR2 and R* games in general

2020.10.23 06:38 MAD_DOG86 Problems with RDR2 and R* games in general

I'm going to start by copying a comment by u/Enriador that was posted on a thread that got locked (talking about how shooting enemies in limbs does not cripple them or have any noticeable effect)
">It's strange that R* had it in 1 but not in 2
I just finished my first playthrough of RDR1 in years. The amount of stuff they cut or dumbed down makes for a hefty list. Seriously, look at that:
All of this probably, being cynical, to make Red Dead Online run better and/or have exclusive Online content (like bounty hunting) that you can't find in Story Mode."
I have to say, RDR2 did seem like a lot less fun than RDR1. And I have actually noticed this in GTA 4 and 5. In R*'s attempts to make their games more serious and realistic they've made them a lot less fun. u/Enriador already listed a lot of stuff that was changed from RDR1, such as the animal skinning and fast travel. I don't believe I need to go into detail about how tedious skinning was. First time I saw it I was blown away by how realistic it was, but by the 10th time I was already sick of it.
On the topic of regression in games, GTA:SA had so much more that was removed from the later games, such as weapon proficiency enabling dual wielding, learning new fighting styles, being able to get fat or skinny or muscular, increasing swimming ability, dating, gang fights over territory (admittedly fits better with the setting of SA than it would with the other games but it could have been retooled to fit the other games).
An unrelated problem i had with RDR2 was actually in how unrealistic an aspect was. I could never get the point of the bandana and disguise system. If NPS saw you commit a crime, and then later saw you wearing the same clothes, they would get suspicious, which sounds interesting in principle, but it was pointless and your disguise would get blown the second you were seen by a sheriff.
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2020.10.18 19:37 AnastasiaBeavrhausn Old Hollywood Mystery - The Mysterious Disappearance Of Jean Spangler.

This is the second of what may be a series on Hollywood mysteries.
Jean Spangler:
Jean Elizabeth Spangler was born on September 2, 1923, to Cecil Martin Spangler and Florence Morris Spangler in Seattle, Washington.
The Spangler family moved around quite a bit before they settled in Los Angeles, California in the 1930s. Jean graduated from Franklin High School in 1941.
Jean Spangler had big dreams and ambitions to be in show business. Jean wanted to be a star.
Jean usually worked two jobs at a time, one at a department store and the other at any temporary job she could get at the same time. She was well-liked at her jobs. She was described as having inexhaustible energy, always happy, friendly, smart, and beautiful.
When Jean was 18, she got a job at the famous Earl Carroll Theatre. Her friends at work said she never sat still. She was always working as many shifts as she could.
During her time as a dancer at Earl Carroll, Jean met Hollywood stars, members of the mob, important people in show business, politics, and law enforcement.
Jean met her husband, Dexter Benner when she was dancing at Earl Carroll. Dexter graduated USC and was in plastics manufacturing. Although Dexter had dreams of a life in the suburbs and Jean dreamed of being a star, they got married in 1942. Their marriage was not a happy one.
Jean gave birth to her daughter, Christine, on April 22, 1944.
Dexter was drafted into World War Two. While he was stationed in the South Seas, Jean began having affairs.
One of her affairs was with a serviceman known as “Lieutenant Scotty”. He was physically abusive and Jean would show up at work with bruises and black eyes. When Jean tried to leave him, he threatened to kill her.
When Dexter came back from the war in 1946, he found Scotty and Jean had drained their bank account and wrecked their car. Dexter filed for divorce.
This began a heated custody battle over Christine. Dexter claimed Jean abandoned their daughter. The court gave custody to Dexter but arranged for Jean to see Christine, but Dexter missed 23 visits.
In 1948, Jean regained custody of Christine, but Dexter immediately began a second custody battle. He would claim Jean was an unfit mother because of her affairs and she was a ”Hollywood Glamour Girl”. The judge sided with Jean.
Their custody battles played out in the press.
Jean lived with her daughter, her mother, Florence, her brother, Edward, her sister-in-law, Sophie in the La Brea Park Complex. Her brother was killed in action in 1945.
Jean made a few uncredited roles in movies and she joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Jean not only wanted stardom, she had to support her daughter.
It was during this time that Jean started telling friends that she was going to be getting a large sum of money. Her friends thought maybe she was going to extort money from one of the important men she dated. Jean also confided to a friend that she was 3 months pregnant.
Jean was dated a lot of men during the months before her death. Her former attorney said, ”she must have dated fifty men in three months”.
Whenever Jean went out, she called Christine at bedtime without fail.
On October 7, 1949, Jean told Sophie that she was meeting Dexter about increasing his child support payments and to ask why his payment was late. After that, she had a night shoot for the latest movie she had a walk-on role for.
She left the house wearing a wool sweater, green pants, and a white coat. With a wink and a “wish me luck”, she walked out the door at 5:00 pm.
A clerk at the farmer’s market down the street said that Jean wandered around the market for approximately 2 hours. She appeared to be waiting for someone.
At approximately 7:30 pm, she was sighted at The Cheesebox on Sunset Boulevard. She was said to be eating hotdogs with a tall man, he was clean-cut, with a neat appearance.
Jean called Christine at approximately 7:30 pm to say good night. This was the last time she would speak to her family.
There were 2 unconfirmed sightings:
At approximately 2:00 am, still at The Cheesebox, Sheik Lazar, a local DJ saw her arguing with 2 men. As he approached the table, he was waived away.
The final sighting was Art Rogers, a gas station attendant. He said an unknown man pulled up in a “blue-gray convertible.” The male driver had Art fill his tank and said they were headed to Fresno. He described the woman as silent and slumped over in the seat. Art said as the car pulled away, she suddenly sat up and yelled, “Get our license plate number and call the police!” Art called the police, but they weren’t able to find the car. He identified Jean from a photo the police showed him.
When Jean failed to come home the following day, Sophie went down to the Wilshire Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and filed a missing persons report. The police took down the details but thought that the young starlet was probably just out on a date and would probably show up in a day or two.
On October 8, 1949, a Griffith Park employee found Jean’s purse, close to the Fern Dell entrance to the park. The police were called immediately.
The inspection of the purse found that the handles had been ripped off as if someone tried to steal it. Inside her belongings were still intact. Along with her identification, they found her lucky silver dollar, her SAG card, her address book, and a curious note.. It read, ”Kirk: Can't wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best while mother is away,”. It was not signed and ended with a comma, leading the police to believe she didn't have a chance to finish the note. Jean’s mother, Florence was away visiting family in Kansas at the time.
Speculation went from an angry ex to an illegal abortion. There were hopes if they acted quickly, they could find Jean still alive.
Since they found her purse in the park, they decided to search the 4,000 acres. Over the following days, the search for Jean would be one of the largest in LAPD history. There were 200 searchers on foot and horseback scouring the terrain. They didn't find any further clues in the park. The media made a connection to the Black Dahlia case.
Griffith Park was a popular destination and law enforcement didn't want to scare the citizens of Los Angeles, so they released a statement that suggested Jean had a slight illness and would be back when she was feeling better.
Lead detective Thad Brown had to find the identity of Kirk and Dr. Scott, interview Jean’s estranged husband, and her many lovers. In her address book he would say he found “a lot of prominent names.” At the time he offered no theories, but stated ”This girl really got around.”
LAPD found that there was no night shoots scheduled for the night Jean disappeared.
Actor Robert Stack contacted LAPD after her disappearance to say on the night of October 7, he passed by her apartment and he saw a shadowy figure outside appearing to try to get in a window. LAPD would find one of her earrings.
On October 8, actor Robert Cummings told police that he had seen Jean two weeks before. He said she was very happy with a new romance, nothing serious but she was having the time of her life. Further investigation showed the new man was likely writer Peter Brooks. Brooks was removed from suspicion.
Florence told LAPD that Jean had dated a man named Kirk briefly. She was unable to identify him because he never came into the apartment. The two times he picked her up, he waited for her in the car.
Kirk Douglas came forward and preemptively contacted LAPD Chief Brown twice by phone. At first, he said he didn't know Jean. Then he said he was reminded by a friend that she was an extra on his latest movie, Young Man with a Horn.). He said he kidded with her like he did every woman working on his films, but they weren't friends. He told them he was in Palm Springs, California recovering from the flu. He was never interviewed in person and was not considered a suspect by police. The media and the gossiping public, however, did view him as a suspect and the father of her baby.
Another lead was an actor Kirk Alyn who was the first actor to play Superman. No connection between the two could be found.
Dexter Benner
Dexter told LAPD that he was home with his new wife, Lynn Laskey, Lynn had been married before to Ely Lasky, an associate of Mickey Cohen. He told police that he hadn’t seen or spoken to Jean in some time.
Sophie revealed to the public for the first time in 1979, that Dexter came to the house when he learned that Jean was missing to take custody of Christine. Sophie had told the LAPD at the time, that Dexter had scratches all over his face. He told her he dropped a crate of glasses at work resulting in the scratches. She didn't believe him.
The LAPD found what they referred to as a dated ’boating document’. Dexter had taken his boat out on the night Jean disappeared. This boating trip was never mentioned to the LAPD by Dexter or Lynn.
Lieutenant Scotty
Although his identity was never released to the public, Florence was able to identify him to law enforcement.
Scotty’s lawyer claimed the affair ended in 1945 and they had not spoken since. Investigators dropped him as a suspect.
Dr. Scott
LAPD learned there was a young man on Sunset Boulevard who went by ”Doc” or ”Scotty”. He was suspected of performing illegal abortions. He was never found.
Based on the note found in her purse, police checked with local medical care providers, and never located a Dr. Scott or Dr. Kirk who had a patient named Spangler or Benner. The theorized his name may have been an alias.
David Ogul
In the weeks before her disappearance, Jean was seen several times with David Ogul. David ”Little Davy” Ogul worked for Mickey Cohen.
David Ogul disappeared 2 days before Jean. He had been indicted on conspiracy charges shortly before he disappeared.
Johnny Stompanato
Jean was known to have dated Johnny Stompanato shortly before she disappeared. ”Johnny Stomp” was a known enforcer and bodyguard for Mickey Cohen Johnny was known as one of Hollywood's most prolific womanizers. He was also known to be physically and verbally abusive to women.
The investigation into Johnny became difficult years later when he was stabbed to death by Cheryl Crane, Lana Turner’s daughter.
Serial killer
LAPD looked into a possible connection between the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, the disappearance of Mimi Broomhower, the death of Jeanne French, and the death of a wealthy real estate agent Gladys Kern. Gladys was included because her purse was found in a phone booth with a note that read, ” Police Dept - We found this at the beach on Thursday night.” They were unable to make a connection between the victims.
George Hodel
George Hodel is a new suspect thanks to his son Steve Hodel. Like Elizabeth Short, Steve thinks his father killed Jean Spangler.
You can read more about Steve’s theory on the murders he believes his father committed.
Dexter would not allow Florence and Sophie to see Christine because they talked about Jean. Florence attempted to get custody of Christine, but Dexter fled to Florida with her. Florence didn't have the resources to fight an interstate custody battle.
Florence Spanger died in 1991. She never found her daughter and never saw her granddaughter again. Florence died convinced Dexter killed her daughter.
Dexter had two more children with Lynn. He died in 2007.
Some people questioned the LAPD’s desire to solve Jean’s disappearance. She knew a lot of prominent people and they had the clout to stop the investigation. They wondered if that is what happened and if Jean’s case will ever be solved.
As of today, Jean Spangler has never been located.
Additional Sources:
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2020.10.13 22:46 cincbus Introducing: The Spanish Royal Family

Royal Family Twitter: u/CasaReal
King Alfonso III (1886-1941)
Gonna go back one more generation than usual to start this wild ride.
Alfonso the III's father, Alfonso XII, died while his mother was pregnant with him, thus he was King upon his birth in 1886. She served as regent until his 16th birthday when he assumed full authority as King. After a series of poor choices, he aligned his fortunes to the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, who fell from power in 1930. Municipal elections in 1931 resulted in a landslide victory for the Republican and Socialist parties, and they demanded the King abdicate the throne. The King went into exile but refused to abdicate.
While exiled, his eldest son, Alfonso, renounced his right to the throne to marry a commoner.
His second son, Jaime, renounced his rights to the throne because he was deaf.
This left his third son, Juan, as heir apparent. In 1947, General Francisco Franco declared Spain a monarchy yet again, calling it a “restoration”. However, he did not trust Juan as heir. As a result, in 1969, his son, Juan Carlos, was selected as King.
King Juan Carlos I (b. 1938) (abdicated)
Juan Carlos is the grandson of Alfonso XIII, the last king of Spain before the monarchy was abolished in 1931. He was born in exile in Rome, however was allowed back to Spain in 1948 to be further educated there. He joined the army, completing his officer training from 1955-1957. Afterwards, he spent time in both the naval school and the air force school, and later studied law, international political economy and public finance at the University of Madrid.
He was selected to be King of Spain over his father, Juan, by General Franco.
So, why did Franco bring back the monarchy? I found this answer online:
“We’re accustomed to believing a tyrant like Franco could do anything he wanted. Yet, in reality, his options were very limited, amounting to:
a) Do nothing OR appoint another military strongman to take his place.
b) Restore the republic.
c) Restore the monarchy.
There really are no further choices. Regarding (a), Franco was well aware that dictatorships are little more than the cult surrounding the person of the dictator, who is unable to transfer the cult to any 3rd party. So, a dead dictator equates to a dead dictatorhip, perhaps not immediately but before very long the ‘Franco Regime Without Franco’ was bound to implode. Franco accepted this to be an awkward truth, but he swallowed the bitter pill nonetheless.
Option (b) was never in the cards — Franco detested the Republic he fought to unseat and never even considered bring one back to govern Spain post-mortem.
That only leaves option (c). For Franco, the issue was not Monarchy Vs. Republic but rather (i) what sort of monarchy, and (ii.) incarnated by whom? The choices might seem straight-forward, but reality was rather complex since the legitimate heir to the throne (Juan de Bourbon, Count of Barcelona) was a man with whom Franco agreed on practically nothing. The Count of Barcelona made his political philosophies publicly know in the so-called Laussane Manifesto (Mar, 1945), the contents of which were diametrically opposed to the Franco Regime on practically all matters of importance.
Hence, in ’47 Franco did the only thing he regarded as workable — restoring the monarchy in theory but leaving the throne vacant, pending an eventual nomination to fill the seat. The temporary vacancy last 22 years when the Count’s son (Juan Carlos I) was officially designated as heir to the dual roles of head-of-state & commander-in-chief of the armed forces.”
Furthermore, Franco disliked Juan (father of Juan Carlos), whom he suspected of being an Anglophile (Franco despised the British and referred to Great Britain as “perfidious Albion”); he was also determined to be the sole arbiter of Spain’s destiny. And so he was. For the next thirty-six years, Franco remained the country’s unchallenged caudillo, or strongman, and although he declared Spain a monarchy once again, in 1947, he kept the throne empty, leaving Don Juan to languish and fret in neighboring Portugal, even as Franco himself assumed the role of dispenser of noble titles.
In a cruelly Shakespearean twist, Franco asked Don Juan to send him his son, Juan Carlos, who was then ten, to be educated and groomed under Franco’s supervision. In 1969, when Juan Carlos was thirty-one, Franco summoned him and informed the young man of his decision to make him his successor, with the title of King of Spain . (Excerpt from this article)
Juan Carlos met and consulted with Franco many times, standing next to him at ceremonies, publicly supporting his regime, and praising his government. Franco gave full control to Juan Carlos 3 weeks before his death in 1975. Juan Carlo’s position was further legitimized on 1977 when his father formally renounced his claim to the throne.
On paper, Juan Carlos retained fairly extensive reserve powers. He was the guardian of the Constitution and was responsible for ensuring that it was obeyed. In practice, since the passage of the Constitution (and especially since 1982), he took a mostly non-partisan and representative role, acting almost entirely on the advice of the government.
Juan Carlos enjoyed extreme popularity in Spain for many years until multiple scandals (detailed below) were made public about him and his family. As a result, he abdicated the throne on behalf of his son.
Coup D'Etat
Ever since the dictator Francisco Franco had died in 1975, Spain had been changing at the speed of light. Democratic reform was the watchword of the decade, and each reform came one after the other. King Juan Carlos had handed power to parliament and instituted a new constitution. It was all way too fast for Spain's conservatives. According to history.com, it came to a head on February 23, 1981. Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero led 200 members of the civil guard in invading the Cortes, Spain's legislature building. They fired shots in the air and took the parliament hostage.
Spaniards were glued to their television sets for 18 hours as the band of civil guards held the Cortes. King Juan Carlos appealed to the Spanish army to condemn these renegades and affirm their loyalty to the new constitution. The army did and the bandits had to retreat in shame, thus preserving Spain's democracy.
Shooting of Little Brother
In 1956, at age 18, he shot his younger brother Alfonso in the head while the two were playing with a revolver. He has maintained throughout his life that it was an accident, however Alfonso passed away as a result of his injuries.
The financial scandal
Juan Carlos’s daughter, Princess Cristina, is married to Inaki Urdangarin. Urdangarin and his ex-business associate, Diego Torres, were the leading figures in the Nóos Institute, a non-profit that secured no-bid contracts from the regional governments of Valencia and the Balearic Islands using Urdangarin’s influence.Urdangarin and Torres also used their non-profit to divert around €6.2 million from public contracts secured for organizing sports events into private accounts. Urdangarin’s wife, Cristina de Borbón, sat on the board of a company, Aizoon, that was allegedly used to channel part of these funds. She was made to testify in the case, and was ultimately fined for having benefited from her husband’s scheme, but was acquitted of tax fraud complicity.
In June 2018 he was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison; he is currently imprisoned in Ávila.
The hunting trip
In 2012 the King injured himself on an elephant hunting trip in Botswana. At a time when Spainairds were suffering from a lagging economy, this trip was viewed as obscene in terms of expenses and extravagance. Spain’s unemployment was at 23%, and nearly 50% for young workers. To make matters worse, he was the honorary president of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund.
The public was only made aware of the trip because the King was injured and had to be helicoptered from the scene. Even worse - his mistress was there with him.
In 2014 Juan Carlos announced his plans to abdicate the throne in favor of his son, Felipe.
Post-Abdication Scandals
More recently, it emerged that Juan Carlos had accepted a previously undeclared “gift” of a hundred million dollars from Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah—allegedly a bribe in return for his help in arranging a lucrative fast-rail-construction contract.
Further roiling the public, one of Juan Carlos’s former lovers, a Danish-born events organizer named Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein—who had accompanied him on his Botswana safari—has acknowledged that Juan Carlos had given her, some years ago, sixty-five million euros (worth about eighty-four million dollars at the time). This “gift” is believed to have come out of the funds given to Juan Carlos by King Abdullah.
The latest bombshell shaking the royal house involves secret audio recordings of princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, a German aristocrat living in Monte Carlo who for years has been romantically linked to the 80-year-old former king and now accuses him of using her name to buy property in Morocco, of accumulating a secret fortune hidden in several Swiss bank accounts under the name of one of his cousins, Alvaro d'Orleans Bourbon, of using fake cut-outs to commit tax fraud and of taking millions in commissions on state contracts.
As a result, the current King Felipe announced he would renounce his personal inheritance from his father and that his father would no longer receive a royal allowance. Afterwards, Juan Carlos vanished.
In August of this year (2020), Juan Carlos sent a public letter to King Felipe VI, saying that he would be leaving the country due to “the public repercussions that certain past events in [his] private life are generating.” Later reports speculated that he had either gone to Portugal, where his father, Don Juan de Borbón, lived in exile for part of his life, or to the Dominican Republic, which he has visited multiple times. It’s a sign that the figurehead of Spanish democracy understands that he has endangered his legacy—and the monarchy itself.
It has not been published where Juan Carlos is currently living, however photos have been obtained that appear to show Juan Carlos disembarking a plane in Abu Dhabi.
Read more:
Juan Carlos married Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark, daughter of the King of Greece in 1962. In an effort for young, suitable European royals to meet and mingle (and also to boost tourism in Greece), Sophia’s mother arranged a Mediterranean cruise on the Greek yacht Agamemnon in 1954. Several teenaged and twenty-something royals were invited on the trip touring a handful of Greek islands. Juan Carlos and Sofia were among the young royals on the cruise.
They met up at additional weddings and events over the next several years, and were officially reunited in Rome at the 1960 Olympic Games. The Greek royal family held a dinner for the Spanish guests onboard their ship, Polemistis. Following the Olympics, Juan Carlos and his family were invited to spend Christmas 1960 in Greece.
In 1961, Sofia traveled to the UK to attend the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. Juan Carlos was picked to serve as her escort. Following the wedding, Juan Carlos spent the summer of 1961 in Greece and the two announced their engagement in 1961.
Due to Juan Carlos’ uneasy position in Spain, an Athens wedding was planned for May, the beginning of the tourist season in Greece. The celebrations involved 4 ½ months of nearly round-the-clock preparation headed by Colonel Dimitri Levidis, Grand Marshal of the Greek royal court.
Their marriage has never been a happy one and Juan Carlos is known to have had multiple affairs. Though the King is in exile, they remain married, however it is known that they have lived largely separate lives for many years.
Their wedding and more
You can see him giving a speech in English here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4FJczB_aco
Queen Sofia (b. 1938)
Sofia is the eldest child of King Paul of Greece, and is the daughter, sister, wife, and mother of a King. She was educated at a boarding school in Germany, then studied childcare, music, and archeology in Athens. She was a reserve member of Greece’s gold medal winning sailing team at the 1960 Olympic games.
Sofia is now immensely popular in Spain. She is known to quietly endure the monarchy’s trials, putting her own professional obligations ahead of anything else. This was not, however, always the case. Throughout her reign she has been regarded with skepticism because of her foreign background and mediocre Spanish skills.
In 2008, Queen Sofía shared some of her political ideology during an interview with journalist Pilar Urbano. One of them was her belief that same-sex marriage should not be called marriage. "If those persons want to live together, dress up as bride and groom and get married, they can do so, but that should not be called marriage because it is not," the queen is quoted as saying in Urbano's book.
Her controversial comments about same-sex marriage particularly elicited outrage among liberal groups, and the Royal Palace quickly shared an apology but qualified it by implying she had been misquoted.
Though her husband is in exile, Sofia has remained in Spain and continues to undertake official duties on behalf of her son, the King. She is a vital weapon in Felipe VI’s battle to shore up the popularity of a monarchy hit by scandal and now, suggestions from some politicians that it might have seen better days. Consistently one of the most admired members of the Spanish Royal Family, the enduring affection and respect that Queen Sofía inspires will be needed by her son as he faces a turbulent future for the monarchy.
She speaks Greek, English, German and Spanish.
See her giving a speech in English
King Felipe VI (b. 1968)
Ascended the throne in 2014 upon the abdication of his father. He is head of state and commander-in-chief of the Spanish Armed Forces. He attended high school in Canada and studied at the Autonomous University of Madrid. He completed his academic studies by obtaining a Master of Science in Foreign Service degree from Georgetown, where he was the roommate of his cousin Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece.
From 1985-1993 he spent time completing his military training.
Felipe speaks Spanish, Catalan, French, English, and Greek.
He was a member of the Spanish Olympic sailing team at the Barcelona games in 1992 and was the Spanish team’s flag bearer.
The exact details around how Felipe and Letizia met are unknown, however it is reported that they met at a dinner party in 2003. They dated in secret for more than a year before surprising the public with their engagement in 2003.The two were married in 2004 in Madrid.
Her Gown
More on the wedding, more here
Watch their wedding (it POURED rain)
See Felipe meet Barack Obama (in English)
Author's Note: Google photos of Felipe. You won't be sorry.
Queen Letizia (b. 1972)
Letizia was born in Spain, the daughter of a journalist and registered nurse. She completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism as well as a master’s degree in audiovisual journalism. She worked as the evening anchor of the TVE evening news, the most viewed newscast in Spain. She reported from Washington DC in 2000 on the presidential elections, 2001 from Ground Zero, and 2003 from Iraq.
She was actually married once before Felipe to a writer and high school teacher after dating for almost 10 years. Their marriage lasted one year.
Letizia is far from Spain’s most popular member of the royal family. There was a public spat with her mother-in-law, and it made news when she scolded her fiance for interrupting her during their engagement interview.
She is known for her fashion and beauty. In 2008 she underwent surgery on her nose to “correct a respiratory problem”, however afterwards her nose was notably different.
Author's Note: I feel like I gave a negative impression of Letizia here, but to be honest it's a bit hard to find information about heher personality. I would love someone who is more familiar to fill us all in.
Watch her speak in English here
Felipe and Letizia have two daughters:
Crown Princess Leonor, Princess of Asturias (b. 2005)
Leonor is heir presumptive to the throne of Spain. She does not go by Crown Princess, but rather by Princess of Asturias, the title given to the heirs in Spain (like Prince of Wales in the UK). The Spanish monarchy operates under a system of male-preference cognatic primogeniture, meaning if Felipe were to have a male heir he would replace Leonor in the line of succession. Felipe and Letizia appear to be done having children, however.
In 2018, she was invested by her father with the Order of the Golden Fleece, the most senior order in Spain and the highest award the King can bestow. She is one of only 4 females to be inducted into it.
The other 3 women are Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrix, and Queen Margrethe of Denmark (no big deal!!!)
See the proud fathedaughter moment here.
In 2019, at age 14, she gave a speech in both English and Spanish at the Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony. (such poise!!)
Another speech (her proud parents *I'm crying*!!)
Infanta Sofia (b. 2007)
Sofia is the second daughter of the King and Queen. She is a student in Madrid.
See photos of the family from Spain’s National Day on 10/12. https://twitter.com/CasaReal/status/1315601785382416384?s=20
Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo (b. 1963)
Elena is the eldest child of King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, however because Spain operates under male-preference cognatic primogeniture, her younger brother Felipe is King of Spain.
She married Jamie de Marichalar y Saenz de Tejada in Seville and has two children:
Elena and Jamie divorced in 2009. She undertakes engagements on behalf of her brother, the King.
Infanta Cristina, (stripped of title Duchess of Palma de Mallorca) (b. 1965)
Cristina was born in Madrid, the younger daughter of the King and Queen. She is a sailor and competed in the 1988 summer Olympics. She completed a degree in political science from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, then an MA in international relations from New York University in 1990. She then worked at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
She speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, French, and Greek.
Cristina married handball player Inaki Urdangarin in Barcelona in 1997. They have four children:
I talked about this above, but she and her husband were investigated and tried for fraud for their ties to a corruption scandal involving a company they owned. Cristina was acquitted, however her husband is currently serving a prison sentence.
Because of the scandal, her brother officially stripped her of her title in 2015. Her right of succession and the royal title of Infanta were unaffected.
Read more about the scandal here
Random note but the Spanish royals vacation in Palma de Mallorca for the summer each year and always produce some of my favorite family photos.
See some here, here, here, or just google them.
A Monarchy in Trouble
Though Felipe and his mother, Queen Sofia, are well-liked, support for the monarchy in Spain has always been thin at best. Coupled with all of the scandals discussed above, Felipe is tasked with saving a monarchy that at times is extremely unpopular with the public. He has had to publicly distance himself from his father, his sister, and other family friends involved in these scandals. This has eroded the appearance of family unity in the monarchy.
From an article:
Despite his attractive family and relative youth, Felipe has struggled to maintain the level of popularity he had heading into his current position. As head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces as well as king, he looks all-powerful on paper, but like many other royals his role is more figurehead than policy-maker. Spain's monarch is looked to for guidance and leadership, though, and he can certainly still be blamed when things go wrong.
Felipe, who in 2015 cut his own salary by almost 20 percent as the country continued to pull itself out of its recession, received a four-minute ovation after delivering his annual address marking the opening of Spain's new legislative session in February, in which he said that the opposing parties that have formed the current coalition government must come together, that "the time has come for words, for arguments and for reasoning, from a position of mutual respect."
To add to his troubles, Catalonia has been trying to split from Spain and gain independence for quite sometime, and Catalonian’s do not want a monarchy. In fact, they recently passed a non-binding motion condemning the monarchy in the wake of Juan Carlos’s departure from Spain. The proposal “Catalonia is a republic and does not want a king” was passed by 69 votes in favor and 65 against. In a recent article out of Catalonia, less than 15% of Catalans prefer having a king to a republic.
As a result, Felipe and Letizia have been pulling out all of the stops to present a united family front and a strong monarchy to the public - they have been undertaking public engagements more often, invited the press into their home, and we’re seeing more and more of their two daughters in an attempt to improve their favorability in Spain.
From 2018 - https://www.forbes.com/sites/ceciliarodriguez/2018/08/12/royal-family-in-trouble-spanish-monarchy-mired-in-new-ugly-scandal/#5b40b53d480a
From 2019 - https://www.forbes.com/sites/ceciliarodriguez/2020/06/09/spanish-monarchy-under-fire/#7910b8d41b26
From 2020 - https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/08/13/is-spanish-spain-juan-carlos-corruption-royal-family-finished/
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2020.10.06 01:54 dogboyyyyy I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005). It really captured that transitional period of the mid00s by feeling like the last movie of one era and the first movie of a new era.

I'm not really good at writing reviews or summarising the pros and cons of an old movie so don't expect that here. But I thought this movie really felt like the last movie of a bygone era and the start of a newer era of comedy films in a way. The movie has the grainy shot on film/non-digital look which really makes it look visually as though it was made in the year 2002/2003 at the latest..and right from the opening shot of the morning time shown on a CD player radio's builtin LCD clock...the movie definitely feels like a throwback film to that late 90s/early 00s period. (one of the characters handing out an eBay business card was just the cherry on the early 00s cake).
But aside from all of that, one thing that surprised me about this movie was how many future stars it had in its cast. As someone who'd only heard of the title + poster of this film and I knew it launched Steve Carrell's career before the Office, I was unaware that it also had Seth Rogen in pretty much his first major role too as one of the main supporting characters. You could then imagine my surprise too when I later saw an unbelievably tubby and babyfaced Jonah Hill show up, or Mindy Kaling, or Kevin Hart, or Leslie Mann, or Elizabeth Banks, or Kat Dennings from the Thor movies too. The movie also apparently had Jenna FischePam from the Office as well as one of the main characters from Glee too (I don't watch Glee or the Office, so I didn't notice). And it had Stormy Daniels as well.
Also, I think the lighting, the sets and the clothing used for the movie felt reminiscent of the sorta thing you'd seen in Chappelle's Show sketches of that era or old Adam Sandler movies, just things like the dingy cramped fake nightclub set which we only see from one angle or the electronics store where the main character works or Leslie Mann's ridiculously dated outfit from the scene just before she drunkenly sings along with Missy Elliott's Get Ur Freak On on her car radio. Not to mention the casually politically incorrect race-related comedy throughout the movie (eg Kevin Hart wearing a Jamaica shirt while he and the other black guy talking about the n word, or there being one token Indian character there just for comic relief, or the black father and son talking about slamming poon in the sex clinic). I just suppose so much of the movie felt like it was unintentionally capturing the innocence and optimistic nature of that old comedy era from just before and after 9/11 while also establishing the formula for the raunchy Judd Apatow sex comedies which would go on to dominate the comedy genre from the mid00s onwards. Like, without The 40-Year-Old Virgin...would we have films like Knocked Up, Sausage Party, This Is The End, etc...or even a lot of the films by the frat pack who were equally as responsible for this shift in the comedy genre of the time too.
I also didn't know this movie was where the phrase 'put the pussy on the pedestal' came from. I'd always thought Kendrick Lamar made up that term for his song Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe ... but nope, it's another example of the cool rippling effect that a fairly popular movie can have.
Overall, I don't think The 40 Year Old Virgin is that great of a movie, it's a classic for sure but maybe not as well crafted or well-loved as films like let's say Shaun of the Dead or Tropic Thunder or even Mean Girls...but it is however a great time capsule into that curious transition times of the mid00s and for that, I think it's undoubtedly a movie worth remembering and worth watching!
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2020.10.03 01:30 cw9595cw His Name Was Cameron Sage (2020 Novel)

u/cw9595cw presents: His Name Was Cameron Sage;
Read to you by Not Cameron Sage.
In this very unrealistic story, I take advantage of my very strong imagination just like Mr. John Lennon or Mr. Wonka had an I can make up whatever I want or can think of.
I also suffer Asperger's and ASD, as well as OCD along with a form of confirmed Tourettes which should explain the particular interest in certain numbers and dates.
Character Profiling; Cameron Jefferson, 24/m, born 1995-07-31, in Saint Joseph, MO. USA. Bessey Bowman, 24/f, born 1995-08-10, in Saint Joseph, MO. USA. Jackie Rosemary, 24/f, born 1995-12-18, in Jersey City, NJ. USA. Cameron Sage, 23/m, born 1995-12-19, in Jersey City, NJ. USA. Jackie Kennedy, 90/f, born 1929-04-14, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN. Dane Whitehall, 90/m, born 1929-04-04, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN. Jim O'Brien, 89/m, born 1930-01-10, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN. Jack Franck, 89/m, born 1930-04-25, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN.
The Characters Originally from Missouri and New Jersey all immigrate to Southern Ontario Canada circa 1999, around age 3 or 4.
Occupations; Jefferson = CEO @ Mom's Spaghetti (Chef Boyardee Competitor) Bowman = Police Officer @ Ontario Provincial Police Department. Rosemary = School Teacher @ Son-Of-A-Bitch Street Elementary School. Sage = Cement Truck Driver @ Dain City/Cook Construction Co.
Intro; December 18, 2019. (2019-12-18), Less than Two Weeks Shy Of The 2020's.
That Wednesday Evening, 23-year-old Cameron Jack Sage, was happily driving around The Niagara Region in his Cement Truck, to which he nicked named the CT-1995.
Sage had owned his own Cement Truck since his 17th Birthday (2012-12-19), purchasing it in his senior year of high school (grade 12).
That night after work, he was preparing for his 24th birthday, and went to The New Jersey Store in downtown Port Colborne, where they always had New Jersey's, including Major League Sports.
Sage thought this was really interesting, as he himself was Originally from The US State of New Jersey, (3rd US State/1787-12-18), he then took a Blue XL Tom Brady Pats Jersey to the register:
The Cashier said, "That'll be $144.75!"
Sage then gave The Cashier 145 bucks, then he was given a quarterback.
"Thank you for the quarterback," he said as he walked out of The New Jersey Store in his New Tom Brady Pats Jersey.
Sage then Left The New Jersey Store grinning from Ear-To-Ear, then drove over to his Local Liquor Store next.
After Sage had already got himself stuck in line, He then realized he left his wallet right in his Cement Truck's console, which contained his ID and most of his money.
As anyone who appeared to be under the age of 25, must provide a valid form of government ID, with their valid date-of-birth.
The Liquor Store Cashier, who looked like she was 12, was also wearing a #12 Tom Brady Jersey, but for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, predicting that Tom would be traded away to Tampa come springtime.
Sage wasn't even ID'd anyway cause The Cashier thought he looked like he was fucking 50!
The Total originally came out to $20.00, but Sage willingly paid $20.20 for his Corona's anyways instead of just 20 bucks flat.
"Thank You For The Quarter Back" laughed Sage.
As he was walking away towards the door with his Coronas in his Tom Brady Pats Jersey, The Cashier in her Tom Brady Bucs Jersey called out to him, "Fuck The Pats, Fuck The Police, Fuck You and Especially. Fuck, Corona!".
Sage left The Liquor Store in his Cement Truck with his Ronas then cranked up Never Again By Nickelback for like the fucking 2001st time.
Lastly, Sage went to his Local Grocery Store and got 9 cans of Premium Mom's Spaghetti Brand Ravioli at $1.45 a can (9 cans for $13.05).
Mom's Spaghetti was Chef Boyardee's top competitor, making various canned goods of Spaghetti, Ravioli, Lasanga, Beefaroni, etc.
Sage also most likely paid $13.30 instead of $14.
Now with a New Tom Brady Pats Jersey, 9 Ronas, and 9 cans of Ravioli, Sage was driving his Cement Truck east-bound on Clarence Street through Downtown Port Colborne, approaching Welland Canal Bridge No 21 preparing for his 24th birthday.
Then Sage was cut off by a 1930 Green Ford Model-A, who very rudely pulled-out in-front of Sage's Cement Truck, forcing him to apply his brakes, or else Sage would have rear-ended the cement-heads.
They were doing like 23kph on a 50kph city street, and nobody likes you when you're doing 23kph on a 50kph city street.
The Driver, 89-year-old Jack Franck, and his 89-year-old life-long best-friend, Jim O'Brien, both born in 1930, just 15 weeks (105 days) apart, and we're both pushing 90, as they were both just out looking for a good time, and you're never too old to look for a good time.
Suddenly from out of nowhere, at 19:29 pm (7: 29 pm) A 1929 Red Rolls Royce came flying down Clarence street east-bound through downtown Port Colborne towards the bridge at a ridiculously fast speed.
The Driver, 90-year-old Dane Whitehall, and his 90-year-old wife, Jackie Kennedy, both Jacked on Crack-Cocaine and doing 105kph on a 50kph street just fucking givin err!
They were blaring Turn Down For What through their car radio at full volume in honor of its 6th anniversary. Even memorizing all the lyrics, screaming them out loud, at the top of their lungs.
Jackie even had this big-ass bucket of Red Paint, with her window fully rolled down, and the lid already pried off.
Then Jackie said fuck it, before she hucked the bucket.
Right threw the front drivers-side window of Jim and Jack's 1930 Green Ford Model-A, which would then Skim Jack and Jim right off both their chinney chin-chins and were both covered from head to toe in red paint in their green car.
Then Dane ran the red light, then smashed through the south-western road-gate, then he raced across the bridge, then smashed through the south-eastern road-gate right before the bridge was raised into the dark night.
Sage, along with the two 89-year-old dudes in front of him, were all stuck at the 90-year-old Lift Bridge as it was raised to the top for a passing ship in The Welland Canal.
Cam Sage was now pretty pissed off. "This is horseshit, Fuck You Bridge, my luck really sucks at times." he sulked.
The Ship was The Jack Fitzgerald, of The 95 Shipping Company. Measuring 731ft. long, 75ft. wide, with a draft of 36ft.
The ship had been in service since 1995. Turning 24-years-old The Following Day, just like Cameron Sage.
As Christmas Day was the following Wednesday, The Fitzgerald was delivering plenty of Buzz Light-Year and Woody Merchandise Toys for all the good girls and boys at the front, and tons of Jack Daniels and Viagra for all the naughty adults at the back.
At 19:33 (7:33 pm) Sage cracked open his first tallboy, then said "Fuck Probation".
Sage would then alternate between a tallboy and a can of Ravioli once every 4 minutes or so, until all 9 tallboys, and all 9 cans of ravioli, were all consumed.
Also The Ship had arrived at/under Bridge 21 @ 19:59 pm (7:59 pm) which is unusually slow, then the ship finally fucking clears the Bridge at 20:20 while Sage was crushing some Rona's in his CT-1995.
Taking 21 minutes to clear Welland Canal Bridge No. 21 in Late 2019.
Not being able to cross the canal, Sage's eyes went cross-eyed, then his jaw dropped cause he was unhappy the stupid bridge wouldn't fucking drop.
At 20:43 (8:43 pm) He then starting Jerking Off at the bridge for the final half-hour that it was stuck. Then Sage came 4 separate times, all over his windshield.
Sage then turned on his handy custom-installed interior windshield-wipers for this very reason.
At 21:14 (9:14 pm) after An Hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes), The Bridge finally lowered again, then the road-gates raised, and the red light turned green, inviting traffic to safely cross The Bridge over The Canal.
Then Sage cautiously drove across the canal.
Then 15 minutes later at 21:29 (9:29 pm), Sage was driving northbound on Hwy 1 40 in Port Colborne heading towards Welland.
Meanwhile, An Undercover Ontario Provincial Sophomore Police Officer, 24-year-old Bessey Bowman, was patrolling Hwy 1 40 at that time, sitting at the precise and exact midpoint between Bridge 17 and Bridge 21.
Sage didn't even see her, and She Clocked him doing 140kph on Hwy 1 40 in his Cement Truck.
Bowman turned her headlights on, caught up to Sage, then turned on her red and blue flashing lights from her Undercover Cop Car.
Sage, who was 9 Corona tallboys deep, knew he was fucked.
He dipped peeling off down Hwy 1 40, accelerating from 140kph to 145kph.
Bowman chased after Sage and matched his speed, traveling on his ass at a safe two-second distance behind him, all the way down the 1 40, as well as The 4-O-6 through Thorold, into Saint Catharines.
Once In Downtown Saint Catharines, Bowman continued Chasing Sage, then he continued east-bound down Queenston Street, towards Welland Canal Bridge No 4.
Better known as The Homer Simpson Bridge, which was directly next to The Garfield City Skyway, carrying The Queer-Elizabeth-Way across The Welland Canal. The bridge was cleared, then began lowering.
Sage negatively influenced by what he witnessed earlier, smashed through the south-western road-gate of The Homer Simpson Bridge, then went airborne over The Welland Canal.
Then like two seconds later, Bowman also cleared the gap no problem.
Sage also smashed through the south-western road-gate too, and was now on The Niagara-On-The-Lake side of the bridge, he then drove a short distance before making a U-turn and drove back towards The Bridge, which was now fully lowered, but the road-gates had not yet raised, and the signal light was red.
Sage then smashed through both the north-eastern and north-western road-gates as well, eliminating all 4 of The Homer Simpson Bridge's road-gates.
Then about 5 minutes later, Sage was now heading westbound on Glendale Ave. approaching a Railroad Crossing.
Suddenly, The Glendale Ave. Railroad Crossing lights began flashing red, alternating back-and-forth, followed by the road-gates lowering in front of the roadway for The approaching Train.
The Train happened to be The 3rd planet from the Sun's Fastest Express Train at The Time, better known as The Wolf Spider Express, running at its top speed of 145kph.
This Express Train was carrying a full load of passengers from Saint Catharines, Bound for Niagara Falls, at both maximum capacity and maximum speed.
Sage was originally speeding at 105kph, then accelerated to 144kph.
For yet another time, Sage smashed through the lowered road-gate directly in front of the path of The Wolf Spider Express.
The Wolf Spider Express struck Sage in His Cement Truck, to which was thrown Up-Side-Down into a nearby ditch. The Train continued traveling at 145kph, not slowing down worth jack shit!
Wasting no time, Bowman, got out of her undercover cop car and approached Sage's Cab, She then completely shatters the window with one single punch.
Then she yanked Sage out of the Cab, and not even like a moment later the Entire Cement Truck became entirely engulfed in flames, including the Cab.
Bowman then quickly sprinted with Sage in her arms away from His beloved CT-1995 just in the nick of time, Then it blew-up.
Then Bowman whipped out her breathalyzer, then legally breathalyzed Sage. Who then blew a BAC of 1.4!
Bowman looked at her breathalyzer. Then her eyes got wide. Then she laughed, Realizing that shit was impossible because Cameron Sage would be fucking dead.
So She restarted the breathalyzer, then re-took Sage's BAC, for a second time. This time, it was accurate. Sage blew a BAC of 0.32!
Sage, Standing At 6 feet tall, and weighing 180 lbs, drank 9 Corona Tallboys within an hour and 45 minutes (144oz in 105min), he was fucked.
Sage fortunately had also broken only 206 bones in his body, He survived.
Cameron Sage, 23 (or 24 not that it really matter's), would be facing how many criminal offenses/driving-charges enforced by 24-year-old Officer Bowman for actions behind the wheel after he drank 144oz of Corona and mucked 9 cans of Mom's Spaghetti Brand Ravioli, all in his new $145 (rounded up) Tom Brady Jersey that he got his jizz all over.
Bowman also had evidence of Mr. Cameron Jack Sage, Jacking Off At The Clarence Street Bridge in Port Colborne just one day before his 24th birthday.
Timed percisely from 2019-12-18 @ 20:43 until 2019-12-18 @ 21:13
Bowman then collected The Homer Simpson Bridge's Camera Footage. Officer Bowman even joked that she was willing to bet Cameron Sage most likely screamed "DOH!" when his balls smacked the seat of his CT-1995 when he landed on the other side of The Homer Simpson Bridge.
Interestingly Enough, Bowman's Husband Cameron Jack Jefferson was also Cameron's Sage's Age (Share a 1995 birthyear).
Cameron Jack Jefferson was The CEO of Mom's Spaghetti, which he had established his headquarters in his childhood home-town of Saint Joseph Missouri USA.
Mr. Cameron Jack Jefferson was born on 1995-07-31 in the very room Marshall Mathers was born, and his Wife Ms. Bessey Bowman (Kept Maiden-Name), was also born in that same room just 10 days later (1995-08-10).
Both of Jefferson and Bowman's parents were like a Double-Date Bonnie and Clyde and robbed banks all over Missouri from 1995-1999.
All 4 parents were caught and serving life prison terms over at The Greater St. Louis Prison.
Jefferson and Bowman were adopted by the same adoptive parents (Mr. and Mrs. Your-Birthday-Mathers) and would spend hours, open hours each and every night studying various words of the dictionary just for fun.
Bowman also a habit of sucking Jefferson's Dictionary quite often.
"Bessey! What The Fuck are you sucking on My Dictionary for! It's not even a drool-proof cover."
Anyways, Bowman helped Jefferson achieve both of their shared life long dream of enjoying their Mom's Spaghetti together.
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2020.09.29 16:50 LutzExpertTera Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is one of my favorite shows that Netflix has ever made.

I see a lot of (justified) praise for some of Netflix's other comedy series, but Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is one of my favorite pieces of content that Netflix has ever produced. I find myself watching it at least once a year, cracking a few beers, and laughing my ass off.
The show itself is an 8 episode prequel series to the 2001 film of the same name and has actors in their 30s and 40s playing teenage camp counselors with no attempts to hide their age or make them look younger. Elizabeth Banks was in her 40s when she shot this, her character was a 24 year old pretending to be a 16 year old, and her hiding her age was just putting part of her hair up. They lean into that absurdity the whole movie and it's better for it.
And how can you beat that cast?! They returned Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, Janeane Garofalo, H. Jon Benjamin, Michael Ian Black, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Michael Showalter, Christopher Meloni, Judah Friedlander, AD Miles, Marguerite Moreau, and Zak Orth from the movie while introduce new cast members like Lake Bell, John Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Chris Pine, Jason Schwartzman, Michael Cera, Randall Park, Jordan Peele, Paul Scheer, and David Wain ... and they fit ALL these cast members (and more) into just 8 episodes!
If you've seen the movie in advance you have a bunch of expectations for who is dating who, who is friends with who, and personality types of some characters but the series swerves these expectations by setting up absurd plot lines and very random coupling. The whole show is full of surreal comedy with Coop looking increasingly bizarre, the Camp Tiger Claw guys, Chris Pine's character, and the Presidential battle at the very end.
Plus, every time I hear that intro song of Jane by Jefferson Starship I get so fucking pumped.
They also made a sequel series to the this and the movie, Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later which is also pretty great, but I'll give the edge to First Day of Camp. I don't see this show mentioned on this sub too often, so urge anyone who hasn't seen it to check it out!
Clicks submits which triggers sound of a pot breaking
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2020.09.20 12:59 Joy-Through-Syphilis The twisted tale of Terrible Tommy O’Connor

Thomas O’Connor was born in Limerick in 1880 but history would know him as Terrible Tommy – the last man sentenced to hang in Chicago.
Terrible Tommy was the son of Joseph O’Connor and Elizabeth Roach of Ballykenny near the village of Strand. Before his third birthday, young Tommy emigrated with his parents and siblings to America where the family settled in the rough Chicago neighbourhood of Bloody Maxwell.
Tommy’s brother John became an electrician and his sister Mary also led a crime-free life. His other brother David became a successful broker but he caused controversy when a messy divorce resulted in his arrest for ‘immoral conduct’ and local newspapers in the Windy City dubbed him ‘Darlin’ Dave’ as his wife claimed he had carried out a string of affairs with other women during their marriage.
Tommy chose a life of crime and ran with street gangs during his teenage years but he did not come to police attention until he was 21 following the murders of two men – a retired police officer and a criminal associate. The police accused the Limerick man of murdering them and shady court dealings resulted in his release but, Tommy’s freedom would not last long.
There have been many tales regarding how Tommy O’Connor became ‘Terrible’.
His disloyal attitude which saw him betray and possibly kill associates may have earned him the moniker while another theory recalls how his fierce temper saw him chop the thumb off a butcher who overcharged his mother!
However, he gained his nickname, Tommy O’Connor’s criminal actions could indeed be described as terrible.
His route to criminal infamy began on a cold March morning in 1921 when five police men arrived at the home of his sister on south Washtenaw Avenue to arrest him on the murder charges he had previously slipped away from.
Chicago police detective Patrick O’Neill, a fellow Irishman, knocked on the door with a warrant for Tommy’s arrest but, what followed would result in the death of the Irish American cop.
Popular belief dictates that Terrible Tommy burst out the front door brandishing two guns and then sprayed the policemen with bullets. The less fantastic and more likely scene saw a brief gunfight break out between Tommy inside the house and the policemen who were on the porch.
When a bullet brought down Detective O’Neill, Tommy made his getaway out the back door, over a fence and into the street where he hijacked a car.
Detective O’Neill died from his wounds and the inquest that followed resulted in the suspension of the policemen who had accompanied O’Neill. The judge was not satisfied with their conflicting stories and poured scorn on their carelessness. The inquest found that the officers had fired indiscriminately and the judge declared it “the worst case of dog eat dog I have ever seen!’
Detective O’Neill left behind a widow and three young children and terrible Tommy made his get away to St Paul Minnesota.
In July 1921, Terrible Tommy was making a drunken nuisance of himself on a train in St. Paul. The police arrested him and when word filtered back to Chicago that their wanted man was sitting in the county jail in St Paul Minnesota, the Chicago Police Department dispatched a group of heavily armed detectives to bring him back.
At the time of his arrest in Minnesota, Terrible Tommy had just four items in his possession: rosary beads, a scapular, a St Patrick prayer card and a pistol!
He was brought back to Chicago where in September 1921 he was sentenced to hang. The date for the hanging was penciled in for December 15th but, four days before his execution, the condemned Limerick man escaped.
As prison guard David Strauss was walking past Tommy’s cell, he called the guard who then, rather unwittingly, approached the bars. Tommy’s cell mate James La Porte grabbed the guard in a head lock while Tommy grabbed the cell keys dangling from his belt. Tommy opened the door of his cell and took the guard’s gun while his cell mate bound and gagged him.
The two prisoners ran for the prison yard and along with four other prisoners they scaled a 20ft wall to freedom. Terrible Tommy hijacked a car but in the wintery weather it slid on ice and crashed into a store front.
Tommy managed to bundle himself out of the wreck and ran off down a side street. The Limerick-born Chicago hoodlum who was only days away from the gallows disappeared into thin air.
Even though the police launched a massive manhunt across America, they never found Terrible Tommy.
Sightings of him were reported in various towns and cities across the states. He was sighted in places such as Texas and Los Angeles and even across the border in Canada. It was even claimed that he made his way back to the land of his birth where he offered his services to the IRA.
Other rumours arose that he robbed banks on route to Canada before taking his loot on a ship bound for Limerick where he bought a public house under a fake name and lived out his days on Shannonside.
In 1937 it was suggested that Terrible Tommy had died form tuberculosis, a disease which had previously affected him in his childhood. Another rumour claims that his gravestone can be seen in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cook County Illinois where the date of death indicates January 31, 1951.
The gallows that had been built for Terrible Tommy’s hanging remained in place until 1977 when it was dismantled and sold to Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ Museum. A sign had been painted on the structure “Tried of Waiting Tommy!”
Every year on the anniversary of Terrible Tommy’s escape from the gallows, the Chicago Tribune columnist Tom Powers would write a piece about the Limerick man which always began with the following: “Dear Terrible Tommy O’Connor, if you are still alive please contact me so I can quit writing these columns!”
Well, the search continues….
What do you think happened to Tommy?
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2020.09.18 17:22 yooshio Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Yooshio: I discovered a post that succintly describes our preference to go our own way. The observation was formulated into a law. It has a deep history...much like all male wisdom that survives the ages...Hold it in your mind as the cornerstone response for all the normies which ask:
The punchline is at the bottom...

Gresham’s Law: Why Bad Drives Out Good As Time Passes

Whenever coins containing precious metals have been used along with base metal coins of the same denomination, both legally accepted as tender, the bad coins have driven the good coins out of circulation.
Gresham’s Law is named after Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579), an English financier in the time of the Tudors.
However, the original principle had been stated at least forty years before by Nicolaus Copernicus and has been credited to Christian and Islamic scholars even before that. In some parts of the world (mostly Central and Eastern Europe), the law is still known as the Copernicus Law.
The idea may practically date back as far as the Athenian playwright Aristophanes. In his play The Frogs, Aristophanes compares the degradation of great politicians to the introduction of bad coinage.
I’ll tell you what I think about the way
This city treats her soundest men today:
By coincidence more sad than funny,
It’s very like the way we treat our money.
The noble silver drachma, which of old
We were so proud of, and the one of gold
Coins that rang so true
Throughout the world have ceased to circulate.
Instead the purses of Athenian shoppers
Are full of phoney silver-plated coppers.
Just so, when men are needed by the nation,
The best have withdrawn from circulation.
The coinage problem is mostly obsolete in the modern age, but the practical problems are as large as ever.
The outcome described by Aristophanes is common in competing human groups or organizations: When bad behavior has taken root, and that bad behavior has a “survival advantage” against good behavior, it becomes difficult, and occasionally impossible, to drive out the bad behavior; a process akin to natural selection.
In fact, one might call Gresham’s Law something of a special case of natural selection itself.
Forms of human behavior survive because they have a competitive edge against other behaviors. Self-interested groups naturally tend towards what works, so bad drives out good (in a moral sense) if it causes superior practical effects. This is one large reason why forms of regulation and policing are needed in human systems, to prevent the Law from working its magic.
In an illustration of this tendency, Charlie Munger applied Gresham’s Law to 1980s savings and loan banking practices in his 1984 Letter to Wesco Shareholders:
Although interest rates have subsided from the 1981-82 peak, the low and slowly changing interest rates of former years are plainly gone with the wind, as are the former government-decreed limits on interest rate competition for savings accounts and the favouritism for savings and loan associations over banks. But an agency of the U.S. Government (…) continues to insure savings accounts in the savings and loan industry, just as it did before. The result may well be bolder and bolder conduct by many savings and loan associations. A sort of Gresham’s Law (“bad loan practice drives out good”) may take effect for fully competitive but deposit-insured institutions, through increased copying by cautious institutions of whatever apparent-high-yield loan and investment strategies seem to allow competitors to bid away their savings accounts and yet report substantial earnings. If so, if “bold conduct drives out conservative conduct,” there eventually could be widespread insolvencies caused by bold credit extensions come to grief.
This can be common in some business fields. Take two drug salespeople – one willing to bribe doctors to make sales, and one not willing to do so. If the industry functions such that fraudulent business practices are not punished, and the bribery goes uncovered by the buyer’s organization, then bribery obviously gains a sustainable competitive advantage over non-bribery. Clearly, the deceptive practice will take hold, as salespeople unburdened by morals are promoted and compensated better than the high-roaders. It’s a clear form of Gresham’s Law.
Take also sub-prime mortgage lending practices in the lead up to the 2008 financial crisis. If two banks are competing for borrowers and one lets their standards slide to zero (or less), which is likely to prevail? Even if the practice is a “long-term loser,” it can still take hold in systems where short-term incentives provide encouragement to the actual decision-makers.
Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King once described the origins of Gresham’s Law and its effects in a similar fashion, dubbing it the Law of Competing Standards.
In the reign of Queen Elizabeth, an official named Gresham observed that where different metals were in circulation as coinage and some were better than others of the same nominal value, the coins made of the inferior metal tended to drive the better out of circulation. The better coins were either hoarded or melted down and sold as bullion, were used in the fine arts, or were absorbed in the foreign exchanges. In other words, what Gresham discovered was that cheaper money tends to drive out dearer; that when people begin to discriminate between two coinages, they will invariably pay out the inferior and hoard the better, thus removing the better from circulation. This phenomenon once generally observed came to be described as a “Law,” and was identified with Gresham’ s name, since it was Gresham who was first successful in drawing public attention to it. Amongst money-changers, Gresham’ s Law of the precious metals is better known than the Ten Commandments.
Something analogous to Gresham’s Law will be found to obtain in the case of competing standards in Industry. Assuming there is indifference in the matter of choice between competing commodities or services, but that in the case of such commodities or services the labor standards involved vary, the inferior standard, if brought in this manner into competition with a higher standard, will drive it out, or drag the higher down to its level. This is effected by the opportunity of under-selling which comes, where in such cases human well-being is sacrificed to material ends. The superior standard, not being recognized or demanded, is unable to hold its own, and in time disappears.
This Law is just as real and relentless in its operation in Industry as Gresham’s Law of the precious metals is with respect to money and the mechanism of exchange. Indeed, a more accurate exposition would describe both as manifestations of one and the same law, which I propose to call the Law of Competing Standards. I see no reason why economists should not recognize the existence of such a law, and incorporate it immediately in economic science as being quite as significant as the Law of Supply and Demand, the Law of Diminishing Returns, or any other Law accorded a place in its nomenclature.
The Law of Competing Standards is doubtless a part of the general Law of Competition, under which the cheaper of two commodities gains in competition a preference over the dearer. What Gresham discovered was an important sequence of the Law of Competition as applied to coinage; namely, the disappearance, in the course of time, of the superior metals. Observance of a like sequence in the case of standards in Industry is highly desirable. As respects labor standards, I believe that recognition of the operation of the Law of Competing Standards over ever-widening areas would do more than aught else to clear up the most baffling problems with which Industry is confronted, and to point the way to a solution of many situations which hitherto have seemed incapable of solution.
Perhaps the most important application of Gresham’s Law is to avoid becoming part of systems where good behavior cannot win. Certain industries and activities lack the “policing” necessary to keep systems free from bad behavior. While it’s admirable to be the “cleanest shirt” in a pile of dirty laundry, certain areas of human life do not allow the clean shirts to win.
On the flip side, you’ll occasionally find situations where the good money drives out bad, and the cleanest shirts end up being worn the most. Those are the areas to aim your focus.
source: Gresham’s Law: Why Bad Drives Out Good As Time Passes
Yooshio: Now apply Gresham's Law to your experience with females. Replace money with women. Where have all the good men gone? Suddenly the answer to the oft heard post-wall lament of the bitter carousel rider searching for her Beta becomes self-evident.
Bad women drive out good women which ultimately drive away men.
Stay gone, fellas.
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2020.09.15 14:36 good-toilet-paper I'm a fisherman, and I picked up a bottle in the net yesterday. There were a few rotten pages in it - pretty old and stiff paper, but crumbling all the same. Cuttlefish blood had been used for ink. With the years crossed out for reference, here is what they say.

16th February
We are now on an island, Jones and I.
Yesterday was horrible; the ship sank in the storm. I told the captain she would sink, but he didn’t listen to me! He urged her on, overconfident fool! And now, he’s taken them down with him. I shall never see Elizabeth again. Indeed, I was spared the painful vision of seeing her young, innocent face lying unmoving beneath the clear water. Although I do remember Tommy’s face, staring up at me through the thick tangle of seaweed, his hair crusted with the sea salt and one of his teeth missing.
With the help of Jones I moved his body beyond the sand dunes. I couldn’t bear to stand, but my stomach grumbled loudly. Jones was too weak to move. He has lost the will to survive. But I was always a survivor.
At four in the evening, Jones woke up. Meanwhile I found a seagull dashed against the rocks, with half its brain on the sand. Trying not to gag at the smell, I made a small fire with the matchbox in my waterproof. We have only sixteen matches left, and when they run out we must think of some way to make a fire. I speared the gull on a stray branch on which I had journeyed to the island. Jones nearly vomited after he smelt the uncooked bird. However, I managed to cook it. We cut it up with my broken penknife and ate it. To my deprived stomach, it tasted heavenly. Jones liked it too, but said he preferred chicken. We drank some water out of my canteen, but we have very little left and we do not want to waste it.
Tomorrow we are going to explore the island and try to build a signal fire.
17th February
I woke up sore all over and hungry again. Jones looked a little better, and we decided to have some breakfast (if it could be found) and then explore the island. However, we didn’t find anything eatable. We found splintered logs some distance beyond our fire, and placed them in a small hollow close by. I found some clothes, which we could wear or use as bedding. Jones had the good fortune to find a coil of tangled rope fifty meters long, an axe, and another matchbox which contains eighty matches. However they are no use if we don’t get food.
The island is not very large – a hundred meters across, and perhaps one hundred and fifty wide. We explored the island thoroughly today. The beach, by which I mean the area on which we washed up, is a thin strip of sand ten feet wide all around the island. Ahead, the soil gets loamy and eventually hard and dry. Three tall coconut trees are
close to the center of the island, so that’s the water problem solved. It will get pretty dull, having to knock down coconuts every time we thirst.
The land rises appreciably as you get closer to the center of the island. Situated at the perfect center is a large block of stone, set firmly in the ground. It is a cubical block a meter wide, and has a flat top. We couldn’t imagine the purpose of it, and left it alone. The block is surrounded by small, hardy trees, the variety you find in a desert. Towards the north side, the sand turns into rocks, which stretch out into the sea for about ten meters. It is a small spit about two meters wide, and ends irregularly. This is a good way to launch a boat, as the rocks are almost never covered by water. Now we only have to find a boat.
We didn’t find anything to eat today, but we knocked down three coconuts and drank the sweet water inside (having first made holes in them using my knife). The water was amazingly cool, and refreshed our parched throats. Then we knocked down two more coconuts for insurance.
After that, we debated what to do. Jones was all for using the splintered logs to make a raft and get off the island, until I raised the topic of food. We don’t actually have any. Judging by our approximate location when the ship floundered, we are 670 miles out from the coast of Africa, and around 2945 miles away from Antarctica. We could paddle against the current 589 miles to Madagascar, or we could go perpendicular to it and reach India, where we could return to Britain through a ship again.
We left that undecided, though, because we still aren’t fully fit. We haven’t got anything to eat now, and I’m starting to get worried. Jones looks unconcerned, but then he’s worried too.

18th February
Today, we first moved Tommy’s body away from us. With the help of the high tide, we pulled it around twenty yards away from our campsite. He was really starting to smell.
We found three dead fish at around eleven today. One had started to rot, so we left him alone. We cooked one and saved the other for later. It felt good to eat that roasted fish. It filled my stomach at least for the time being. We finished with a coconut each, and knocked down two more.
Later, we heard the noise of a plane zooming towards the site of the shipwreck. Jones and I screamed till we were hoarse. We also relit the smoldering embers of our fire, but the plane did not turn towards the island. Jones was disheartened to see it fly away again, but agreed that there was nothing more which we could have done. As night fell,
we just sat there on the beach, wondering how much can change in seventy two hours. I was on my way to become a successful doctor in Regent Street, with Jones’ consulting right in front of mine. I was married not two weeks ago – Jones was my best man, I had a beautiful wife, a loving family, money in the bank and my life stretched away in front of me. Now I’m all alone – stuck on a desert island, without any of the things I once held so dear. My wife is dead. For all I know, so is my family. I have nothing to go on for.
But I will fight. It is not in my nature to give up, and I won’t.

19th February
Jones was looking pretty bad today. He’s been feeling off-color ever since the plane flew away – so close, and yet so far. For breakfast, we ate the remaining fish, again with a coconut each. The sweet taste of the coconut water is getting to me. I need some fresh water – without any sugar in it. The sea was looking quite calm today, so we went for a swim. Not too deep, till about waist height. I didn’t want to find myself in a current and be pulled away from shore.
Clean and dripping wet, we returned to the beach. I don’t think I will ever forget that beach. The relentless sun beating down upon our necks, the sand dancing and glaring heat, with the salty water and the sweet coconuts…it is a wonder I can even write about it.
We did nothing the entire day. I have lost weight. Jones hasn’t changed much. I have a deep tan, and my once-muscular arms have started to sag. It is very hard not to think about eggs and bacon, or something of the kind. We must focus on getting out of this situation. We still have about eight stout logs remaining, the entire coil of rope and the axe. We could make a raft, or wait and see what happens tomorrow. It is very maddening, this helplessness.

19th February, 2.00 ante meridian
I’m in trouble.
Being trapped on this island alone would be a better situation than the one I’ve gotten myself into.
Yesterday night, I couldn’t sleep. The fire had almost burned out, and Jones was snoring contentedly. We sleep back-to-back, because the breeze from the other side of the island is too cold. We keep the fire ahead of us, and sleep perpendicular to it. As we don’t have a blanket, it is very cold and somehow frightful to sleep alone.
I woke at around two in the morning. I looked at the moon, and then I looked where Jones was sleeping.
He wasn’t there. I first thought it was a trick of the light – an optical illusion, if you will.
But he really was gone. The fire had almost burned out. I managed to get a log burning again, and with that for a light, I made my way across to the dune. That’s when I saw the lighted log. There was a large heap of sand to the left of it, and more sand was strewn around it. I started to walk forward, when suddenly light shone out of the hole in the ground. I immediately fell back to my earlier position among the dunes, and waited.
Jones clambered out of the hole. He had a look of crazed glee on his face. In one hand he held a lighted brand. And in the other – I made a small gagging sound in my throat.
Peter Jones was holding the arm of Tommy Sinclair.
The arm was barely covered. A torn sleeve over the brown skin and the limp muscles. The fingers were all awry, broken like sticks. I could see the fire dancing on the broken nails.
Jones threw the arm on the ground. Then he set up the fire. I watched in horror. Seeing my best friend turn into a cannibal was not something I would like to experience again. He went to the water and washed the arm carefully. Impaling it with a stick, he sat down with it held over the fire. The fingers of Tommy’s arm jerked and flopped pointlessly. I watched horrorstruck as he carefully pulled out the maggots and tossed them aside, where they wriggled in the sand. He roasted one side and ripped off the sleeve. Then he turned it around, pulled off a few more maggots and roasted the other side. He took out the knife, slashed the wrist into pieces and carefully put Tommy’s palm on the sand. At this point, I nearly vomited, but I managed to hold it together.
When I looked over the dune again, he was eating the arm with relish. It was nothing more or less – just pure relish. I watched as he pulled what seemed to be sinews and long white cords from the arm. He dug his teeth into it again, and the red blood ran down over it. He was chewing contentedly, like he was sitting in Barista and eating a steak that the waiter had just put in front of him. Suddenly he scowled. I almost fainted, thinking he had spotted me. But he just pulled out a bone – a metacarpal, I think – and threw it back in the pit. Then he took the knife and made a clean cut, almost like when we did in the dissecting rooms as young doctors-to-be. He pulled out the radius and the ulna, tossing them into the pit.
With a thrill of terror, I realized something else: This man was a professional at eating unknown meats. Clearly he had done it before. This made matters worse, for I thought he was desperate and too hungry. But it turns out that he actually enjoyed the taste of the iron-rich blood on his lips. At this point, I felt some curiosity. How much of the body had he actually eaten? Was it possible that he had been doing it everyday for now? That would explain his loss of appetite: he had not eaten the entire fish, but had given it to me.
I wanted my question answered. Making absolutely no noise, I smothered my torch in the sand and crept around the dune. I took cover in the brackish trees and approached Jones from the north, on all fours. Now he was sitting with his back to me. I had to hurry, for almost all the bones had been taken out and he would finish soon. I stealthily went to the pit.
Dear God of Nazareth…
Only the head, another arm, the entire torso and a leg were in the pit – the pit we had dug as a grave for our friend.
The rest were missing. A few bones – a femur, the patella and the tibia-fibula I recognized. I also recognized a half-eaten scapula. The other shoulder blade was missing.
Had Jones actually cut up and eaten his friend’s body?
I didn’t want to think too much about it. I was sure I would not be able to. Sleep would numb thought. As stealthily as I came, so I went. I carefully put my unlit torch back in the wood pile and tried to sleep, the cold wind blowing on my body.
Suddenly I heard wet feet on the sand beside me.
(He's coming for you run run get up)
I never even turned around as Jones returned to the dugout, his hand wet from the seawater resting for an instant on my shoulder.
As I tried to sleep, I had a sudden thought. It struck a chill to my bones.
What would Jones eat when the head and torso was over?
And more importantly: Would I be next?

20th February
Jones can’t know.
If he does, I’m certain to be next. If he doesn’t, I have a chance. Maybe we can escape from the island. Even five long weeks and three hours daily rowing seems easier than this. I proposed the plan to him today. He agreed to think about it, but there’s still the problem of food. We both know that without food, we would become weaker and weaker. Eventually our capacity to row would diminish, vanishing by the fourth day. Then we could only wait for a change of current to take us to Africa.
However, we haven’t actually done anything about it.
The only thing we’ve done is to collect more logs. We now have sixteen long logs, each about three meters long. We could try making a raft, because to make a boat we’d need a saw. The axe we have won’t do as we need to plane the edges of the boat. We still have fifty meters of rope remaining and sixty matches. With luck, we could make a six-by-six raft and carry at the most sixty coconuts on it along with ourselves. It seems a poor idea, but that’s all we’ve got at this point, so we’d better start. I’m not hungry, last night’s scenario replays in my head when Jones says food.
I ought to watch my back though.

21st February
We started work yesterday. It wasn’t easy, but we have made the frame of the raft. Jones had the bright idea of making a cage for the coconuts using the remaining wood. So today we are going to make the cage to make sure that the coconuts don’t go overboard. We are also making three-inch supports on either side on the off chance that we should roll into the sea while asleep.
I found nothing to eat today. Jones took a break while I was working, and came back with his hands behind his back. I asked him what he’d brought, and he said “Do you trust me?”
I nodded, although my mind said no.
He put his hands out. There was a tender lump of meat in his hands.
I felt some strange power steal over me. Eat it, said my hunger-riddled stomach. My brain replied with a snort and vehemently protested.
The only thing I did was to ask him where he’d got it.
He chose not to answer that. Instead he said “You say you trust me. If you really do, eat this. It will help you to regain strength. Believe me for the sake of our lifelong friendship.”
I could only stare at the horrible thing. But my stomach said “You must at least try. That may not be what you think it is. It may be a bird’s or a fish’s.”
And so I listened to my stomach.
I put my hand out.
And I chewed the lump.
The explosion of juices in my poor dried-out mouth was enough. I hungrily gobbled it up, not thinking too much. It felt rubbery, chewy and wet – almost like overcooked chicken. But it felt so good to eat. I could almost see my stomach – glad to be filled, regardless of the contents. I even licked my fingers to taste some more of that juice. I had never felt so completely full.
Jones was sitting on a rock. After seeing my expression, he said “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
I replied with a shake of my head.
“I need to tell you something.”
“Spare it. I know you ate parts of Tommy, there’s no point in telling me that. I saw you. But we’ve got to, now. We can’t afford not to, because who knows when we’ll get to see real food again? But swear on the life of your mother that if we get to land, or see loved ones again, word of this will not spread. I don’t want my friends and acquaintances thinking that I am a cannibal.”
During this speech, Jones’ face had changed from despair to slight hope.
“It's the need of the hour. Besides, it is also food. We know that the muscles of a chicken aren’t too different from a human’s. We are doctors.”
I did not agree with his third statement, but I agreed to eat it again – only when absolutely necessary. I would not eat it if I didn’t need it. Jones agreed.
I carried on with my work. As I tied the ropes of the raft around each log, hot bile rose in my throat. What had I done? I had eaten the flesh of my second closest friend. I had eaten another human being, for god’s sake. What has happened to me? I looked at my hands. Nothing had changed. My body was also all right. Except for eating human meat, I hadn’t changed.
With the utmost difficulty, I swallowed the bile down.
We should watch out, there are black clouds on the west horizon.
I slept much better tonight
23rd February, late night
We are doomed.
There was a storm. The raft – our half-built raft – was carried out to sea. The relentless surf, pounding on the sand, the waves – six feet tall – thrashed the entire beach. We felt so hopeless. Our only chance of escape was taken. We tried to save it. We tied the raft to one of the trees in the center, but the salty water and the wind frayed the rope. It finally snapped just before dawn. We had no choice but to huddle under what little cover the coconut trees provided, and watch our vehicle leaving without us. The cold wind buffeted and roared around – the rain falling hard enough to cause red spots on our skin. And cold, so cold. A cold which chilled our spirits with our bodies. Jones passed out when he saw the raft leaving. I only just caught him as he fell headfirst onto the wet sand.
The magnitude of our predicament is serious.
Tommy’s grave has been filled with water. The head, leg and torso have decayed. We have no more food left. There are only six coconuts. The rest got carried away to sea, or have fungus on them due to the dangerous humidity.
Jones cried today - though he hid it well, I knew exactly how he felt. The chance of safety and a try for our lives – replaced by the prospect of death. Death, on an island, with no one but the gulls to cry for us, it destroys my spirit.
26th February
We were out cold for three days. Our faces look sunken – totally devoid of energy. We desperately needed to eat, so we flipped a coin. I won.
Jones carefully washed his leg before he cut it off with the axe.

27th February
We finished off the remainder of the meat, and it was my turn.
I brought the axe down. Blood spurted out in torrents, dyeing the sand red. I screamed. A raw, guttural sound that tore my vocal cords. The pain… it seemed to rip my world apart, I wished for it to end, for death to claim me… for it to stop…

28th February
There is calm acceptance on our faces. We have long since felt that we would never escape. However that is no excuse for the stomach so here we are hehe.
We tossed again, and I lost.
As I held the axe, I recalled all the pain.
Without thinking too much about it, I cut off my second leg.

I have no idea of the date. I was knocked out by the pain. I have no legs. I crawl about, and Jones gives me water and our flesh to eat. My body ends in my upper thighs. They too are wrinkled and thin, devoid of flesh. Jones has one arm and one leg. He can hop about, but painfully. I am going insane from the pain!
Hehe I am a crab a skeleton crab with legs did you see the freak show at the circus last week i was in it
i forgot to tell you we had front tickets

I have only one hand left Jones has none that is unfair

On to the fingers now hey tree would you like a finger but this one’s mine none for you

i m dying haha but I always knew i d dye alone jones he dead he looks up at me he has no eyes
coconut water ran out today i die tomorrow free me free me free me from this hell
the vultures peck at my hand but i must write
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2020.09.09 17:05 finnagains The Civil War Election - Trump is An Open Fascist Dictator - Wall Street Loves Biden (World Socialist Web Site) 9 September 2020

The US presidential election is now eight weeks away. The campaign between Trump and Biden is pitting an administration that is making an increasingly open appeal to violence and police state repression against a Democratic Party campaign that, as always, offers no genuine alternative to the drive toward authoritarianism and war.
The Trump administration is utilizing the election campaign in an attempt to build up a right-wing, fascistic movement on a ferociously antisocialist basis. Trump has followed up his praise of Kyle Rittenhouse, who murdered two protesters and injured a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin last month, with calls for vengeance directed against opponents of police violence.
At his press conference on Monday, the president hailed the killing of protester Michael Reinoehl by US Marshals last week. “If somebody is breaking the law, there has got to be a form of retribution,” Trump declared, condoning extrajudicial reprisals from his supporters. The same day, he retweeted a statement from right-wing commentator Dinesh D’Souza declaring that political unrest would lead to the “rise of citizen militias around the country”—that is, fascistic vigilante organizations like Patriot Prayer, responsible for terrorizing protesters in Portland, Oregon.
As the World Socialist Web Site has noted, Trump is not running for president; he is running for Führer. His campaign seems to be modeled on Hitler’s bid for German chancellor in 1932. Using language that is unprecedented in American history, Trump is seeking to create conditions, regardless of the outcome on November 3, in which he will emerge as the leader of an extra-constitutional, right-wing movement.
There is no doubt that if Trump wins, he will immediately escalate the suppression of democratic rights and implementation of police state forms of rule.
Under these conditions, the argument of the Democratic Party is that all opposition to Trump must be directed behind the election of Biden. For workers to allow their struggles to be subordinated to the electoral considerations of the Democratic Party, however, would be a fatal political error.
Trump did not emerge from nowhere. He expresses in the most unvarnished form the essentially fascistic, antidemocratic impulse of the American ruling class as a whole. That Trump is not some sort of demon unleashed from hell is revealed in the fact that the growth of authoritarianism and fascism is a universal phenomenon, from Brazil and India to France and Germany.
The working class must direct its opposition to the underlying disease of which Trump is an expression. What are the conditions that are fueling this crisis?
First, the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the catastrophic state to which capitalism has driven society. It is an extreme expression and product of the subordination of everything to the profit interests of the corporate and financial oligarchy.
The ruling class has effectively adopted a policy of “herd immunity,” allowing the virus to spread without restraint. The back-to-work campaign, spearheaded by Trump but implemented by both the Democrats and Republicans, has already led to an enormous surge in the death toll, which is now approaching 200,000 people. The University of Washington now estimates that the number of deaths by the end of the year could rise to above 400,000.
Second, alongside the health impact of the pandemic is a deepening social and economic crisis for millions of people. Despite the back-to-work campaign, there are more than 11 million fewer jobs now than before the pandemic hit. It is six weeks since Congress allowed federal unemployment benefits to expire, throwing millions into poverty. The number of Americans facing hunger this year is projected to increase by 45 percent, to more than 50 million.
The multitrillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street, sanctioned with the nearly unanimous support of Congress in late March, produced massive growth in the wealth of the oligarchy. On Tuesday, Forbes published its latest update on the wealth of American billionaires, reporting that the wealth of the richest 400 people has reached a record $3.2 trillion, up $240 billion from a year ago.
Third, the deepening economic, social and political crisis increases the danger that the ruling class will see war abroad as a means of resolving its problems at home. Trump is making aggressive moves in the South China Sea as part of its offensive against China, while the Democrats, if they come to power, are committed to an intensification of the conflict with Russia and war in the Middle East.
It is to these conditions that the Trump administration is responding. In its October 19, 2019 statement, “No to American fascism! Build a mass movement to force Trump out!,” the Socialist Equality Party stated: To downplay, let alone deny, the fact that the Trump presidency is metastasizing rapidly into a right-wing authoritarian regime, with distinctly fascist characteristics, is to close one’s eyes to political reality. The old refrain, “It can’t happen here”—i.e., that American democracy is eternally immune from the cancer of fascism—is hopelessly out of date. The very fact that a thug like Trump ascended to the White House testifies to the terminal crisis of the existing political system.
These processes have only intensified over the past year, vastly accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. Trump’s fascistic rhetoric is an attempt to beat back a growing social movement of the working class against the policies of the corporate and financial oligarchy.
The Democratic Party, however, represents another faction of the same oligarchy. Its appeal is to dominant factions of the military and the intelligence agencies as the arbiters of political power to whom it will turn if Trump refuses to leave office. Its main aim is to suppress any form of social opposition that threatens the interests of the ruling elite.
Over the past week, Biden has denounced protests over police violence, attacked socialism, and made clear that he will run his campaign on the most right-wing basis possible. In the final stages of the election, the Democrats are attempting to revive their anti-Russia campaign to ever more explicitly target left-wing opposition within the United States as the work of “foreign adversaries.”
Biden presents himself as the “man in the middle” under conditions of a developing civil war situation. His campaign offers nothing to address the social catastrophe confronting masses of people. The Democrats’ open embrace of militarist violence—welcoming as part of their “coalition” the leading architects of the Iraq war—even allows the fascistic Trump to posture as an opponent of the “military-industrial complex.”
The Democrats are above all opposed to raising any issues that undermine the economic and financial interests of the ruling elite. An indication of the social policies that a Biden campaign would pursue if in office was given in an article published in the Washington Post on Monday. Referring to the economic proposals released by the Biden campaign—consisting of milquetoast reforms that were the product of discussions with the “Sanders-Warren” wing of the party—the Post wrote: But in private calls with Wall Street leaders, the Biden campaign made it clear those proposals would not be central to Biden’s agenda. “They basically said, ‘Listen, this is just an exercise to keep the Warren people happy, and don’t read too much into it,’” said one investment banker, referring to liberal supporters of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-mass.). The banker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private talks, said that message was conveyed on multiple calls.
The Democratic Party, for all its denunciations of Trump, makes no mention of the essentially fascistic character of the policies he is pursuing. It should be recalled that even though Trump lost the last election by three million votes, the immediate response of the Democratic Party was to offer its collaboration. The election, Obama said, was an “intramural scrimmage” between two sides of the same team.
If the Democrats were to lose on November 3, or even if they were to win, the response would be no different. They would immediately offer an olive branch to Trump and the Republican Party.
The ability of Trump to attract and maintain a following is largely a product of the inability of the Democrats to offer anything to address the social crisis. In the end, the actual differences are marginal, focused above all on foreign policy. The fact that the contest is even close, under conditions of mass death and social devastation, is an indictment of the Democratic Party. It is incapable of making a popular appeal precisely because of the class interests that it represents.
The strategy of the working class cannot be guided by the arithmetic of an election, but the logic of the class struggle.
The Socialist Equality Party and our election campaign—Joseph Kishore for president and Norissa Santa Cruz for vice president—direct all of our attention to the growth of working class opposition. The election must be seen not as an end, but as part of a broader process. This will prepare the working class for whatever outcome—whether it is Trump or Biden in the White House or whether it is the direct intervention of the military.
There is already growing opposition in the working class. Teachers and parents are mobilizing against the efforts to reopen the schools amidst the raging pandemic. Educators and students have begun to fight against the dangerous reopening of colleges and universities, including a strike that began yesterday at the University of Michigan by 1,000 lecturers and graduate students.
There is seething anger among autoworkers, Amazon workers, transportation workers, service workers and other sections of the working class to the back-to-work campaign and the effort by the corporations to use the pandemic to increase exploitation. A “winter of discontent” is brewing with millions out of work and facing poverty and eviction.
This is combined with the continued protests over police violence and racism, sparked in late May by the murder of George Floyd. While fueled by the unending epidemic of police violence, the protests have given expression to deep social anger and a desire among millions of workers and youth to fight back.
The struggles of different sections of the working class must be organized and united through the formation of independent factory, workplace and neighborhood safety committees. The fight of teachers against the back-to-school campaign must be connected with the fight of students against the reopening of the universities, the fight of workers against the horrific conditions in the plants, the fight of the unemployed against social devastation, and the fight of the youth against police violence.
At issue in every struggle is the question of political power: What class rules and in whose interests. The only solution to the crisis is one that is directed against the capitalist system. A massive diversion of social resources away from the bailout of the rich and the financing of militarism and war is required. The wealth of the oligarchs must be seized, and the gigantic corporations and banks turned into public utilities to create the conditions for a globally coordinated program to save lives.
The fight against the pandemic is not primarily a medical question. As with every great problem confronting the working class—social inequality and poverty, war, environmental degradation and dictatorship—it is a political and revolutionary question, which raises the need for the working class to take power in its own hands, overthrow capitalism, and restructure all of society on the basis of social need.
This program must become the basis for unifying all the struggles of the working class in the United States and, moreover, provide a lead to the fight of workers throughout the world.
The next two months are critical. The SEP and our sister parties in the International Committee of the Fourth International are spearheading the fight to build a socialist leadership in the working class. This is the most urgent political task. The essential conclusion that must be drawn is to join and build the Socialist Equality Party.
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2020.09.06 14:33 TessaBissolli A close examination of the story. Part 53: CONCLUSIONS (2 of 2)

I started the series three months ago examining how the apparent narrative of the show's mythology crumbles under examination. This is the final post on the series but for post #27, to be published later which examines the stories told by the show.
We looked at each aspect, as well as the subtler connecting details and symbols that emerge. The story that becomes apparent is a far more interesting one. A history of a giant charade, the long shadows of bilocation, the identity issues that comes with being a covert spy, and what happens to families of all kinds of those spies.
The prior part had conclusions about all the characters, except Red. Ilya, Dom and Katarina were pretending to be KGB. Fakerina knew them as KGB. Lena may be KGB. Liz may not have been born as Masha Rostova, and in fact there may be no such person ever born as such. It is possible that Katarina was not Liz's bio mother. The woman we met as Naomi had been hiding under false pretenses, and Jennifer seemed to have created a storm to solve the only question she really asked of Red: "why am I here?".
We examined what Kate's motivations were in digging the bones, and how she created contingencies. We looked at the Hargraves, and how Scottie appeared to have achieved a closure that Howard did not have, likely, because she had been told her son was dead by someone she trusted. We examine how Tom's box and Liz's scar were connected, and concluded that the object which was nested in the carving, or an identical one, was present the night of the fire, resulting in Liz's burn.
The identity of the bones, however many may want to believe is a closed matter, is far from it. A bit of critical examination of the story makes that abundantly clear, especially the reactions of those involved with them. Red was identified by fingerprints and the DNA of RR was not on file.' The ID of them point to a point of convergence of Carla Reddington and "Katarina Rostova".

That leaves us with a central question: Who Is Red, the man using the name Raymond Reddington now??

We analyzed how "Reddington" seemed to have been an assumed one, even for the mythical officer who was in the Navy, because it seems nobody had been born such. We deduced the bones could NOT have been identified as RR's. We question why would Red continue to use the Reddington identity, as have Liz and Ressler questioned, when he could have got a new face and a new name?
Why chose to continue to be a man destined to be hunted as a traitor? And concluded it only had one visible effect: It kept the possibility of a trial as a traitor alive, and it kept Naomi Hyland in WITSEC. If this was done out of protection or out of spite is not known. I will assume he is protecting her.
But who is he? Is he Raymond Reddington? Is he an impostor? A supplanter? Could he be both? Who is he REALLY?
We have a number of anecdotes told to Liz and others, including Dembe about Red's life and childhood.
I have collected Red, in his own words in seven posts, for those interested in them: The darkness; The Ascent from darkness; Why is he like fried butter? His worldview; His stories; Red loves the arts & Miscellaneous
But what can we say in regards to where the narrative crumbles? It crumbles on his taking the identity for the first time in October of 1991, as we are told in Rassvet, and apparently in Ilya's memories in Orion. Let us shelve what SEEMS to be going on in Orion for now, as it will be the subject of my next series into the mythology episodes.
Let us delve into the rest:
His father excommunicated him as a child or teen, for being difficult. His idolizing outlaws. Boys and girls he was friends with: Marnie Petersen, Gary Goddard, Bob Yoshimura, Patty Sutton, Melanie Reichman, BJ Simpson, Steven Bash, Bergita Olofson, Sarah Ellen Winstead, Rosie Cavendish, Marlin Trout. Other people in his past: Smokey, the high school janitor; Trudy Svoboda, the baker's wife; Brenda Gilroy, his babysitter; Old Man Quimby, his fencing instructor; Mrs. Beerman, saved by him from a pool; Petty Officer Virginia Sherman, etc.
We know of two Summer jobs, both in Michigan. We know he calls carbonated beverages pops, or soda pops, and has an affinity for foods popular in the Midwest of the US. We know his mother likely had Russians origins and his father was moralistic and a disciplinarian, a man who taught him to be true to his word, to value loyalty.
We know Red is a childhood friend of Ilya, and a long time friend of Sam, whom he says he loved, and has known most of his life. We also know he admits to having had another identity, prior to becoming Reddington.
And we have what seems like an admission that it was Koehler who gave him the face and the identity for the first time, right?
I knew it was you as soon as I found out you were looking for Dr. Koehler's nurse.... One day I'm captured, the next, you're looking for someone who knows I was once someone else? I knew that wasn't a coincidence, but I let my hopes convince me that - you'd never betray me like that.
seems cut and dry, except, for context. This is fine example of point of view. One in which we are not delving into the truth, but into what Red wanted Liz to believe. Red's maneuver, turning against himself.

What did Red do at the beginning of season 6?

Red begins the season by robbing a bank to get box #604
Charlie, would you please escort Lucinda to her desk where she keeps the master key to the safe-deposit room? I need box 604 post-haste.
He then returns the box which now contains a stolen masterpiece, one stolen by Grayson Blaise, so that is likely a story given to the bank manager to insure he does not say anything:
RED: I come bearing gifts... It's exchanged hands a couple of times over the years, but it came to my attention that the current owner was holding it here at your bank. Not to worry. I'm sure you had no idea. But I do think it's time for the flowers to go back home again..... it's your obligation to see that it's returned to its rightful owner. My God, I hope they can manage to hold onto it this time around. Please don't mention my name. I'd prefer it to be an anonymous donation.
And following that incident, he is happy. He is losing weight and exercising. And he wants to find Koehler, a surgeon who Katarina procured for a surgery that Jennifer said was in October of 1991. But when Liz asked him about the list of clients, which Red wanted once Koehler died, this is what he wanted Liz to believe: that the file was his. He did not confirm it was, but led her to believe it was:
LIZ: This isn't the complete list, is it?
RED: No, it's not. One file has been deleted.
Liz says : "Yours." But Red does not say yes, or no, the clear mark he is telling the truth. He says:
I prefer to keep my nips and tucks to myself. Forgive an old man his vanity.
He led Liz to believe Koeher did surgery on him. Why allow Liz to believe it was his and yet does not say a clear yes or no? Why subterfuge there? Why not say it was of someone he had promised to keep a secret. In the absence of a "yes" or "no" I am always suspicious of Red's evasion tactics. He does not lie about having deleted a record so why is he misleading Liz? Why not say to Liz he got injured and needed surgery?
More intriguing as we had seen in Rassvet an image of the surgery, and that featured a woman's shape under the surgical sheet, not a man's. I do not take Rassvet as gospel, but I believe the majority of scenes have some truth in them, even if the order or placement of scenes might not hold to scrutiny.
But it does not stop there. He gives Liz clues he was someone else before, and that he re-invented himself:
RED: I'm a great fan of reinvention.
LIZ: Of keeping your true self hidden.
RED: Or of becoming your true self, even if you have to take on a new identity to achieve it.
He does not know what Liz knows at that point, (POV) but he knows what he led Liz to believe: that he had a surgery with Koehler. And then told her that he is a fan of reinvention, of taking a new identity to become who he really was.
So, he has to know that Liz must believe that Koehler helped him become Raymond Reddington. But Red does not know anything about the ID of the bones, which he believes he took away before she learned everything.
Red is a techno moron by his own admission. Did he believe the file would be completely erased? Probably. Did he know about the dates in the index? Likely not.
Until she is looking for Renard and he connect the dots that she believes Renard can tell her something about what he led her to believe, that Koehler made him into RR. And he MIGHT have. Just when would he have done that is the question to ask.
When asked why he REMAINED Reddington after getting the money, he told Liz he is what he is:
LIZ: I mean, you became Reddington, but then, you stayed Reddington. And I don't understand why.
RED: I am what I am. Popeye the Sailor Man.
forget the quote of Popeye. He is what he is. He is Reddington because he is Reddington, basically the same thing he told Cooper:

What about being a more interesting Reddington that Reddington ever was? Is that an indication that there was another Reddington?

We have another character whose name was an assumed name, and who became a better version of the name: Tom Keen.
I know I wasn't the best husband. But I-I can be. I can be. I don't wanna be anyone else.
Tom Keen was an assumed name of Christopher Hargrave, who went by the name of Jacob Phelps (although he knew that was not his real name, because the Phelps were foster parents or adoptive parents). Then he tried abandoning the name and asking Liz to call him Jacob. He left, after burning all his documents as Tom Keen, when the Major was looking for him. He comes back to help Liz, as Tom Keen,
And I'm gonna do everything I can.
Listen, Tom, you don't have to do this.
I do have to do this.
And then remains Tom Keen because he does not want to be anyone else. Even after learning who he really is, he remains Tom Keen, the identity under which he had made his life: he became the best operative the Major had, he ran missions for the CIA (Leland Bray), he met and marry Liz, he became a father, and he tried to protect his wife and daughter.
He remained Tom Keen because it was who he became. Who he was
RED TO RESSLER: We become who we are. We can't judge a book by its cover. But you can by its first few chapters and, most certainly, by its last.
Tom came back to it to protect the woman he loved and his family.
Red is who he is:
Even Liz knew in her heart of hearts, that Reddington is Reddington as she tells Jennifer:
LIZ TO JENNIFER: We do know who he is. Raymond Reddington. Not the real one, the reinvented one. The one who's been Raymond Reddington for 30 years, longer than anyone else, and whatever we find out, it's not gonna change that. This man, the one we know, is the concierge of crime. A very bad man capable of an incredible amount of good.
not the real one, the re-invented one. But the real one was not real either, or Liz would not be surprised Ressler found Reddington Sr, the father of RR:
You found Reddington's father?
So when Red tells Cooper
I'm a far more interesting Raymond Reddington than Raymond Reddington ever was.
Is he telling Cooper, he is a better version of the first incarnation of RR? Considering that Reddington was not likely to have been the real last name of the first Raymond either.
He is aware why is Cooper questioning this, because Dom told Liz he was Ilya Koslov. Obviously a lie, but he does not tell Liz or Cooper this. WHY?


Think about this. Why would he not tell Liz he is not Ilya Koslov? He even told Liz he was NOT born Raymond Reddington:
One day I'm captured, the next, you're looking for someone who knows I was once someone else?
Yes, he made her believe the surgery was his. It may have been, but what he gave her is NOT a real answer. Not a conclusive, simple and unambiguous answer: a yes or a no. It was an evasion, as he told Dom:
RED: I haven't ever been totally forthright about myself.
DOM: What does she know?
RED: She’s been looking and thought she’d have a better chance of finding out more if I was in prison and couldn’t interfere.
and to Dembe:
Elizabeth knows. She knows I was once someone else
The truth is that Red is keeping two secrets from Liz: One is who he really is, the identity he had been born as, and the second is where is Katarina, a secret Dom is happy to help him keep.
Dom also gave Liz an identity for Red because she asked:
LIZ: You know his identity.
DOM: I do.
LIZ: Who is he? And how is it connected to my mother? I know she didn't drown in Cape May. I know that, 6 months later, she helped whoever's pretending to be Reddington become Reddington.
And Red does not tell Liz is a lie, despite our knowing it was. Liz does not know what we do. Our point of view is different from hers. We should question why does he not tell her that was a lie. Why does he wait for Liz to tell Cooper:
COOPER: You're one to talk about facts. Aren't you, Mr. Koslov?
RED: Ah! So Elizabeth finally told you. She took longer than I thought she would. Once word was out, I figured I was on borrowed time. And I'm sure, knowing you as I do, that you'll feel an obligation to report this to the powers that be.
why does he NOT deny this? especially something that would be easy to find out, because Red must know that the Koslov identity has been scrubbed, and that Liz investigating it, or Cooper reporting the name, will lead to opening up that can of worms and bringing danger to his friend Ilya.
Because it gives him time to complete whatever it is he is doing. Because it buys him time about revealing his real identity and whatever he is doing to protect Katarina, to neutralize the Townsend Directive which he may suspect has been reactivated, and to protect Katarina, who he is trying to find by trying to find Koehler, a surgeon which, regardless of any surgery Koehler may have done in Red, might have been the one who changed Katarina's face, which we know happened:
LIZ: I had the photo enhanced. It's a rough extrapolation of features since the face was almost entirely blown out. I ran it through every FBI database from facial recognition, mug shots, surveillance feeds... Do you know how many images are in the NGI database? ... 51 million. And not a single one of her.
So Katarina is either dead, or she changed her face. Considering how many people are out to get her, changing her face and name is a given. She has a different face and a different name.
Koehler was a surgeon Katarina knew, as she is the one who arranged the surgery. Who may have changed her face again.
Liz eventually will find out Reds not Koslov, as she does when Fakerina tells him Ilya is Ilya Koslov. Liz knows Ilya is a dear friend of Red:
The man she's taken, he's like a brother to me.
And Dom told her that Ilya was besotted with Katarina, with a ridiculous tale of a promise made when they were six. Besides that loaf of bread hitting the Rederina fans, we know Ilya protected Katarina, but his friendship and trust is to Red, as they talk about their childhood.
Ilya's relationship to Dom is less than friendly when we see Ilya's side, although in Rassvet he was subservient to Dom. In reality we do not know how Ilya and Katarina knew one another or what was the real relationship between Dom and Ilya, because Dom asks, not orders Ilya to help, so he was not a superior officer as Rassvet would have us believe.
So, what we know is that even those who know the secrets (who is Red and where is Katarina) call him Raymond: Dom, Ilya, Naomi. We know that regardless of the things Jennifer made Liz believe in that report, she talks to Red and in occasions to Liz, as u/jen5225 says, as if Red is Raymond Reddington:
I spent my whole life running from Reddington because I didn't want his world bleeding into mine.... I was always so afraid of what he might do to me and my mother, and now I'm equally afraid of what he's making me want to do to him.
She makes no difference in who was she running from and Red. She pretended to Liz she was afraid of Red, but in reality she was not. She was afraid Liz will find out she had talked to Red with no fear, because in her narrative to Liz, Red was a supplanter, and Jennifer was terrified of him, Liz believed he would have killed her. If Liz had learned of their restaurant meeting that narrative would have crumbled:
Even Fakerina slips, and tells Liz that Red was once important to her:
FAKERINA TO LIZ: because he was once important to me.
THE ILLUSIONIST: He means a great deal to you.
FAKERINA: He did. Once.
TO RED: You pretended to help me. You were never on my side.
Acting as what she knows to be true: Red is the same Raymond Reddington who once meant a lot to her. The father of Elizabeth:
you're familiar with - the name Raymond Reddington.... Have you heard of him? ...He's a wanted fugitive. He's also Keen's father.
It says here her name is Masha Rostova.
It also says she's the daughter of a KGB agent. A notorious KGB agent named Katarina Rostova. The agent out front, he's not looking for Reddington. He's looking for her. As bad as he is, Rostova's worse. The child you're being asked to care for is their granddaughter.
And even Kate does the same, making no difference between the man Katarina should have walk away from, and the one Liz should:
And finally as Dembe made absolutely clear in the conversation he has with Red about Ross's intentions, even as he knows Ross blames Raymond Reddington for his misfortunes, as u/jen5225 realized:
DEMBE: Ross wants blood. He thinks you (RED) ruined his life.
RED: I didn't give Sutton Ross bogus plans for the Grayscape Seventeen.
DEMBE: But he (ROSS) thinks you (RED) did, and because of that, he wants to world to know what's inside the duffel. (OBVIOUSLY NOT RR who is who Ross blames for his misfortune)
So the question we should be asking ourselves is:

Could Red be both an impostor AND RR?

Yes. Because Reddington was never his real name. We have explored that is likely NOBODY was born Raymond Reddington, because Liz was surprised Ressler may have found RR:
RESSLER: I don't know who he was, but I think I found someone who might. Your grandfather.
LIZ: You found Reddington's father?
So, if Reddington was a created last name, and the man who fathered Liz took it and his name was Raymond, and Red's first name seems to BE Raymond, and he admits he was someone else before, what are the chances he is THE Raymond known to the US Navy as Raymond Reddigngon, a created identity for the man who worked counterintelligence?
I say big. What about the contention that Red TOLD Liz she killed her father, as some fans say?It did not happen. He let her believe it, but never said it.
What he told her is that her father died the night of the fire:
LIZ: Tom told me something right before he died.... "Your father's alive.”
RED: Lizzy, look at me. I'm telling you, with no uncertainty, your father is dead. He died in that fire.
that could be the death of the man or a figurative death of the role of father, I guess because when he was angry at Tom, he was careless:
TOM: I don't know what I'm gonna say to my wife. I've been sitting here for I don't know how long trying to figure out how to tell her. My wife and her dad, they had something…. He took her in when she was and raised her as a single parent. She's gonna be heartbroken.
RED: Yes. It'll undoubtedly take some time. But I'm sure she'll be fine. He'll always be there with her, standing in the shadows to keep her safe. Laughing with her in the light. Watching through her eyes all those who get close. He'll always be there. She will be fine.
I hope you're right.
I know I am.
He basically let Tom know he IS Liz's father, and then Tom told Liz that her father is alive. Not who he is, but he was alive. Which is why Red acts the way he does with Tom when he is alone:
RED: You are never to see her again.
TOM: Yeah. I got it.
I don't think you do. Look at me. You are never to see her again.
RED: You will not marry her.
TOM: Why? Because I didn't ask daddy's permission? Is that really why you called me here? Or did you just want someone to play go fish?
You married her over my objection once. It will not happen again.
and in that deleted scene between Red and Tom:
RED: Just know that if you’re gone, I’ll be watching your daughter.
TOM: I do know that.
and why Tom, while not telling Liz what he cannot prove, still acts as such:
Why Tom stays to help protect Red from the cabal assault in season 1,
and why he helps Dembe get Lucille Books to save Red in season 4.
He knows Red is Liz's father, but it is not his place to say anything, nor he can prove it. He likely told Liz in 1.22 because he thought he was dying, and then forgot about it in the aftermath of the shooting.
Red, on his part, denied being Liz's father ONCE:
LIZ: Growing up, Sam He raised me like his own. He was my whole world. But he wasn't my father.
RED: What is the question, Lizzy?
Are you my father?
[Pause] No.
Why would he do so, if he is Liz's biological father? Because he had JUST made a solemn promise on Sam's death bed when he would kill Sam, and a promise on a death bed carries weight, especially for a man whose word means something:
You will always be her father, Sam. I can only hope to love her and protect her as you would have.
From the moment Red left Liz with Sam, instead of raising her himself :
He was no longer a father. A man consumed by anger, intent on revenge, who derived power from knowing it did not matter if he lived or die, because he was not a father anymore, a man who promised the man who raised Liz that his role as father, was always his, CANNOT tell Liz he is her father. Red cannot tell anyone he is Liz's father. But he can say Liz is his daughter. A distinction with a difference in THIS case.
The SECOND time Liz asks, Red declines to answer because he killed Sam to prevent her from knowing:
knowing his identity would put you in grave danger.
Why? Because he's a fugitive on the "Most Wanted" list?
I loved Sam, Lizzy. Taking his life was of all the difficult things that I've done that may may be the most. But I did it to keep you from learning the name of your real father, to protect you. And you must understand-- having done that, I'm certainly not going to tell you who he was now.
Red is not going to tell Liz who her father WAS because her father's identity is a secret. Who he WAS, not who he IS. His REAL identity.
And in fact when Liz remembers the fire, he even tries telling her that her memories were not reliable:
What I remember is leaving my father dying on the floor of a burning house. There's no way he could have survived that.
Lizzy, the memories of a four-year-old are unreliable.
and uses the example of her memories of the event as a prime example of a manipulation:
Dr. Bogdan Ivanovich Krilov. One of the few people who have mastered the science of memory manipulation.
Science or science fiction?
You of all people should know the answer to that
I understand suppressing memories, helping someone to mute out a traumatic experience, but manipulating them?
The memory of an accident, a tragedy, a fire in which a 4-year-old girl killed her father.
Liz remembering she killed her father, is an example of a manipulation of memories done by Krilov.
And while Sam told her her father was a criminal who abandoned her, when Liz asks him what role Sam played, Red talks about " the way Sam told a story", which gives leeway to basically say anything and not be a lie:
The way Sam told the story was that one night, an old friend showed up at his door scared. The friend told Sam he was leaving town, that he was in danger and that he needed someone to care for a little girl, that her father had died that night in a fire. So Sam took the little girl in, and he raised her as his own always sheltering her from the truth about her biological father.
But since we NOW know it was Katarina who send Liz in to Sam, and it seemed Katarina believed he was dead for a while, as we see what Liz asked how could her mother give her up, finding the same decisions difficult to do herself:
I found a couple to take the baby. Thinking about it is one thing, but actually doing it... How did she do it-- my mother?
And this includes an answer that is what Red believes Katarina believed (POV) AT THE TIME OF SENDING HER TO SAM:
The man she loved killed by the child she adored-- it was just too much. Two months later, she went to Cape May and left her clothes on the beach, walked into the ocean, and was never seen again.
HERE is where he lets her believe it. But he may thinks she is talking about a figurative death, given he had already told her it was a manipulation, and her memories are not reliable.
So, that night, I killed both my parents.
You were a child. There should never have been a gun for you to grab.
I think it is pretty clear. But do not take it from me. Look at the words, think about point of view, what a character knows and when and how they learned it, and think about motivations and confirmations.

Red had told Liz about or we have seen him say:

His reasons to change his identity as a teen or young adult: I was a difficult child. People saw me one way I saw myself another. I felt misunderstood acted out. My father fancied himself a disciplinarian. Very moralistic. Instead of trying to understand me, he excommunicated me.
How he reinvented himself: I'm a great fan of reinvention.... of becoming your true self, even if you have to take on a new identity to achieve it.
What he lost: it may be hard for you to imagine, but I once had a relatively normal life-- bills to pay, playdates, family, some friends, people to care about. Lost all that.
Where he raised his family: raised my family in this house. (Takoma Park) . But IF he is the RR known to the US Navy, only until 1989. Because in 1990, Carla Reddington was already living somewhere different, hiding likely, somewhere Lord Baltimore could not find: he's looking for someone who lived in D.C. before 1990.
Something happened to that family, and he only knew pieces of it:
DIANE: I know the truth, Red about that night about what happened to your family. Do you want to know the truth?
RED: More than anything in the world. But if you know the truth, Diane, then somebody else does, too.
A truth that Diane, as part of the Justice Department could know (approving placement in WITSEC). Perhaps that Carla with Jennifer had been placed in WITSEC, with new names, perhaps a crime scene had been set to fake one or both of their deaths: Garvey was a U.S. Marshal. He put people in witness protection. Made them disappear or appear to be dead.
Red recognizes Carla Reddington, but had to read her new name, and believed she was in protective custody: "You need to get a unit to her right now. She's in protective custody... She was my wife."
As was his legal daughter, Jennifer: "I confirmed your daughter was placed in Protective Custody with her mother in 1990. The Marshal Service lost contact seven years ago. She is unaccounted for."
RR took his child in 1990: "The Cold War was hard-- too hard for your father. When the Soviet Union was collapsing, he took you from her."
But after the fire, when Katarina believed he was dead: "Your mother was never the same after that. The man she loved killed by the child she adored-- it was just too much."
Katarina fakes her death, but for a while Red believed it was true: "That's every suicide. Every single one. An act of terror perpetrated against everyone who's ever known you. Everyone who's ever loved you. The people closest to you, the ones who cherish you are the ones who suffer the most pain, the most damage. Why would you do that? Why would you do that to people who love you?
Red went down a dark path of revenge:
Which left him unable to be a parent:
A man in darkness, angry, alone: "[DEMBE} saw me for the man I really was a man surrounded by darkness. No friends who could be trusted, no faith that loyalty or love could ever truly exist. I was… Well, I was younger then. Angrier."
Until he had to go back to his old name, to protect the very woman who had framed him and the family he had to abandon:
Answering the question Liz and Ressler wisely asked:
LIZ: I mean, you became Reddington, but then, you stayed Reddington. And I don't understand why.
RED: I am what I am. Popeye the Sailor Man.
RESSLER: I mean, before today, everyone thought Reddington was a traitor. The government, the press, and, still, the imposter chose to take his identity. I mean, he went to a surgeon who could have given him the identity of anyone in the world. He could have been anyone. And yet he chose to be a pariah. He chose the life of a wanted fugitive. Why? Why would anyone do that?
He is who he is: RR. The man known as Raymond Reddington, who went BACK to the identity (like Tom Keen did) to get the money to protect Katarina, and kept it to protect his family:
And anyone close to a target of theirs becomes a target themselves... Especially family. Unless they're abandoned on the side of a road on Christmas Eve.... An effective, albeit excruciatingly painful solution.
Because he is a protector, a sin eater. A charade architect
A charade that involved creating a myth, Katarina Rostova, an illusion inhabited by several women, fake KGB agents, convincing Rostov to become a spy under threat of revealing his wife was a KGB agent when she likely was not, fathering a child with one of the women, one he only knew as KR, taking his child from Russia:
moving stolen children is difficult. There's copious amounts of paperwork.
eventually falling for Katarina. Taking his child from her, unaware she was in the cabal, and the aftermath of the fire. A man who abandoned the identity,
focus on what Ilya is really saying.
and like Tom, came back to protect the woman he loved, and kept it to protect his wife.
A man who discovered that "The concept of bilocation is appealing even if not without consequence."
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From My blog, Jersey On The Fly Authored By me, Jersey (AKA Danielle Elizabeth) @ 2020 All Rights Reserved
I lost my job. I worked in a sheltered workshop in Central California. Somewhere around the end of '19 or the beginning of '20, case managers began telling us clients that California laws had changed so that sheltered workshops were now required to pay client employees federal minimum wage, whereas before they were exempt from having to do so. We were being warned that "at some point", our workshop along with most of the workshops in California, would close. But it was said in the context of a year or two down the road, and they were rolling out new changes designed to help us better secure jobs in our community - supposedly. The workshop was beginning to transition from a traditional work shelter format to Job seeking / job coaching format. But we were still working and actually had more work and contracts then we had had in at least a year. More work meant bigger paychecks. Sure it was well under minimum wage and one couldn't support themselves on said wages. But most of us receive SSI or SSDI along with other financial assistance that support us - barely. Our megor earnings were spending money that a life having to be supported by the government doesn't afford. Just enough to be able to grab a burger, go out with friends or indulge a hobby. And we were starting to do more of that because of course we were working more and thus making more. We were humming right along!
And then, like everything else towards the end of the first quarter of 2020, coronavirus…
By the end of February beginning of March all hell started to break loose as the first cases of coronavirus in California were popping up. As a Conservative Constitutionalist,, I was very concerned about "social distancing." One of the biggest signs of a socialist or communist country is when a government controls the every movement of it's people. My co-workers were of course talking about the virus and getting scared, but not caring for an argument, I kept my opinions to myself as I did with most of the political chatter at work because working was more important to me than being right. By the second week of March, staff was assigning seating arrangements both in the work area and cafeteria. and I was resentful that my movements were starting to be dictated to me. In addition to my political beliefs, Americans with disabilities are still widely, in 2020, viewed as not being able to make critical decisions and take total personal responsibility for those decisions, so someone of authority must step in and make those decisions for them. Often very assertive with a wicked temper when such views are projected on me, (you will never hear me I am perfect or even kind),I was REALLY struggling with keeping myself in check at work. I knew there was too much fear going around and again,working was more important to me than being right.
On Friday, March 20th, I arrived at work and was approached by staff, as they were now wanting to hear from clients on what their thoughts were on everything that was going on. In a good mood and not feeling that staff was looking for anything more than honest feedback, (which actually impressed me), we had a conversation I was very pleased with. I was asked if I had any concerns over coronavirus, and I shared I was more concerned with what was happening politically around coronavirus than than I was with the virus itself. I was asked if I was comfortable continuing to coming to work and I said "Uh-huh…" I was asked how I felt about the social distancing measures in place, and I answered they were a current source of frustration for me, but I knew it was what it was and was doing my best to just go along and get along. I was asked how I would feel if the workshop temporarily closed. This was something I had dreaded. For one particular reason. Remember, all employees in a workshop are NOT created equal. Staff receives a regular salary that is at least hourly if not just a guaranteed fixed amount. Clients were paid only if their group was assigned work that day and then only for the amount of work completed correctly. So while staff could be assigned work to do at home, clients couldn't. In a nutshell, staff would still get a paycheck, but clients would not. To be clear and fair, the case managers and supervisors had NO control over this and these were higher up policies. So my answer on that question was my preference was to stay working, but in the event of a temporary closure, I felt that if staff continued to be paid, then so should clients. The closure would be no more the client's fault than staff's. After making it clear that I understood that these decisions were higher up decisions and not workshop staff, I said exactly as follows. "Look, we all know that 95% of the clients are simply not cognitively able to process that staff continues to get paid while clients do not. Not only are the hire ups aware of this, THEY BANK ON IT! And that's not ok." I was commended for advocating my peers and sent on my way. My group completed the work we had by lunch. Since I live independently and use public transportation instead of a community provided door-to-door bus, I left after lunch at 1pm, spent the afternoon running errands and got home around 5-ish to find a voicemail time stamped 1:30-ish from my case manager. The higher ups had made the decision to shut the workshop down until April 15th. So staff never had a chance to do anything with the feedback they gathered. California issued the shelter in place order at the same time and by the end of our first week of being on shut down, the whole country was shut down.
At first I decided not to let a good crisis go to waste and started applying at various retail places that were deemed essential for stock clerk positions. I even got called for an interview. I had been applying for jobs in the community on and off for several yeàrs. Truth is, I look pretty damn good on paper as a candidate. But even though I also interview very well in face to face meetings, mine is a face that becomes contorted when speaking and I have a speech impediment that is slurred and garbled, making it hard to understand me at least at first. Add to that I show up in a wheelchair. And we haven't even gotten to the part yet where I do things at a much slower rate of speed and usually cannot perform a task to EXACTLY the same as everyone else's looks. Oh, did I mention I'm nearing 50 years of age? How many people with this description do you encounter in a work setting where you are either conducting some business or are a co-worker of theirs? How many people with the above description are your children's teachers or teacher's aids? How many do you see as greeters at Walmart? How many do you see as receptionists when you walk in a lobby? Even though The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 requires an employer to make reasonable accommodations and says an employer cannot deny a person a job based on disability alone, employers are not hiring people with very obvious disabilities. Whether they think customers will be turned off at the sight of obvious disabilities or they don't want to risk perceived legal liabilities, they don't want us as employees. I have yet to be hired or even be offered a try out position, which I would gladly take just to have a chance. Working in a workshop was the last thing I wanted to do. I finally agreed to do so until I could finally find a job in the community. But I finally had to be honest with myself about what the chances of that really were. If I couldn't even get hired at a time when essential businesses were desperate for extra help and were going on hiring sprees, what were really the chances I would be hired in the community ever?
Pretty quick the first national reopening date was April 30th, so I knew we wouldn't be going back on the 15th. Sure enough, we were pushed back to the 30th. But I started having this nagging suspicion in the back of my head. If the workshop was having to fold at some point anyway, would we ever reopen at all? On April 28th, I got another email from my case manager that the workshop was now closed until further notice. My spirit sank and I was sure I knew what was coming. But maybe I didn't after all! The work group supervisors had been assigned the job of calling clients each week to make sure the clients were ok. On May 13th, I received a call from a supervisor saying they were looking at reopening very soon and read us a series of questions to make sure we were healthy, did we feel ready to go back to work, and read us the procedures that would now be in place. So I was wrong! We were going back to work after all! My spirit soared! Then, exactly one week later, on May 20th, I got a call from my case manager. The workshop was not reopening. I was now told that the workshop was going to have to shut it's doors in September anyways because of the new laws, so they decided it wasn't worth reopening for the summer. This was the first time I ever heard that there was an actual closing plan with an actual date in place. My spirit crashed and my tempor soared. I managed to muster at least a semi calm "I can't have this conversation anymore right now.", and hung up.
When I first was first told of our workshop shutting down due to coronavirus, I was assured we would still receive paychecks. (Remember, I had pointed out the inequality of staff continuing to get paid during a shut down if clients did not.) We were paid twice monthly, the first pay period was from the 1st to the 15th, for which we would receive payment on the 25th, and the second from the 16th to the 30th, for which we received payment on the 10th. On March 25, 2020, we received a check for the work we had done from March 1st to the 15th. On April 10th, we were paid for the work we had done from March 16th to the 20th, for the last days we actually worked for a total of four days out of a fifteen day pay cycle. To my knowledge, there were no more payments to clients after April 10th. So as far as I can tell, we were only ever paid what we we're already owed. Meanwhile, case managers are still case managing with group supervisors helping to fill in the cracks. Damn well they're still getting paid something even if at reduced wages. (Although I personally question whether staff would do all the work they're doing for anything less than before the shut down.) Also, the agency that oversees the workshop is what I will call an "B" agency. A "B" agency, in this case the workshop, can't hire disabled employees off the street. Clients have to be referred to a B-angency by an A-agency. The A-agency pays the B-agency "X" amount for supplying the workshop services. So considering each client comes complete with a paid contract, I ask would it have had not been possible to continue to pay the clients even just a quarter of what they would usually get paid as a good faith gesture? And while I'm raising questions with my former employer, how was it, that one week clients received calls that the workshop would be opening very soon and exactly one week later çlients received calls saying the workshop was now permanently closed? Somewhere in the chain of command, someone knew about both phone calls! How did this happen and why? The fact that the decisions were made and that everything played out the way that it did was nothing short of cruel and dare I say malicious?! But that question will more than likely never be publicly answered with no one held accountable for such a fist in the face.
To be clear, our workshop wasn't closed permanently as a result of coronavirus. We were closed permanently because of changes to California State laws. California's Fair Employment And Housing Act states that all employees must be paid at least Federal minimum wage, but there was a loophole saying that if an employer had a special license to operate such as a sheltered workshop, they were exempt from having to do so. What they did was ammend the act with a new stipulation known as AB 488, which says that a employee may now sue an employer with said special license for any type of perceived discrimination or harassment based on a never-ending list of social groups, including people with disabilities. The bill, as far as I can tell, does not expressly say that a sheltered workshop MUST pay it's employees (clients) at least Federal minimum wage, but does say an employee who is a client can now sue a sheltered workshop for ANY form of discrimination which would include not paying clients minimum while paying staff above minimum wage.
And at face value, it seems like the right and just thing to do. But here's where this logic fails. It ignores the fact that as I said at the beginning, most client employees receive other types of income including SSDI/SSA, food stamps, housing vouchers and Medi-Caid/Medi-Care. All of these financial aids have strict income restrictions. For instance, if you receive SSDI and Medi-Caid, (known as Medi-Cal in California,) you cannot have more than $2,000 in assets. Assets include your car, jewelry, a savings account, a checking account and an income for a job. Making minimum wage has the very real potential to put those financial aids in jeopardy. And just because you exceed the asset restrictions does not mean you are able to fully support yourself on a regular basis. For one thing, without a housing voucher, rents double if not triple. And one would also lose their health coverage. I realize many able-bodied able-minded people may be going "So what? If they're able to work and support themselves then they should." The problem is that many of us have disabilities that limit how long we can work on any given day as well as if we're able to consistently work even four hours a day five days a week. A sheltered workshop allowed us the flexibility we needed in a work setting to be able to hold down a job.
Not only that, just because the government makes a law saying an employer in California MUST pay an employee at least "X" amount, does not mean an employer of any kind has the resources to be able to do so. That's why many businesses now have kiosks and self check-outs, because they can't afford to pay people to be there. It's also why many companies are permanently closing their doors.
My co-workers and I had a good thing going. We had the dignity of having a job and getting paid for the work we did. We had a little bit of spending money to be able to enjoy our lives just a little bit more. And then the politicians decided my co-workers and I didn't know how to make decisions about our own lives and barged in to fix what really wasn't broken. President Reagan once said the nine most dangerous words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." How true that is. The government stepped in under the guise of looking out for those THEY decided couldn't look out for themselves. But really, they were just looking out for their bottom line - votes. If they had truly cared for Citizens of California with disabilities who were employed at sheltered workshops, they would have looked at everything I just wrote about above and left well enough alone. But it looked and sounded too good to pass up. So they passed AB 488. To hell with the consequences! So now I and about 50 of my co-workers have lost our jobs. And in addition to our disabilities, many of us are in or near our fifties with no real job history. Employers are not impressed with someone who worked in a sheltered workshop. most of us, will never work and earn a paycheck ever again. Thanks, Sacramento. You shouldn't have… No, really.
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2020.09.04 20:34 Chemical-Voyage Some excessively strange dreams from my dream log you might enjoy! Let me know what y'all think.

Ben and I are in our house. Something seems off (I don't remember what), and I repeatedly ask him if I’m in a dream or not. As a test, I try to jump and "float," and it works well enough to convince me that I am indeed dreaming.
Upon becoming lucid in a dream, the first thing I try to do is fly. And whenever I become lucid ‘in my house’, I try to fly over the stairs,
gain speed,
smash headlong
through the front door.
As you might imagine, such a technique works poorly. If I remember next time, I'll try a different method (like walking out through the front door first and then trying to fly).
I’m driving up to Glacier National Park to go hiking…
…I stop and try to find cough syrup at a store, but they’re all out. Multiple slips of paper sit where the syrup had been, bearing the names and contact information of people who have reserved a bottle for when it’s restocked.
I had spent too much time in the store. I’m late for my ship — a ship that will sail northward along the west coast of Montana. I make it onto the ship in time…
...I jump off the ship into the ocean. (I don't remember why.) Upon landing, I discover that
the ocean is made of cloth.
Waves are merely folds of fabric. The sky is a solid black. Other ships turn on their searchlights and begin looking for me. I don’t want to be caught, so I pull some of the cloth over myself and hide from them…
I’m at pool inside the Highlands Ranch tennis bubble with Ben and his friends. All of us are given guns.
We walk out onto a field. Someone is throwing soccer balls onto the field for us to shoot. Ben follows a bear with a shotgun. I tell him not to shoot it. We follow the bear off the field, up some steps, and around a tree. After another turn, we ascend another set of steps; they lead right into the second story of an old house filled with dusty sunlight. We find the bear in a room atop the stairs to the right. It’s in bed, sick. It has pink slippers and a pink nightgown on...
I walk through a hotel and come to a large amphitheater-type movie theater. When I'm in the theater, it's dark outside — the theater is on the moon. People are riding bikes down a steep dirt hill in front of the screen. When I walk back out through the door, I’m in the hotel again.
I move into a new dorm room. My new bed is just a sleeping bag set on a smooth, steeply-angled slab of wood. It’s claustrophobic. Is it underwater? Blue light filters in.
I’m at a school English event. Bri is mad at me — is she jealous about something?
... I’m attending a movie with my class in an indoor movie theater. I notice that the chairs are tethered to the ceiling with strings. The chairs (including the one I’m sitting in) begin to swing in a large circle high above the floor.
At the top of the chair's swing trajectory is a mountain area. Snow covers the ground near a small river. People fish.
There are metal bars in the sky, painted red.
I grab a rope and swing towards them. I pass through the bars to find myself on a dark city street near a dock. I think it’s New York. The professor from Futurama stands there as Zoidberg is picked on by another creature. He runs away, then mutates and becomes larger. He runs back and guts the other creature.
... I’m in church. I fish for dusty coins under a table near a window. Stale mid-morning light filters in.
(Unrecorded date)
I get into a fight with the Johnsons and am subsequently sent to a fighting camp. While there, Ben and I are made to sleep on small cots in cramped quarters. I try to steal another guy’s bed before a group of girls invites me to their bed. Upon getting into their bed, I enter an entirely new world. Soon, I find myself on a tropical island beach and turn to see a large concrete expanse, marking the entrance to a beach resort. To make it through the resort, it is imperative that I transform into a black man. (I don't remember why, but it was clear to me in the dream.) On the other side of the resort, the weather changes. I sit atop a derelict brick chimney and look out over a snowy canyon filled with cozy cottages. It’s a very nice view. (This is all in the girls' bed!)
(Unrecorded date)
I find myself in the middle of the ocean on some kind of giant structure (not unlike an oil rig) with a large pool of water in the middle of it. On a giant deck over the pool, large tiles shift to let airplanes, cars, and pedestrians move at certain times. (This is hard to explain.) Huge planes roll across the deck and are dumped into the large pool of water where I am, often barely missing me. Some of the planes miss the pool and fall straight into the ocean miles below.
The structure, previously held up by supports, is now flying slowly over the clouds. I'm being held captive here. A woman is guarding me and won’t allow me to leave. Some part of me recognizes that I'm dreaming and wouldn’t die if I just jumped off — perhaps I'll make a parachute materialize on my back. I run to the edge of the deck
and jump into thin air, miles above the earth.
I curl into a ball to fall faster...
...I fall through the clouds...
I learn of a girl who is suffering from a recently discovered disease. It's currently incurable and quite deadly, but I believe I can help her. I meet with her and we discuss her symptoms so that I can form a plan of action. She dies the next day. I soon realize that I have caught the disease and will die within a week (this is absolutely certain).
I usually try to look at death in a peaceful light. In the dream, however, I am not able to accept death in a dignified way. The idea of impending oblivion is deeply hopeless, terrifying, and sad.
My thoughts are strangled by panic.
I can't die now - it's too soon! I didn't have enough warning! I'm still so young...
I’m lying on a towel by a pool with Cassie and holding her as if we're still in a relationship. Suddenly, I remember that I broke up with her months ago. I get up, feeling terrible. I know that I could be with her again if I wanted (in the dream), but I remember how happy I've been without her in my life. I try to explain that I had forgotten about the breakup and that this doesn't mean we're together again. She sobs...
...Ben, Elizabeth, and I are running down a wide wooden boardwalk suspended far in the air. I mention that there are no boardwalks like these in Montana. As we run along, the boardwalk becomes more disheveled. Now we frequently have to jump across sizable gaps to avoid falling to the pavement below. The boardwalk descends until it's only about 10 feet off the ground. It’s cloudy out at this point (it had been very sunny earlier). We come to another large gap, and I tease Elizabeth, saying that someone had fallen here just last week. I pretend to push her, and she actually loses her balance. As she falls towards the gap, Ben and I try to push her hard enough to make her land on the other side of the gap. This doesn't work, and she falls through. As soon as she hits the ground,
her legs shatter and mangle
in a way that shouldn't have been possible from that height. What the fuck is happening? Her left leg breaks completely in half at the knee and lies in two pieces. Blood spurts everywhere as if from a hose. She's bleeding out, fast. She screams and cries in simultaneous terror and agony. Ben also begins to scream in terror. Their screams are hideously amplified by the dream. I try to call 911, but I know that Liz will have died by the time anyone arrives to help. Ben and Liz
continue to scream. This is my fault.
Even though I didn't mean to harm Liz, I'm the sole reason she fell and is now dying rapidly...
This is among the worst nightmares I've ever had. I cannot remember the last time I've felt such an intense surge of terror or guilt while dreaming. I can't fully describe what the screams of my little brother and sister sounded like. The amount of fear, shock, and desperation in them were unlike anything I've ever heard/experienced in the waking world. I woke up sweating and breathing as if winded.
Ted Bundy owns properties under a freeway tunnel that winds through a mountain.
We descend into a very large cave. Lush fields sprawl beneath an orange sky. We find his house in the back of the cave near a river and venture inside to see his bedroom. There’s a body in the closet. Another body, decayed to little more than a skeleton, is found in a stone tomb in the front yard.
(Unrecorded date)
I’m on campus in the chemistry hall, but it looks different. I’m supposed to meet Sam at the bottom of some steps, but I enter a computer lab and head down a different set of steps instead. I walk outside through glass double doors to a grassy, hilly area. I see a school shooter and try to lead him away from any other students. It works; he starts following me. The dream is slowing my movements, but I escape...
...I’m heading up a road along a river into the mountains. The river is very wide at some points. At one point, silver truck drives past in the middle of the river. I’m with Bekah. I discover a small hippie van in a basin and glide down to it. Inside the van is a sunny mansion basement. There’s a party going on, where I meet a lot of cool people...
...I have a career as a neuroscientist and am married to a girl with orange hair whom I met at a movie theater.
I’m happy and fulfilled.
(Unrecorded date)
Two women drive past our campsite near Granby in a large plastic RV. They try to make it up an impossibly steep hill but keep sliding down. They drive up a steep slope of sand and turn onto an unseen road halfway up...
...It’s early morning at our campsite, although now the campsite has transformed into a large, industrial-looking hotel near Atchison, Kansas. Matt and I head up the same slope the two ladies drove up, which is now snowy. Halfway up, I look down and get vertigo. I’m enjoying myself. The sun rises, large and red over the town we are now looking down on...
...I’m back in my hotel room. It turns out it’s still night, but there’s light streaming in through the window as if it’s morning. I investigate and discover 3 floodlights set out in a dark desert landscape, all pointed at the window. If I look in the direction of the lights and close my eyes, I see moving patterns...
...Ben and I run through the hotel facility the next day. We ascend a concrete ridge through an open-walled complex. The landscape has changed again - it’s now dusty and covered in low shrubs. I find what looks like an old wooden fence made of rubber and use it to slingshot myself through the air.
There’s a new housing building at my college, and it’s 40 stories tall. I take the elevator to floor 30. Outside the elevator is a mountain path. I carry someone along it while imagining what it would be like to mountain bike on it. Now inside again, I come to a plain set of dual staircases. Dark carpet lines them. Dull light fills the room through a small, simple square window. I try to find my way up one of the staircases but get confused and so try the other side. I wander up through plain common rooms and eventually make my way to a sprawling eating area in a massive, modern room. Tables sit on tiered platforms. Shiny metal railings line wide, shallow staircases. The room opens up to an outside eating area where I see Caden, and he tells me that
there’s a big information desk on floor 40.
I’ll make my way there.
I try to find another staircase, an elevator, anything — some way up and out of the food area. I have no luck. Getting desperate, I scale a concrete building and enter an outside art gallery. I wander through the art pieces, still looking for a staircase. I pass a large pile/collage of painted rocks before entering a narrow tower, the first floor of which is a restaurant. I finally find set of stairs after a Mexican father and son ordering Chipotle point them out to me. I take the stairs up to a large pool area. I go up some stairs again to a grand lobby. Someone plays a piano in a large, hotel-like hall. It certainly smells like a hotel. Fancy, thick, red carpets adorn the floors. I can hear a stone lion-shaped fountain gurgling in another room and see a large, rectangular pool outside. This is the top floor - floor 41. My mother is here. I tell her that this place really reminds me of the Broadmoor.
I’m in bed with a cat. I can’t see it because it’s under the covers, but I know it’s Toby. I can feel him arch his back when I scratch him. Then I remember that we had to put Toby down a few days ago; he’s dead. And we don’t have a new cat.
What’s under the covers?
I yell in shock...
…I’m startled ‘awake’ into another dream by the nightmare. It’s ‘morning’ now. Mom and Dad take the dogs out, wearing yellow raincoats. Part of me feels like I'm in a small coffee shop on a rainy morning. Another part feels as though I’m in a rainforest. The house is huge and foggy. Things echo.
Looking over the balcony is like
looking down
through a bank of clouds…
...Matt is on his way to Pike’s Peak. He stops for a bike ride and falls hundreds of feet over a steep cliff. Somehow, he’s still alive. The whole family comes to make sure he’s okay. We sit with him in the gully he fell into. It’s narrow and filled with chalky red sediment. Someone walks up and warns Matt about not biking while on drugs, and Matt tells him to fuck off...
...Ben and I are in the old twin beds. It’s oppressively dark in our room — unnaturally dark. Ben is asleep. Something grabs my leg from behind, and I fall face-first off the bed onto the floor. I try to yell for Ben, but as I was falling, I realized that what I thought was Ben is actually
a dark, hunched figure…
(6/16-17/2020; ~7:00 AM, after silencing several alarms)
I’m manufacturing a prank video scenario in my mind; it manifests in real life (dream-world real life) as I imagine it. A young adult male is stopped by TSA while going through airport security and is led into a room furnished with dark, multicolored carpet. Overhead halogen lamps wash the room in a weak yellow glow. A printer sits against a plain white wall. The TSA agents begin to print pictures onto pieces of printer paper, claiming that they’ll be used as evidence against the young adult. As the pictures come out, the young man realizes that they’re all black and white images from a vacation he had taken during the previous year. He and his friends had visited a small, snowy seaside village. It was cold there, but the pictures give him a cozy feeling because they spark happy memories. He is confused. The agents begin to talk about their personal memories associated with each image. The young man begins to suspect a prank and subsequently recognizes the TSA agents to be his friends. He smiles weakly but is still clearly shaken up…
…I am bathing a tiger with hand soap in my driveway. Brisk air and pink light fill the early morning. I’m nervous, but the tiger greatly appreciates the bath. I also wash a few monkeys. One of the monkeys turns into a woman and asks if she can visit me later. The animals beg me to come back, and I promise to, but I know that I never will. I realize that before washing the animals, I had been doing homework throughout the entire previous month (may) with no breaks. This marks the first morning during which I’m not working steadily. I’m filled with deep sadness. I examine my work. I’ve been drawing (with pencil) disfigured animals against disturbing, dreamlike backgrounds. Strange plants fill the scenes.
A song is playing as I enter my backyard again and head towards the back door of my house. (I can only remember two lines of the song now that I’m awake. The melody was a cross between __ and Mr. Jones.)
The lyrics are:
“My heart has been turned to sticks and stones
Without even breaking my bones.”
I miss the animals.
I ponder whether all the work I did is worth anything to me.
The waking world now feels so much less meaningful to me than washing the tiger. I don’t care about anything, and it makes me very sad.
I really miss the animals.
I’ve resolved to carefully examine my life experience, what I want, and what makes me feel fulfilled through the lens of the dream.
Will I ever feel as ‘full’ in the waking world as I did while washing the tiger?
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2020.09.03 15:40 TessaBissolli A close examination of the story. Part 52: CONCLUSIONS (1 of 2)

I started the series three months ago examining how the apparent narrative of the show's mythology crumbles under examination:
RR was a married Naval Officer, who was seduced by KR, and the affair of over 4 years produced a child. She had been siphoning information off him, including a submarine that was sunk. But when she decided to end it, RR took Masha because she would not let him see her, and went to hide in the closed Rehoboth Beach house he rented every year. Katarina followed, they fought, her goons arrived, Masha shot her father and he died, and Katarina hid his body. She left Masha with Kate, tried to kill herself in Cape May, survived, stumbled into a Church, went to a shelter, killed a Russian guy, and took his wallet, then contacted Ilya, who helped her get her mother to safety, then go to Moscow to talk to her father. But on the way back, posing as Americans, Katarina tries to jump from a balcony, Ilya stops her, and they come up with the idea that someone would become RR to take money left by the KGB in banks to incriminate him and be able to run away. Katarina was really working for Alan Fitch and the cabal. Red, whoever he is, went in for surgery with Koehler and it worked, albeit not as they thought it would. Katarina disappeared, and Red started to rise as a criminal. In 2013, he surrendered, and worked with Liz, until he was exposed by Kate as a supplanter. Now her mother, turned enemy of both Red and her father, Dom, is working with Liz to find the Sikorsky Archive.
Throughout this entire series, u/jen5225 my partner in crime has been invaluable, she even authored one of the posts.
We started this journey questioning one of the main characters of the show: Elizabeth Keen and who she really is.
Was she really Masha Rostova, as opposed to be KNOWN and had lived as such? Is Katarina, Dom's daughter REALLY her biological mother? And what can her abduction from the Summer Palace, in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia tell us about who she is.
The answer is that while we know that Elizabeth's biological father is the man known to the US Navy as Raymond Reddington, the other thing we might know is that she was NOT born as Masha Rostova. In fact we can deduce that nobody was born alive, in Moscow, or anywhere else, as Masha (or Maria) Rostova , or that there was any record of a child born to anyone using the name Katarina Rostova, because otherwise the Russians (or the Americans) would know she existed (even under another name) because she was born in Moscow . But that is not the case:
ANTON VELOV: I said, "All I know is they say she had a daughter.”
Peter Kotsiopoluos had to send Connolly's people to find out about a child from one of the few KGBs who had been involved with Katarina. A man who had been in charge of chasing her for the KGB, but who never met her personally. And this man did not KNOW she had a daughter. Yes, he found a photo, but no evidence Katarina had a daughter.
So Liz was born in Moscow, under a different name, from a woman who Red KNEW AS "Katarina Rostova", but who must have used a different name in Moscow to give birth to Liz, perhaps her real name. Remember that Red knows who Dom is, so Red knows Katarina's real last name. This woman he KNEW AS "Katarina Rostova", is not Katarina.
I have made the case that Red, while referring to Liz as Masha to the people who know Liz as Masha (Dom, Ilya), has never told Liz she IS Masha, or in fact told anyone that Liz IS Masha:
Red says about Liz and the name Masha:
So, while we KNOW RR is Liz's bio- father, we also can DEDUCE, from what we have been told, who is very likely NOT her bio-mother: Katarina. Yet we saw Red tell Liz about her mother:
What was her name?
Mmmh I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent.
So, we know her biological mother is NOT Katarina, but is a woman who gave birth to her in Moscow, who USED the name Katarina Rostova to have an affair with RR (Or steal sperm?), who WAS a KGB agent, and whose real name is not known to Red.
Yet Liz was living with her REAL non-bio mother, Katarina, the woman who took her in, passed her as her own under the name Masha Rostova, and even produced a DNA test that convinced her cover husband, Constantin Rostov, that Masha was his biological child, when in reality no child had been born as such anywhere of Katarina or of any other woman under those names (Katarina Rostova or Masha Rostova).
Which tell us likely why Rostov, a man of wealth and power did not pursue the matter of his abducted child and disappeared wife: likely, because he could not even prove, past photos of Masha, that there was a child of his named Masha (or Maria) Rostova. We do not even know if those cops we saw at the Summer Palace were real, as someone astutely noted.
It is also likely that Constantin soon found himself the object of unwanted KGB interest in the matter of his missing wife, and likely had to go into hiding. We know he emerged as Alexander Kirk after the fall of the USSR in December of 1991 and bought cheap energy outfits.
What can we tell then about Raymond Reddington (RR) then? For starters that there was no man born as such, either. Why? Because we know Liz had been investigating her past. She suspected Reddington to be her father, even getting a DNA test done, to throw it out, afraid of the results. Liz had taken positive steps to find information about her past.
Liz went asking the OREA agents about her mother, she asked Velov twice, she collected information about the night of the fire. She has notebooks, researched Oleander, had the photo in the swing enhanced and search in facial recognition databases for her mother, researched "Ilya Koslov", and even found a motel stay in Dover. It makes sense that Liz, a federal agent, has access to all kinds of official information including the drowning in Cape May, which was in newspapers, and likely had official reports.
One Liz learned her father was RR, and then saw a report telling her RR was dead, she would have tried finding her paternal blood relatives. Grandparents, unless and aunts, cousins. Anyone with a blood relation to her, because finding her biological relatives is immensely important to her.
She found nothing. Nobody, alive or dead under the name. We never heard of ANY relative either. No parents interrogated. No siblings mortified in shame. Nobody changing their name. And we know this out of a single question Liz made of Ressler:
LIZ: You didn't stop, did you, trying to find his (RED'S) real identity ?
RESSLER: No, I didn't. I don't know who he (RED) was, but I think I found someone who might. Your grandfather. (That would be RR's father or Katarina Rostova's father, Liz's biological grandfathers)
LIZ: You found Reddington's father? (RR'S FATHER, NOT RED'S FATHER)
And this tells us that Liz had never found a blood relative under that name. As an FBI agent she has access to birth, death, marriage, tax, census and financial records. Fingerprints and facial recognition databases, etc. and she had never found her paternal grandfather under the name Reddington, or under any name. She was surprised Ressler found her paternal grandfather:
This means nobody was born under that name, which means that Reddington was an assumed name of the man who graduated from the Naval Academy and became her biological father.
Matters get even more complicated when we look at Katarina, the woman who likely did not give birth to Liz in Moscow, but became her mother, the only real mother Liz had.
The Russians seem to know Katarina as "Katarina Rostova", know Dom as Oleander and know he is her father. There is no subterfuge on their part. They sent Anton Velov after her:
Velov was the agent assigned to find her.
and then the Osterman Umbrella Company:
Your mother loved that photograph. Represented everything she wanted but couldn't have. Not after she betrayed the KGB. After that, she was a hunted woman.... Hunted by the Osterman Umbrella Company.
But when it comes to the Americans, they acted as if "Katarina Rostova" did not exist, just like they do with Brian Osterman, or Leonard Caul, and anyone with a burn notice, or whose existence needs to be kept a secret.
Yet Peter Kotsiopolus, who in 2015 was the head of the Clandestine Services (covert agents) knew Liz's mother (either one) well enough to see a resemblance with Liz. If this was in appearance or in attitude we do not know. We do not know what job did Peter had before 1991, but likely he would have been a handler of covert agents, not the head of Clandestine Services.
In short, the CIA acted exactly as they do about an agent who had a burn order: deny their existence.
The Agency (or the FBI) make no effort whatsoever in finding her, or tracking her mother or father. They even tell Ressler than because Rostova did not make a reservation in her name, then she did not board the ferry. 😂 Liz tried finding her face in facial recognition databases to no effect in season 2. So likely, Katarina has a new face, or she is dead.
But what the CIA agent tell Liz is in fact more truth than not:
CIA'S OREA SECTION AGENT MASIK: I don't think there are any photographs of Katarina Rostova.... She's a myth. Tall tales late at night over vodka shots. Probably an amalgamation of a half-a-dozen unknown female Soviet operatives-- the Pinko Mata Hari.
because Red says a very similar thing about "Katarina Rostova", that "Katarina Rostova" was a myth, a figment, an illusion:
RED: You said you prefer illusion to reality.... I may have seemed like an illusion, but she is one... she's someone you can never find.... I may not have told you what you want, but I told you all you need. You'll never find Rostova..... She's a figment of the collective imagination.
And if we look carefully we see how Red refers to Liz's mother in a normal way "your mother", and in a bizarre way, "Katarina Rostova", not "Katarina", as he does to Dembe, Kate, Dom, or Ilya. So, there are times when Red is using a subterfuge, in her entire name, which then might be about the identity, or might refer to two women: one of them, Katarina, whom he knew well and knows her real name, and another one, whom he did not know really, and only as "Katarina Rostova", one of her many names.
So, we have two women at least, using the name Katarina, and both women are, in different ways, mothers to Liz. One, her biological mother, was a woman he only knew as "Katarina Rostova", and the other is Katarina, Dom's daughter. But we also know that Fakerina said she does not know why they chose her. That means that Fakerina believed there were at least three of them, because otherwise, if they were two and Dom wanted to save his daughter, it would be evident why her. So we might have three women pretending to be "Katarina Rostova".
FAKERINA TO ILYA: I've thought a lot about why you chose me as the lamb you could take to slaughter. You thought I was weak the prey and not the predator.
We have then confirmation on two sides that Katarina was not Liz's biological mother, but was her real mother. A woman who took her in and loved her, raised her until she had to give her up because she was being chased by the CIA and the KGB.
But we also know that Katarina existed, and yet, "Katarina Rostova", legendary KGB seductress was a myth, like Agent Masik told Liz, an amalgamation of a few Soviet operatives, using the same name to create a mythic agent. Just like Red created "Edgar Legate", a mythic assassin that nobody had seen, but in reality was just a name used by a lot of people. Trying to find a name inhabited by many people is nearly impossible. Each person gives contradictory clues.
It is even likely that the flaming red hair and light eyes was part of the identity, because the woman in the swing was blond, and the photo of Katarina's mother' estranged daughter had dark hair, which be Katarina or not, makes it highly likely Katarina too had dark hair.
We have one more aspect to consider, and that is what two contradictory statements made by Katarina to her parents mean in term of Katarina's real allegiance:
Since the KGB considered Katarina a traitor, then it means that Katarina's mother, Lena Volkova (as she appears credited), was KGB, while her father, Dom, was not KGB, but then likely CIA, or MI-6 or something of the sort, so that she tells him she was not a traitor. While the CIA may have believed for a while she was a traitor, ultimately Alan Fitch was her boss, and what he was doing may have been sectioned, if illegal. Remember the CIA is actively trying NOT to find her.
Katarina was then pretending to be KGB, or had been recruited by the KGB, but in reality she was CIA, and given a burn notice. They first deny she exist, and do not try to find her, just like Brian Osterman, who was in reality even after being "dismissed" and records eliminated, but who was running a secret mission for his boss, Director Wilcox (new Clandestine Service chief), like Katarina was doing for Fitch (remember that Fitch in 2014 was the Assistant Director of National Intelligence, but we have no idea what job he had in 1990).
And that helps explain a lot of what is happening around her supposed KGB "comrades", Ilya and her father Dom. Both are described as ghosts, neither prints nor face can be identified.
Dom had supposedly been investigated as Oleander by the CIA, yet his prints and face are not in the databases, and Ressler cannot find him. So that investigation was either a sham, or was quickly shuttered from above.
While if "Ilya Koslov" had really been a Soviet citizen working for an embassy in the US during the Cold War, he would have been vetted multiple times (by the FBI among others) and spied on. The FBI, however, have nothing on him, which means the Koslov identity was a made up identity and Ilya's name is not Koslov, and he was not really KGB. Even under a different name, his prints and face would be on file had he really been a USSR diplomat.
So what we have is a massive charade in which Dom as Oleander, Ilya as "Ilya Koslov" and Katarina as "Katarina Rostova" are pretending to BE KGB (or recruited as such while being agents for the other side. Their identities had been scrubbed once the "job" was done. The Russians tell Ressler who Dom was (Katarina Rostova's father), and a British agent, Skip Sutherland, digs up a file on "Ilya Koslov," just like Mossad knew who Leonard Caul was when the US had no record of him.
DOM TO RED: You were the architect of this charade.
What we know is that "Ilya" is his real first name, he is a childhood friend of Red, has been using the name Frank Bloom, and he retired in 1991.
We know that "Dominic" is Dom's real first name, and that he has something identifiable in him that would signal him as a Rostov, if he goes to a hospital. This might point to his being Constantin's distant uncle who contracted the Ribowski virus and lived longer than any other Rostov with a disease inherited through the paternal line.
But that does not mean his real last name is Rostov, because he could have been adopted by a step father, or the family may have changed their name. We know Dom, before falling into a coma as a product of Fakerina's attack, was 81 and took a lot of medication.
Both Dom and Lena have ties to New York: Lena, having met Katarina in the Cross Sound Ferry terminal, and Dom having a cabin that closely resembles one child's drawing kept with Katarina's childhood mementos and American toys, which suggests that Dom had that cabin when Katarina was growing up.
This suggests that Katarina grew up in the US, Dom lived in the US when she was growing up, and that Lena story of coming to the US in the 1970s after breaking up with her husband in Russia is balderdash, yet we have indications she might have been KGB. A sleeper agent? Or that husband was not Dom.
When we looked at Alan Fitch, Katarina's real boss, what stands out is what he was really doing, especially in regards to the cabal and Red.
Regardless of what he told the cabal, and even what he and Red talked in public places, what Fitch was doing was protecting Red, telling the others Red had a death switch he knew well was a lie, because the fulcrum had 4 parts, and he was still holding one of them.
Fitch and Katarina, then, are likely to have recorded that incriminating tape found at Minister D to exonerate Red if needed, something Red called a Pyrrhic victory, one in which the cost is higher than the outcome. Everything about that tape should be taken with a grain of salt, or likely, a few: from the date on the tape, to the contents of it, and even who caused that fire at Minister D's.
So Fitch and Katarina were involved in the cabal, but Red (and RR) did not know anything about it.
So far, we have Katarina and RR, who are not who they say they are. Reddington seems to be an assumed last name, and Katarina, whatever her real last name really is, is pretending to be a KGB agent.
We have Liz, who is not who she thinks she is (Masha Rostova), daughter of bio-father, RR, and her bio-mother, a KGB agent whose real name name is not known to Red, and having an adopted, real mother, Katarina.
We have Ilya and Dom who are ghosts, using fake last names, pretending to be KGB operatives.
We have Katarina's mother, who seemed to have been really KGB, based on what Katarina tells her, telling her new husband Ted King a ludicrous story:
She told me she was from Saint Petersburg, uh, that she'd split with her husband in her 40s, came to America to start over, and spent the rest of her life here.
and who has a hidden photo who she tells Ted was a estranged daughter. Ressler assumed that was Katarina, but we do not know that. Put together with another drawing found among Katarina's childhood things, of a man with two dark haired girls, and the photo Scottie has of a dark haired woman blowing bubbles with a girl, and it seems that we have at least some clues that point to:
  1. Lena may have had two daughters,
  2. Katarina may have been a brunette, and
  3. Scottie may be a sister, a half sister, or a cousin to Katarina, which also goes to what Red tell Dom:
The tense (" always had") tells us this is not about the new born baby. Dom has always had other family members other than Liz (who they think is dead), and Katarina, who Dom cannot see.
More so, we have Scottie and Liz sharing a middle name, Scott, which might be Scottie's maiden name and Liz's mother maiden name. And if so, were Katarina and Scottie sisters, half sisters or cousins? And is then Scott Dom's real last name?
Scottie's is another character whose actions are shrouded in secrecy. Red says "people like us", establishing a connection to her that we still do not know what it means precisely, because Red and Scottie do not share much that is apparent, other than being strategists.
When we looked at the abduction of young Christopher Hargrave, we deduced that Howard, his father, was an innocent party, his actions being logical for the father of a missing child, and he was not swayed by the fake confession that stopped the official investigation. He continued looking, and he found his son, likely when Tom's DNA hit CODIS as part of unknown DNA in the crime scene of Fake Berlin in 1.22 (2014). Red may have provided the missing details about the Major, because we know between 1.22 and 2.08 Red went from being ready to kill Tom, to just warn him not to see Liz again.
While we deduced that Scottie likely knew who had taken him, and/or had to do something to get him back, which is likely she did, at least partly, and then may have hidden her son with someone she trusted, and was told the child had died, because she undergoes a big change about six months after the abduction, after a car accident. It is likely Scottie was who arranged the fake confession (or knew who did) in order to protect who had taken him first, and/or what she had done to get him back, where and with whom she had hidden him, and what had really happened to young Christopher.
It is likely that IF Scottie is Lena's daughter, it is she who she is protecting, for Lena's curious locations, and the date she found Ted King to marry, coincide when Tom's. Where he was, and when he disappeared again, this time by being recruited by the Major. If so, it is likely Lena never told Scottie she had found her son, or that he had lost him again, in 1998.
We also examined the man who became Liz's only real father, Sam Milhoan. A man whose connections to Katarina where not known at all, so IF they happened, it was under Katarina's real identity, or under Sam's real identity, if Milhoan is not his real name. We know Sam knew Katarina, but we also know that it is likely his real connection was RR, for he seems to want Katarina to come back for her kid, and he seems indignant about what is being said about Reddington. Sam is also someone Red loves, and knows for most of his life. What is notorious is that while Katarina asked Sam to take care of her child, Sam in reality follows Red's directives to raise Liz, joining Dom, who follows what Red wants in what to tell Liz, and Naomi, who also ASKS Red when is Red going to tell Liz something.
Now let us turn to Liz's other parent, RR only known, non-blood relatives, his wife and daughter of record. The hapless, forever cheated on Naomi, and her sad daughter Jennifer, hiding in utter fear.
Of course the narrative on Naomi Hyland AKA Carla Reddington does not hold up any better to scrutiny.
For one, she was in WITSEC, which is not for scared wives, but for witness who provide evidence or testimony. So we have supposedly fake evidence fabricated by the lover, Katarina, but is the wife who seems to have provided it. Naomi also seem to have instilled in her daughter Jennifer a genuine fear of Reddington, but we know she was not scared of Red at all. If her father had died, it would have been easier to tell so to her daughter, rather than letting her live in fear?
Naomi also uses strange words to refer to what she left behind, "one life", not "her life". She inquires how much Liz knows, seems to take his cues of what to say to Liz from Red, but recognizes in Agent Elizabeth Keen little Masha Rostova. She marvels at Red "pulling it off" working with Liz. She also emphasizes that Jennifer is HER daughter.
Naomi's 2014 kidnapping by Berlin ends with Red giving her a new identity with her husband, but when he looks for her in 2019 because of the bones, he cannot find her or any news of a violent death.
Naomi held to dismemberment without providing Berlin with any information, attempted a daring and difficult attack to escape, and has a temper shown in the punch to the face she gives Red, drawing blood. Yet their goodbye remains a tender affair. She also told Red that Jennifer left because she was scared of him, which is not what Jennifer tells Red.
And talking about Jennifer Reddington, nothing does any better in the matter of holding the narrative. While she appears a sad woman working in a bar for minimum wage when we meet her, we know she has a college education, it is likely that the identity Lillian Roth was given to her in 2017 (no trace of college or any prior life events, like she appeared in 2017) and she may have recognized Liz, because if she was scared of her father, she likely followed news about him, and Liz was attached to Reddington's name while she was a fugitive. She also knows Liz is remembering things said about the beach house. "20 steps to the sand".
If RR saw his daughter Masha, then it makes sense she would spend time with him, and likely his wife and daughter, since they both recognize her.

Jennifer tells Liz that she is Jennifer Reddington, which makes no sense because she is hiding from him, and Liz has been linked to him. But not only that, when she comes into possession of the bones, instead of going to Liz (she had been to her apartment), Ross has this elaborate plan where he takes Liz fake-hostage and Red exchanges himself for her life, and Liz is beaten up voluntarily, all to have Red tell them the secret of the bones, which supposedly they have, because there is a report shown to Liz by Jennifer, which states the bones had been identified as the remains of RR. If she really wanted Liz's help, was calling her for a chat too simple a deal? Or was that high stakes charade necessary to sell that ludicrous report?
Later, the sister join forces, with Jennifer supposedly scared to death Red would see her, but meeting with him with no fear in a restaurant, unbeknown to Liz, to take him to "Naomi's" (not her mother's) tombstone in exchange for honest answers about the only real question she asked of Red: "Why am I here?"
The bones's identification as RR's remains does not hold any better to scrutiny than the rest of the narrative has. Liz undoubtedly saw a report which told her that the remains were of her bio-father, RR. But the actions of all the others who look at the report, or interact with or about the bones makes no sense if that is their ID.
DEMBE: Ross wants blood. He thinks you (RED=RR) ruined his life. (BY TRICKING ROSS TO SELL BOGUS PLANS)
RED: I didn't give Sutton Ross bogus plans for the Grayscape Seventeen. (IT WAS A US NAVY COUNTERINTELLIGENCE OPERATION)
DEMBE: But he thinks you (RED=RR) did, and because of that, he wants to world to know what's inside the duffel. (A SECRET RED WANTS TO KEEP, NOT THE BONES OF RR, ON WHOM ROSS WANTS REVENGE)
So, if, as it seems, the bones could not have really been identified as the remains of RR, Liz's bio-father, how on earth did Liz see a report that said just that? It seems likely Jennifer made a fake DNA test, as Red warned Liz not to be fooled by such a thing:
Honestly, Elizabeth, it astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.
And if she did this, then her objective was to fool Liz into believing Red was a supplanter, not their father (Biological father for Liz, and if we trust the emphasis Naomi put on Jennifer being HER daughter, Jennifer's legal father), but not bio-father.)
At the first opportunity available, Jennifer convinced Liz to send Red to jail, where he would stand trial for treason, thus answering what was Jennifer first real question to Red: "Why am I here?", meaning why was she in WITSEC, a question Red answered by telling Jennifer:
You weren't abandoned. You were protected.... In 1990, the KGB and the CIA had almost nothing in common except the mutual determination to hunt down one individual.... Being a fugitive from American law enforcement is a lot easier than being a fugitive from the two most powerful nations on Earth. And anyone close to a target of theirs becomes a target themselves....Especially family.
Jennifer seemed to believe that individual was Red, but we know it was katarina, chased by the CIA and the KGB. And when Red is put on trial for treason, the evidence which landed him indicted of it surfaces: evidence that he was framed by Katarina Rostova, working with Fitch. And if his wife was in witness protection for providing the evidence, the trail of money to the accounts, as it seems, then it exposed for those in the know, who had framed him. Red gave Jennifer the why.
Why were Naomi and Jennifer hiding, and who was to blame.
As well as why was RR still using the name Reddington, instead of changing his face and using a different name: it maintained Naomi in WITSEC awaiting a trial that for 30 years had not happened, as long as he appeared to be alive. Sure, his being a criminal protected Liz, but it was not remaining Raymond Reddington that did it, because nobody knew the relationship between them, one he takes pains not to reveal. So, the only reason why Red, regardless of who he was before, remained Raymond Reddington past getting money from the banks, was for the benefit of one person: The woman we met as Naomi Hyland.
When we get to the framing of RR for the Gideon, again we run into a while bunch of nonsense trying to uphold the apparent narrative. For example, If RR was truly the ONLY officer who knew the coordinates, how come he was not a suspect? Even before Katarina framed him, he would have been a suspect, he should have been investigated. But he was not, he was a respected officer going around his business.
We then have the communique expressing Lamprey indicated new coordinates. It HAD to have been found contemporary to the events, or shortly thereafter, or a frame up would be suspected. So, who was Lamprey? And who indicated Lamprey was RR? Because whoever Lamprey was, he/she was a valuable asset for the KGB, while RR was considered the KBG's biggest enemy.
The money part, those $6 million, that was easy to do and backdate. Fingerprints and a password. But it seems to me that Katarina simply found a way to convey that Lamprey was Reddington, which was a nice sleight of hand. And so we have to consider that Lamprey was a traitor, likely in the CIA or the US Navy and that by framing Reddington, Katarina also protected him/her.
And that takes us to the fire. RR (bio-father) takes his child because Katarina (adoptive-mother) would not let him see her. This the early Fall of 1991, given how Kate and the cops are dressed. So, we know NOTHING of what was happening and where were:
  1. RR with a small child,
  2. Katarina looking for him,
  3. Carla Reddington, who was no longer living in the DC area,
  4. The Russians who seem to have lost an agent?
  5. What is Constantin Rostov doing?
  6. Where was Kate waiting?
That narrative does not hold up at all, especially because as Red says, Katarina wanted to be a family with RR. So, is Katarina the woman playing with Liz and RR in a Christmas tree lot, so before December 24th? Is she the woman heard saying "catch me" while Liz and who could be another child, dressed identically, are trying to find "him", before a man calls Liz "Lizzy and the girl runs to him, happily. Or is this woman heard there Carla Reddington, and RR took Liz to his wife and child in an undisclosed location?
Then we addressed the memories of the fire, and the arguments, concluding that we have two sets of arguments, one between RR and Katarina, and another between Katarina and some other man.
We have 2 locations, one a live in house, from which Liz is abducted after the house was on fire. The place where Liz sees Hat Man outside, down but trying to get up, and unless Liz remembers her hair in different ways, we might have a curly hair girl and a wavy hair girl, which, if Liz does not remember having a sister, and the girls looked similar, she might think is her. Then we have an extraction, in which Katarina seems to be distracting the man, while there is a rescue until the man realizes there are people in the house, who are then directed to search for a small object. This is where the fights happened, and where Liz shoots her father, or who she thinks is her father.
So what we see as one long argument may be two occasions, even if there are on the same night. The questions remain: we have two months to account for, between the abduction from Cape Breton Island, and the fire, as we know RR is reported missing by his wife Carla circa December 27th.
When did the KGB realize she was not coming back? Did they get to Rostov to asking him questions? Is this when he hid, changed his name? Lost his investments in Russia? And how come nobody realizes this Kirk dude is Rostov? Is it because they never met the real Constantin Rostov? Who did they think was Rostov? And what exactly was Katarina really doing for the KGB?
Was she the one seducing targets? Or was that another one of the women using the name, such as Fakerina? A woman who said:
With all the stories of women forced to marry or to have children (1.13 The Cyprus Agency, 2.12 The Kenyon Family, 4.13 Alistair Pitt, 4.15 The Apothecary, 6.17 Ana Grazia Duerte, 7.07 Hanna Hayes), six storylines featuring women forced by various means to marry, or to have children, we have to wonder, did someone forced Fakerina to have a child she did not want? Or was it part of her job to get kompromat?
We even have men having children they did not even know they had, basically because they were dead in Nyle Hatcher. Because one thing we have learn about what Red knows about Fakerina (or blond Kat) is that they do not know what's her real name:
She doesn't have a name. She's a ghost. Think of a name, any name, and that could be it.
Mmmh I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent**.**
So it is possible that Fakerina, or another one of the women playing "Katarina Rostova" is Liz's bio-mother. Was she the one assigned to seduce RR? A sleeper agent, seducing a young Naval officer?
35 years ago, a Naval intelligence officer working for the US government fell fell into a relationship with a beautiful Russian woman. Unbeknownst to his superiors, that relationship, which started as guarded attraction, quickly evolved into passion, which resulted in pregnancy.
They had the child. A girl, whom they both loved.
What the Naval officer didn't know, but certainly should have suspected, was that the Russian woman was a KGB officer, that Katarina Rostova had been assigned to get close to Raymond Reddington and steal classified information from him.
And having children with targets was sometimes a technique used to enhance the control on the targets. Did the bio-mother really love Liz? We do not know. What we know is that the woman raising her is not the bio-mother, but Katarina.
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2020.08.28 21:00 portlane Mary Alberdt (Oct. 27, 1921 - Aug. 19, 2020)

Mary Louise Wittenberg Blanford Alberdt
Oct. 27, 1921 - Aug. 19, 2020
Marylou Alberdt died peacefully at home in Lake Oswego Aug. 19, 2020. Marylou was born in Portland, Oregon, Oct. 27, 1921 to Ralph Shaver Wittenberg and Bess Tate Wittenberg. The family moved to Los Angeles when Marylou was four, and she spent her school years there, graduating from the University of Southern California (USC), Phi Beta Kappa, as World War II was starting.
She joined the U.S. Office of War Information in San Francisco and worked there throughout the war. Post-war, in 1950, Marylou joined the family business in Portland, and was Treasurer and Office Manager of the Grandma Cookie Co. as it grew, retiring in 1980. As Europe recovered and became an attraction for American tourists, Marylou bought a new car there, toured much of Europe and North Africa with her cousin Mary Alice Wittenberg, then had the car shipped back to Portland.
Perhaps her biggest passion was golf, which she took up after returning to Portland. She was Women's Club Champion at Columbia Edgewater Country Club four times in the 1950s and Senior Women's Champion later. She achieved 7 Holes-In-One and was awarded Columbia Edgewater's first "Woman of Distinction" award in 2004. In the 1960s, she built a home bordering the golf course and lived there for more than 40 years.
Marylou was also a longtime member of the Multnomah Athletic Club, where she enjoyed exercise, water aerobics, and bridge. She was a gardener, bird watcher, and nature lover, adopting several cats over the years that wandered in from the golf course.
In 1964 Marylou married E. Murray Blanford, who died in 1972. In 1981 she married George Alberdt. After his death in 2011, she moved to Mary's Woods in Lake Oswego, where she spent her last years.
She is survived by her sister, Dorothy Wittenberg Davidson of Lake Oswego; brother, William R. Wittenberg of McMinnville; stepson, Bruce Blanford (Karen), and nieces and nephews, Barbara Parham, Carolyn Johnson (Doug), Elizabeth Hayward (Ron), Bruce Wittenberg (Molly), Patricia Hogan Donald (Bud), Deborah Davidson, Kathleen Golden, Clayton Davidson, Jr. (Liz); and numerous grand nieces and nephews.
Marylou faithfully supported several charities and would encourage those who are so inclined to contribute in her honor. Some of her favorites are The Oregon Food Bank, The Oregon Humane Society, The Salvation Army, The Nature Conservancy, the Portland Police Sunshine Division, and The Audubon Society of Portland.
The family will hold a Celebration of Life at a later date. The family would like to thank Home Instead Senior Care, Providence Hospice, and Mary's Woods Retirement Community, especially the Mary's Woods Clinic Nurses, for their care of Marylou.
Please sign the online guest book at www.oregonlive.com/obits
source: http://obits.oregonlive.com/obituaries/oregon/obituary.aspx?n=mary-louise-wittenberg-blanford-alberdt&pid=196712985
submitted by portlane to deadpeoplepdx [link] [comments]

2020.08.20 17:47 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters ‘W-Z’ in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters ‘W-Z’ under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cpis3n/a_brief_rundown_of_the_first_ten_pages_of_jeffrey/).
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hlrba8/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_df_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hqko0y/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_gi_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hrq9bg/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_jl_of_jeffrey/).
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/huw0yt/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_m_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters N-Q on July 27, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hyudbz/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letters_nq_in_jeffrey/). There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I posted letter R on July 29, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i0aqxd/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_r_in_jeffrey/)
I posted letter S on August 7, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i5orop/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_s_in_jeffrey/)
I posted letters T-V on August 13, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i9dxwk/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_tv_in_jeffrey/)
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here: https://www.coreysdigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Jeffrey-Epsteins-Little-Black-Book-unredacted.pdf
Wachtmeister, Eric: Swedish Internet entrepreneur. He was the founder of the now defunct social media website, A Small World. The Weinstein Company, Robert Pittman, and Alexander von Furstenberg were all heavy investors and are all listed in Epstein’s black book (check out previous threads for further information). Early in his career, Wachtmeister was an investment banker who worked for Rothschild & Co. and Lehman Brothers. His father was Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister, a Swedish diplomat, ambassador to the United States, and close friend of George H.W. Bush.
Wagner, David: Not enough info.
Wainwright, Rupert: British movie director and producer.
Waksal, Sam: Pharmaceutical entrepreneur and CEO. Despite the nerdy sounding job description, Waksal hobnobs with celebrities. He dated Martha Stewart’s daughter, is a friend of Ronald Perelman’s ex-wife, and counts Mick Jagger among his friends (https://www.nytimes.com/2002/01/24/business/for-imclone-drug-entrepreneur-a-past-of-celebrity-and-notoriety.html). In 2002 and 2003, Waksal pleaded guilty to securities fraud, bank fraud, obstruction of justice, perjury, conspiracy, and wire fraud. He was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2003. He was released in 2009.
Wallace, Mike: Television journalist best known for his role as lead correspondent on the news program 60 Minutes. Longtime 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager, was forced to step down from his position after Ronan Farrow’s article in The New Yorker that mentioned Fager’s sexual misconduct (https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/as-leslie-moonves-negotiates-his-exit-from-cbs-women-raise-new-assault-and-harassment-claims) towards Sarah Johansen, an intern at the time (now a producer) who said that the atmosphere of 60 Minutes was like that of a “boy’s club.” Epstein hosted a reception for Wallace at his NYC mansion back in 1997 (https://www.thedailybeast.com/jeffrey-epstein-had-his-own-lodge-at-interlochens-prestigious-arts-camp-for-kids-in-michigan). Wallace can be seen in this photo (date uncertain, but must have been 1991 or earlier) with Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father) and Donald Trump (https://twitter.com/rudyhavenstein/status/1162119147746029568).
Walters, Barbara: Famous television personality/broadcast journalist known for 20/20, The View, and berating Corey Feldman for trying to “damage an entire industry” when he came out against pedophilia in Hollywood (https://pagesix.com/2017/10/18/barbara-walters-faces-backlash-after-corey-feldman-clip-resurfaces/). Walters goes way back with Ghislaine and her family, as she swam around the same social circles as Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell (https://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/this-was-then-malcolm-forbes-70th-birthday-part-i/). Here is a picture from Steve Forbes’s 70th birthday party (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/robert-maxwell-barbara-walters-and-merv-adelson-news-photo/81525793) that shows Barbara walking just behind Robert Maxwell. Barbara is pictured here (https://pagesix.com/2020/07/02/pre-arrest-ghislaine-maxwell-with-her-famous-friends/#7) with Ghislaine and some others (7th picture down). We can only wish her the most agonizing of deaths.
Ward, Kevin: A 34-year veteran of the NYPD who was eventually promoted to Borough Commander. Currently the Vice President of Security and Operations for Bryant Park Corporation. Received a Master’s Degree from Harvard, which is extremely rare for a law enforcement official. It’s odd that Epstein would have three different telephone numbers for such a decorated member of law enforcement. Interesting.
Warner, Ozzie: No info found.
Warnford-Davis, Ms Mandy: The former sister-in-law of Ghislaine’s brother, Kevin. Kevin and his wife, Pandora, divorced after more than 20 years of marriage. Mandy is Pandora’s sister. She works as a lawyer in London.
Wasserman, Casey & Laura: Casey is an entertainment and sports agent executive. Grandson of Hollywood mogul and mafia-linked Lee Wasserman. Laura Zifren is Casey’s wife. She is a movie music supervisor. Casey and Laura both appear on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” flight log (https://archive.org/stream/EpsteinFlightLogsLolitaExpress/Jeffrey-Epstein-Flight-Logs-in-PDF-format_djvu.txt) during the infamous Africa trip which featured the likes of Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker. Casey donates a lot of time and money to the Clinton Foundation and considers Bill Clinton to be a close friend and his philanthropic “mentor” (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/bill-clinton-casey-wasserman-reveal-590405). The Wassermans have donated between $10 and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation (https://www.clintonfoundation.org/contributors?category=%2410%2C000%2C001+to+%2425%2C000%2C000). The Wassermans have set up a charity called The Wasserman Foundation through which they donate money to a number of different causes, including several children’s groups (http://www.wassermanfoundation.org/giving/).
Wassong, David: Managing Director for Soros (yes, that Soros) Fund Management who has worked for Soros for over 20 years (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-01/soros-spins-out-private-equity-team-pledging-up-to-2-billion). Here’s a lovely picture (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/david-wassong-managing-director-of-soros-fund-management-news-photo/129267700?adppopup=true) of Wassong with Ghislaine Maxwell from 2011. There’s nothing weird about it except for Ghislaine’s eye-catching earrings, which bare a striking resemblance to pedophile symbolism (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3560069/The-symbols-pedophiles-use-signal-sordid-sexual-preferences-social-media.html). David’s father, Dan, was a chronic sexual harasser of his secretaries (https://www.nytimes.com/1995/08/05/nyregion/a-sexual-harasser-his-friends-don-t-recognize-the-description.html). Perhaps sexual deviancy runs in the family.
Wastnage, Lucy: Wife of David Tang. Already listed earlier under ‘Tang, Mr David and Lucy Wastnag.’ Copy and pasted from my ‘T-V’ thread… David was a Hong Kong businessman who founded the Shanghai Tang fashion chain and several restaurants that attract the elite. Tang was a philanthropist who was involved in several charities, including Youth Outreach (YO), a charitable organization started in Hong Kong by Reverend Peter Newberry. This charity’s goal was to help at-risk youths (http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/hkedition/2017-09/15/content_32018378.htm). Tang was considered one of the most well-connected people in London. He and his wife, Lucy, counted Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife), Kevin Spacey, the Duke of Marlborough, and Mick Jagger among their friends (https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/lucy-tang-on-top-the-highs-and-lows-of-a-party-girl-6540808.html). Tang vehemently defended Prince Andrew in 2011 when his relationship with Epstein was made public (https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/theyve-been-tang-oed-sir-david-tang-sets-the-record-straight-6383974.html). Two years later, Ghislaine celebrated her 51st birthday at China Tang, David’s restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel. Despite the backlash Prince Andrew received for counting Epstein among his friends, he attended Ghislaine’s birthday, along with former Labour minister Shaun Woodward and wife Camilla, the Earl and Countess of Derby, Dorrit Moussaieff, the diamond heiress/wife of the president of Iceland, Tamara Beckwith, and John Eliasch, multi-millionaire boss of sports firm Head. Every single one of those people appear in Epstein’s contacts. Epstein had 16 phone numbers, two email addresses, and three street addresses listed under David and Lucy’s names. David Tang died in 2017.
Waterman, Felicity: Model and actress who was a client of Elite Modeling Agency, along with Epstein/Maxwell pals Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum and many other famous models.
Watson, Victoria: Secretary at De Cadenet Motor Racing Limited (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/9iGn2N_d0fDUZjAwXR1KFgM4qLU/appointments), a company owned by former race car driver Alain de Cadenet, who was listed earlier in Epstein’s black book.
Webb, Veronica: Supermodel. Former Victoria’s Secret (Les Wexner) model.
Weidenfeld, Lord: Founder of Weidenfeld and Nicolson publishing company. Weidenfeld (1919-2016) was a tremendous supporter of Israel and Oxford University. Weidenfeld was close friends with the Rothschilds. For more info on Weidenfeld’s deep-rooted connection with the Rothschilds and Israel, check out this wonderful Youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=368&v=N-0ZTc42PnU&feature=emb_logo). It’s very well-researched and connects all the dots. Other high-ranking friends of Weidenfeld included German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former U.S. Secretary of State (and should-be war criminal) Henry Kissinger.
Weinberg, Jason: Top Hollywood talent manager who represents some of the biggest names in movies and television. Weinberg held his 50th birthday at a restaurant in Easthampton, NY (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/rambling-reporteharvey-weinstein-katie-holmes-more-flock-east-hamptons-palm-restaurant-jason-weinb). Attendees included Harvey Weinstein and actress Uma Thurman, the ex-fiance of ARK Academy founder and possible pedophile and child trafficker, Arpad Busson. Weinberg has been pictured with Peggy Siegal, the publicist who helped Epstein get into elite parties after he was convicted of procuring an underage girl for prostitution. They likely know each other because they were both trained by legendary Hollywood publicist Bobby Zarem.
Weinstein, Bob: Bob is Harvey Weinstein’s brother and a top movie producer and Hollywood executive. Bob has denied any knowledge of his brother’s seemingly endless sexual harassment charges and has publicly rebuked Harvey. Bob has been accused of harassment by Amanda Segel, a female showrunner (https://variety.com/2017/tv/news/bob-weinstein-sexual-harassment-1202592165/).
Weintraub, Harriet: Founder of public relations firm HWPR (http://hwpr.com/about-us/). Was once in business with Epstein enabler Peggy Siegal (http://orbmagazine.com/the-orbitepeggy-siegal-is-no-longer-the-owner-of-the-peggy-siegal-company/).
Westheimer, Ruth Dr: Better known as Dr. Ruth, the popular sex therapist and TV personality.
Weymouth, Mrs Lally: Senior associate editor of The Washington Post. Eldest child of Katherine Graham, the publisher who ran her family’s newspaper, The Washington Post, from 1963-1991. Lally is best known for throwing huge bipartisan parties at her house in the Hamptons. This article (https://nypost.com/2017/07/10/why-ordinary-americans-hold-politicians-and-media-in-contempt-all-in-one-hamptons-party/) does a great job of detailing who goes to these parties (ex: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner partying with George Soros, Soros partying with David Koch, etc) and the fact that behind closed doors, the same people who publicly insult each other from both sides of the aisle, are actually friends and just laughing at us for believing their theatrics. AGAIN, THE WHOLE IDEA OF PARTISANSHIP IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT. STOP ALIGNING WITH ONE SIDE. IT’S US VS. THEM. THAT’S IT.
White, Somers: Former model and advertising executive. Married to Jonathan Farkas, heir to the Alexander’s department stores fortune. Named to the Commission on Presidential Scholars by Donald Trump in 2019. Pictured here (https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/amy-fine-collins-suzanne-johnson-ghislaine-maxwell-somers-news-photo/1169681593?adppopup=true) with Ghislaine Maxwell.
White, Victoria: Former wife of Lord Gordon White, Texas businessman Tom O’Gara, and famed Hollywood producer Robert Evans.
White, Michael: Likely the theatemovie producer or the British journalist who was the associate editor of The Guardian until 2016 and a regular commentator on BBC. Could be either one.
White O’Gara, Victoria: See Victoria White above.
Whitworth, Alan & Wendy: Wendy Whitworth is a managing editor with ties to Ghislaine and her family. She was managing editor of Remembering for the Future: The Holocaust in An Age of Genocide, an assortment of Holocaust-centered articles, which was released in 2001. Ghislaine Maxwell’s mother, Elisabeth, was the editor-in-chief of the publication. Ghislaine and her sisters, Isabel and Christine, are listed as financial sponsors and committee coordinator (https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/bfm%3A978-1-349-66019-3%2F1.pdf). The honorary president of the publication is Elie Wiesel, the famous authoHolocaust survivor who also appears in Epstein’s book and was also accused of sexual harassment. I believe her husband Alan is an economic adviser, but I’m not entirely sure.
Wiatt, Jim: Former CEO at William Morris, a major talent agency.
Wienberg, Anouska & Mark: Anouska is a hotelier and interior designer. Her husband, Mark, is a financier who co-founded J. Rothschild Assurance, which later became St. James’s Place Wealth Management, along with Jacob Rothschild (https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/lord-weinberg?mediatype=photography&phrase=lord%20weinberg&sort=best). Mark was the honorary treasurer of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and still had a role as one of the Vice Presidents as of 2012 (https://www.nspcc.org.uk/globalassets/documents/annual-reports/nspcc-annual-report-2012.pdf), making this the 12 billionth connection between known pedophile and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and the NSPCC.
Wiesel Dr Eli and Marion: Wiesel was a famous author, Holocaust survivor, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, but he also supposedly sexually harassed a teenager at a charity event (https://www.newsweek.com/elie-wiesel-me-too-account-690891). Wiesel had longstanding ties to the Maxwell family due to their mutual interest in writing about the Holocaust (https://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/09/business/media/elisabeth-maxwell-widow-who-reinvented-herself-as-holocaust-expert-dies-at-92.html), (https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/bfm%3A978-1-349-66019-3%2F1.pdf). Marion is also a Holocaust survivor and was Elie’s wife.
Wigram Lionel and Lydia: Lionel is a producer who has worked on the Harry Potter films and several Guy Ritchie movies. Lydie is his wife.
Wigram, Lionel: See above.
Williams Alexandra & Nick: Alexandra is the daughter of Michael Heseltine, who was previously listed in Epstein’s ‘black book.’ Michael Heseltine is a British businessman and politician who served in various roles in government for British PMs Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Heseltine was a friend of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father. Heseltine invested in Conservative Parliament member Harvey Proctor’s business after Proctor was forced to resign after it was revealed he had sexual relationships with and took nude pictures of male prostitutes aged 17-21 at his home (source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/members-interests-top-tories-lose-on-proctors-shop-the-retailer-1445666.html). At the time, it was illegal to have same-sex relations with prostiutes under the age of 21. Her siblings, Annabel and Rupert, were listed in Epstein’s book as well. Check out the G-I thread for more info on them. Nick is her husband and the owner of Holloway’s auctioneers.
Williams-Ellis, David & Serena: David is a world-renowned British sculptor. His ex-wife, Serena, is an interior designer.
Willis, Rebecca: Not sure. Could be a climate change/environmental researcher in the UK.
Wilmot-Sitwell, Alex & Fi: Alex is a banker who was CEO of UBS Investment Bank and headed Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s businesses across Europe until 2018. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, incidentally, was the “largest corporate sponsor” for the super shady ARK Academy (https://arkacademy.org/node/51721) under Wilmot-Sitwell. ARK Academy, founded by Arpad Busson (listed in Epstein’s book - read more on him here: https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cl34ju/arpad_busson_billionaire_businessman_or_possible/), could very well be a system of schools used for child abuse and child trafficking. Caroline Fiona Marr is Alex’s ex-wife.
Wilson, Carter: Barely any info found. Her name is Carter Wilson Hailey. This was her mother (https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/harrisonburg-va/margaret-wilson-6505891). Despite the family names/history, I couldn’t find anything on who Carter Wilson actually is.
Windisch Grazot, Manfred: The Windisch-Graetz family comes from a high nobility bloodline. Manfred, considered a prince, takes care of the management and finances of Elitaliana, the oldest Italian helicopter company (https://www.arbiter.it/articolo/il-guardaroba-di-manfred-windisch-graetz/). Member of the Order of Malta (https://www.smomembassytoslovenia.org/heliambulance-blessed-by-the-holy-fathe).
Windsor-Taylor, Tim & Helen: Helen is a member of the Royal Family. Her father is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Helen is a patron of CLIC Sargent, a children’s cancer charity (https://web.archive.org/web/20110723085754/http://www.clicsargent.org.uk/Aboutus/Mediacentre/Latestnews/Midsummerpartyraises400000). Her husband, Tim, is an art dealer.
Winn, Steve: Wynn is a billionaire Las Vegas hotel tycoon. Prince Harry was a guest of Wynn’s at his Encore resort. Served as the finance chair of the Republican National Committee from 2017-2018, but had to resign from that post and his position as CEO of Wynn Resorts due to dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct (https://www.newsweek.com/steve-wynn-claims-he-cant-punished-sexual-harassment-claims-because-he-no-longer-company-1472164) by his employees. Wynn and his wife (listed earlier in Epstein’s black book under ‘Hissom, Andrea’) are close friends of Donald and Melania Trump (source: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/scottish-daily-mail/20120901/281904475353844).
Winston, Elizabeth: Not sure. Best guess is a Texas-based conservationist.
Wipple, George: Entertainment and society television journalist.
Wolper, Carol: Author and screenwriter who has also written for Vogue magazine, where Epstein has countless connections.
Wong, Andy: Hong Kong financier and socialite. Hosted a Chinese New Year party in 2002 attended by Prince Andrew (https://www.tatler.com/article/lady-victoria-hervey-defends-duke-of-york-and-fled-epstein-apartment) where the theme was ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ (https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/meet-the-wongs-1529160.html). Here’s are some pictures from that party (https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/prince-andrew-hong-kong-fanancier-andy-wong-and-his-wife-news-photo/104171074 ; https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/sir-dai-llewelyn-amd-masked-girl-hong-kong-fanancier-andy-news-photo/104170961 ; https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/chinese-new-year-party-hosted-by-andy-wong-and-wife-patti-at-the-reform-club-london-britain-26-jan-2002-375881ah). Here is a link with more pictures (https://www.rexfeatures.com/set/375881) from the party. Many Epstein contacts appear in these photos and also regularly attend the Wongs’ annual Chinese New Year parties. Buzz Aldrin (suspected upper echelon freemason) attended the party as well.
Wong, Theodore: Hedge fund manager. Founder of Constellar Capital LLC. Former managing director at Credit Suisse, a Swedish-based investment bank where Epstein had several contacts. Member of the Sunflower Children's Foundation and St. Jude’s Hospital (https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/7519446), two charities dedicated to sickly children.
Woodall, Trinny: Former drug addict socialite and friend of the wealthy and elite (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1216159/The-drug-addict-friends-haunt-Trinny-Woodall.html) who is now a British TV presenter and owner of makeup brand TRINNY LONDON.
Woods Emily & Carrie: Cary Woods is a movie producer. His ex-wife, Emily, is the chairman of J. Crew.
Woodward, Alexa: California-based attorney.
Woodward, Shaun & Camilla: Former British Member of Parliament (MP) and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Shaun is a good friend of Esther Rantzen, an English journalist and television presenter who founded ChildLine, a charity promoting child protection. Incidentally, Rantzen ignored allegations against Jimmy Savile, the notorious pedophile, celebrity, and Royal Family confidant. Rantzen also had an affair with Nicolas Fairbairn, the Scottish politician who was posthumously accused of chronic child abuse and has been linked to Elm Guest House, where politicans (allegedly) had sex with drugged up children (https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13174992.former-judges-shock-over-qc-paedophile-ring-allegations/). Camilla is Woodward’s ex-wife of 28 years and daughter of former Conservative MP and supermarket heir Tim Sainsbury. Since their divorce, Shaun has entered a relationship with Luke Redgrave, a Hollywood camera operator.
Worcester, Marq & Marc of: Henry Somerset, 12th Duke of Beaufort and his ex-wife, Tracy. Henry is an English peer and landowner. Tracy is a former actress.
Wyatt, Jim: See Jim Wiatt (above).
Wyatt, Steve & Cate: Steve is an oil heir and the former lover of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife). Ferguson has always seen Steve as her true love and even went away on vacation with him while she was still with Prince Andrew (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4512442/Fergie-reunited-former-lover-broke-heart.html). Cate is Steve’s ex-wife.
(No ‘X’ last names)
Yamani, Mai: Anthropologist, scholar, and author who has been a consultant of international banks such as Goldman Sachs, oil companies like Shell and BP, and foreign governments.
Yariv, Zghoul: Israeli venture capitalist.
Yates, Andrew (piggy): Features editor at the Daily Mail. Went to school with Ghislaine Maxwell, but said that he hadn’t seen her in over a decade when he found out his name was in Epstein’s contacts.
Young Toby: A British social commentator and former director of the New Schools Network, a charity which helps set up free schools in England. He is also an associate editor at Quillette, an online science magazine. In 2011, Young wrote an article defending Prince Andrew and others who are friends with the likes of Epstein, saying that they are not responsible for their friends actions (https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/status-anxiety-like-prince-andrew-i-stand-by-my-dodgy-mates-). He was suspended from Groucho, a private members club in London, when he admitted to selling and using cocaine there (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1361435/White-powder-scare-at-the-Groucho.html). This flickr page reveals the connection between Toby Young’s New Schools Network and possible pedophile/child trafficker Arpad Busson’s ARK Academy schools (https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49407330397).
Younger, Tracy & Lee, Greg: No info found.
Yugoslavia Dimitri: Prince Dimitri is a gemologist and member of the Royal House of Yugoslavia. Pictured here (https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/tradition/a30222833/christina-oxenberg-instagram-patreon-memoi) with Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew’s cousin, Christina Oxenberg. Brother of Michael and Serge (below).
Yugoslavia, Prince Michel of: An investment executive and former real estate broker. He is also a member of the Knights of Malta. Brother of Dimitri (above) and Serge (below)
Yugoslavia, Serge de: Prince Serge of Yugoslavia. Recently became a father at the age of 54 (http://royalmusingsblogspotcom.blogspot.com/2018/03/a-son-for-prince-serge-of-yugoslavia.html). Brother of Dimitri and Michael (above).
Zacks Gordon: American businessman who was a financial and Middle Eastern policy adviser to George H.W. Bush during his presidency.
Zales, Alexi: No info found.
Zangrillo Paige & Bob: Robert Zangrillo is a venture capitalist and real estate developer. He has come under fire for a college admissions scandal in which he paid $250,000 so that his daughter could get into USC. Routinely throws parties that attract the likes of the Kardashians, Snoop Dogg, the Hadid family, and other celebrities/wealthy people (https://www.dirt.com/moguls/real-estate/bob-zangrillo-house-los-angeles-1203330956/).
Zawauri, Waleed: Zawawi is on the board of HSBC Bank of Oman. Listed in the Paradise Papers (https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/80029327) - not to be confused with the Panama Papers - as someone with offshore accounts.
Zecher Bibi and Adrian: Adrian is a hotelier who founded Aman Resorts. Bebe is his wife.
Zeff Mark: Interior designer who helped renovate Epstein’s New York mansion.
Zelier, John: Founding and Managing Member of Hudson Housing Capital, a housing tax credit syndicator. Former Managing Director of Lehman Brothers.
Zevi, Dino & Rosi: Dino is an art dealer.
Zilkha, Bettina: Arts, entertainment, and fashion journalist for Forbes magazine. Photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell here (https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/ghislaine-maxwell-and-bettina-zilkha-attend-holly-petersons-news-photo/1169681633) and here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/bettina-zilkha-suzanne-ircha-and-ghislaine-maxwell-attend-news-photo/660049824) and here (https://www.gettyimages.ie/detail/news-photo/bettina-zilkha-and-ghislaine-maxwell-attend-private-news-photo/590659890)... well, you get the point. She is a fixture in New York’s high society social scene as she is also an heiress to her father’s financing fortune.
Zipp, Brian: Investment banker. Zipp is a former Senior Economist with the U.S. Treasury Department. Later became a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers.
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2020.08.14 04:47 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters ‘T-V’ in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters ‘T-V’ under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cpis3n/a_brief_rundown_of_the_first_ten_pages_of_jeffrey/).
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hlrba8/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_df_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hqko0y/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_gi_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hrq9bg/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_jl_of_jeffrey/).
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/huw0yt/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_m_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters N-Q on July 27, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hyudbz/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letters_nq_in_jeffrey/). There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I posted letter R on July 29, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i0aqxd/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_r_in_jeffrey/)
I posted letter S on August 7, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i5orop/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_s_in_jeffrey/)
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here: https://www.coreysdigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Jeffrey-Epsteins-Little-Black-Book-unredacted.pdf
Taaffee, Paul: Former Chairman and CEO of public relations firm Hill and Knowlton.
Tabet, Karim & Cristina: Karim is a founding partner of TAP advisory group. A former Vice Chairman at UBS Investment Bank and Joint Global Head at UBS Telecommunications. The subtitle under the Tabets reads ‘65th Street Neighbors.’ Ghislaine Maxwell lived in a townhouse at 116 East 65th Street.
Taki: Likely British journalist and Polanski apologist Taki Theodoracopulos. Taki wrote this interesting piece (https://www.gstaadlife.com/2009/11/taki-roman-orgy.html) in 2009 in which he throws Epstein under the bus while defending Polanski. Decades ago, Taki threw a party at The Savoy to celebrate the end of communism. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell and Imran Khan (https://greatgameindia.com/ghislaine-maxwell-arrested-fbi/).
Talbot Williams, Simon: Businessman involved in real estate. Owns Talbot & Scott ltd, an investment and development agency.
Tang, Mr David & Lucy Wastnag: David was a Hong Kong businessman who founded the Shanghai Tang fashion chain and several restaurants that attract the elite. Tang was a philanthropist who was involved in several charities, including Youth Outreach (YO), a charitable organization started in Hong Kong by Reverend Peter Newberry. This charity’s goal was to help at-risk youths (http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/hkedition/2017-09/15/content_32018378.htm). Tang was considered one of the most well-connected people in London. He and his wife, Lucy, counted Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife), Kevin Spacey, the Duke of Marlborough, and Mick Jagger among their friends (https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/lucy-tang-on-top-the-highs-and-lows-of-a-party-girl-6540808.html). Tang vehemently defended Prince Andrew in 2011 when his relationship with Epstein was made public (https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/theyve-been-tang-oed-sir-david-tang-sets-the-record-straight-6383974.html). Two years later, Ghislaine celebrated her 51st birthday at China Tang, David’s restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel. Despite the backlash Prince Andrew received for counting Epstein among his friends, he attended Ghislaine’s birthday, along with former Labour minister Shaun Woodward and wife Camilla, the Earl and Countess of Derby, Dorrit Moussaieff, the diamond heiress/wife of the president of Iceland, Tamara Beckwith, and John Eliasch, multi-millionaire boss of sports firm Head. Every single one of those people appear in Epstein’s contacts. Epstein had 16 phone numbers, two email addresses, and three street addresses listed under David and Lucy’s name. Tang died in 2017.
Tate, Rupert: Two options. Either the former hedge fund manager at Merrill Lynch or the CEO of Bear Grylls Ventures.
Taubman, Alfred: Billionaire real estate developer and former owner of Sotheby’s, where Les Wexner was once a board member. Many parties and book premieres attended by the elites have been hosted by Sotheby’s over the years. Taubman spent nearly one year in jail for price fixing in collusion with Christie’s auction house (https://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-alfred-taubman-20150419-story.html). Taubman died in 2015.
Taubman, Bobby: Alfred’s son who took over the family business.
Tavoulareas, Mr Billy & Nicket: William Tavoulareas Jr. is an heir to his father, William Tavoulareas, a Greek petroleum businessman and former President and Chief Executive of Mobil Oil during the ‘70s and ‘80s. Sr. was a close friend of George H.W. Bush and Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou and was also a member of the Knights of Malta. William Jr. has not been so lucky. He has psychological problems and despite the fact that he has millions in a trust fund, he lives out of his car and has been involved in several dustups with the law in Palm Beach (https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/news/a8979/william-tavoulareas-palm-beach/). Annick Finlan is Jr.’s ex-wife.
Tavoulareas, Peter: Billy’s Tavoulareas brother and son of William Tavoulareas Sr. Heir to father’s petroleum fortune.
Tayler, Emmy: Former personal assistant of Ghislaine Maxwell. Reportedly taught girls how to massage Epstein. Her name appears twice on Epstein’s Lolita Express flight logs (https://archive.org/stream/EpsteinFlightLogsLolitaExpress/Jeffrey-Epstein-Flight-Logs-in-PDF-format_djvu.txt). Recently fled the UK, but is presumably wanted for questioning (https://nypost.com/2020/08/10/emmy-tayler-maxwells-ex-personal-assistant-flees-uk-report/).
Taylor, Felicia: Retired anchor for CNN’s World Business Today. Stepsister of Victoria (nee Schott) de Rothschild, Sir Evelyn Rothschild’s second wife. Felicia knew Epstein socially and once had tea at his mansion (https://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/the-world-and-all-its-changes/). Pictured here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/felicia-taylor-steve-eichner-and-ghislaine-maxwell-attend-news-photo/659966292) with Ghislaine Maxwell at a Tommy Hilfiger hosted event in 2009. She is also the daughter of classic Hollywood actor Rod Taylor.
Taylor, Pamela: Make-up artist with a bunch of A-list clients.
Taylor, Sebastian: Not enough info. Likely refers to the personal friend of Nathaniel Rothschild (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2099639/The-Russian-oligarch-Old-Etonian-billionaire-deeply-disturbing-questions-Lord-Mandelsons-integrity.html), but I can’t be sure. There are two other decent possibilities.
Taymor, Julie & Eliot: Julie is one of the most well-known theatre directors in the world. Responsible for the Broadway hit, Lion King. Elliot is Julie’s long-time partner. He is a film and theatre composer.
Tennenbaum, Harry: No info found.
Teodorani-Fabbri, Eduardo: A boss at Fiat motor company. Comes from the tremendously wealthy Agnelli family, who are the largest shareholders of The Economist (the Rothschilds also own a large portion). Eduardo used to date Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (listed earlier in Epstein’s contacts), the now deceased goddaughter of Prince Charles. Their first date was at an ARK charity dinner (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1194485/KATIE-NICHOLL-TPT-swept-Fiat-car-boss-Eduardo--Tara-s-Mr-Right.html). ARK is a children’s charity that has spawned many schools for grades K-12. It was started by Arpad Busson (also listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s book), the former fiancee of Uma Thurman. Busson is likely steeped in child trafficking. I wrote a thread about him and ARK charity last year (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cl34ju/arpad_busson_billionaire_businessman_or_possible/).
Theilmann, Baroness Francesca: Publisher and art collector.
Theodoli, Catherine: Katrin is the CEO of Magnum Marine Corporation, a performance and luxury yacht manufacturer.
Tholstrup, Mogens: Former owner of Daphne’s, Pasha, and The Collection, three of London’s trendiest restaurants. Sold the restaurants for pounds 5.5m in 1998. Dated a series of high society girls, including Lady Victoria Hervey (former girlfriend and staunch defender of Prince Andrew) and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
Tholstrup, Paola: A former model and the ex-wife of restaurateur Mogens Tholstrup (above). Pictured here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/paola-tholstrup-ghislaine-maxwell-and-harry-nutall-attend-news-photo/73141620?adppopup=true) at a Chinese New Year celebration with Ghislaine Maxwell and Harry Nutall in 2007.
Thompson, Barnaby: British film director, producer, and movie executive. Thompson ran Ealing Studios for 14 years. Barnaby has been photographed with a who’s who of Hollywood stars, royalty, and many people listed in Epstein’s contacts. He has attended parties hosted by Harvey Weinstein and Charles Finch, an interesting figure mentioned earlier (check my D-F thread) in Epstein’s black book (https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/barnaby-thompson?family=editorial&page=2&phrase=barnaby%20thompson&sort=best).
Tisch, David: Businessman who comes from a ridiculously rich family. His grandfather, Laurence Tisch, was the co-owner of Loews Corporation. His cousin, Steve, co-owns the New York Giants and has produced many big budget Hollywood movies. David made some good money in Silicon Valley startup companies.
Tisch, Merryl & Jimmy: Merryl is the former Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents and wife of James (Jimmy) Tisch. A huge proponent of high-stakes testing for adolescents. Her husband, James, is the heir to Loews Corporation. He currently serves as CEO.
Tish, Anne & Andrew: Andrew is co-chair of Loews Corporation with his brother, James (mentioned above). Ann Rubenstein-Tisch is Andrew’s current wife. She is a former reporter for NBC. In 1996, Ann and Andrew partnered with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) to open The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) of East Harlem, the first all-girls public school to open in the United States in 30 years (https://www.studentleadershipnetwork.org/history/). If you click on that link, you’ll immediately notice pictures of students with Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton. The TYWLS has expanded and now comprises five schools (2800 students) and 16 sister schools (7000 students).
Titopupolo, Sonia: No info found.
Todhunter, Emily Olypitus: High-end British interior designer.
Toledo Ignacio, Alvarez de: Likely a real estate developer. Not 100% certain.
Tollman, Bea: Beatrice is a travel and hospitality businesswoman. Founder and President of the ritzy Red Carnation Hotel chain. Also has a large part in family-owned The Travel Corporation, which helps people organize/plan their trips.
Tollman, Brett: Son of Beatrice Tollman (above). Travel and hotel executive also involved in the family business. CEO of The Travel Corporation and founder of The Treadright Foundation, a non-profit charity.
Tollman, Mr & Mrs: This likely refers to Beatrice (above) and her husband, Stanley. Since I wrote about Beatrice earlier, I’ll focus on Stanley here, who is much more interesting. Stanley is a super shady businessman who is best known for being friends with Ken Bates (Chairman of Chelsea FC) and serving on the Board of the Chelsea FC soccer club, where he and Bates were partners with Marwan Ashraf, a senior Mossad agent. Tollman fled the US for the UK in the early 200s when he was convicted on 33 counts of embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion (https://www.haaretz.com/1.4942945).
Tollman, Syrie & Gavin: Gavin is CEO of Trafalgar tours and Chairman of The Travel Corporation. Nephew of Stanley Tollman (above) and cousin of Brett Tollman (above). Gavin is married to his first cousin, Toni. There is a fascinating blog post (https://www.nittanyturkey.com/2005/07/25/was-100-million-worth-it/comment-page-1/) about the Tollmans and Hundleys, who defrauded the government out of millions. Be sure to read the comments. Pretty much everyone who responded used to work for the company and knows the Tollmans to some extent and the inner workings behind their thievery.
Tollman, Wyne: Wynn is Beatrice and Stanley’s son, but is not involved with the company. I could not find any other information on him.
Toub, Veronica (Busson): Fashion designer and socialite who was engaged to possible child trafficker and pedophile Arpad Busson (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cl34ju/arpad_busson_billionaire_businessman_or_possible/) in the 1980s.
Treacy, Phillip: Award-winning hat designer who has worked with the British Royalty (designed a hat for Princess Beatrice, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge), Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. Has also designed hats for the Harry Potter movies. Thirty-six of his hats were worn at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Twenty were worn at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Trump Blaine & Robert: Robert is the younger brother of Donald Trump. Manager of Trump Corporation and President of Trump Management On August 3, 2020, Robert wrote “Jeffrey Epstein is still alive” on his Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/UncleRobTrump/status/1290360605904232448). Blaine is Robert’s ex-wife of over 25 years. They divorced in 2007 when it was revealed that Robert had a mistress for whom he purchased a $4 million house in Garden City, NY. Blaine’s father was an executive at IBM.
Trump, Ivana: Donald Trump’s ex-wife (1977-1992) and mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. After their divorce, Ivana accused her ex-husband, Donald, of rape. Trump’s lawyers claim that she did not want her words “to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.” One of the conditions of her divorce settlement was that she wouldn’t talk about their marriage without Donald’s approval. In this (timestamped) video interview (https://youtu.be/qN8938c8puE?t=251), Maria Farmer, the sister of Epstein victim Annie Farmer and former employee of Epstein and Ghislaine who went to the FBI with Epstein allegations in 1996, says that Ivana was possibly involved in procuring children, although she couldn’t confirm.
Trump, Ivanka: Donald Trump’s daughter. Serves as Advisor to the President. Donates to Jewish charities and is a supporter of Israel, much like her father.
Trump, Robert & Blaine: See ‘Trump Blaine & Robert’ above.
Tucker, Chris: Famous actocomedian of Rush Hour and Friday fame. Tucker was on the infamous Africa flight with Epstein, Bill Clinton, and Kevin Spacey.
Turlington, Christy: Incredibly popular supermodel from the ‘80s and ‘90s who has worked for too many big name fashion designers and magazines to name. Jean-Luc Brunel, the (alleged) pedophile and child trafficker who sent three 12-year-old girls to Epstein for his birthday discovered Turlington and helped launch her career (https://nypost.com/2019/09/02/jeffrey-epsteins-model-scouting-pal-has-disappeared-without-a-trace/). Friends with fellow supermodel and all-around scumbag, Naomi Campbell, who is likely knee deep in Epstein’s child trafficking and pedophile ring.
Turnbull, Governor Charles: Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands from 1999-2007. Epstein’s Little Saint James island is located in the Virgin Islands.
Turner, Jenny: There is an excellent Reddit thread (https://www.reddit.com/Epstein/comments/hnmwbg/jenny_turner_pseudonym/) from u/rsarector that provides evidence that Jenny Turner is a pseudonym for Ghislaine Maxwell. Make sure to check out the posts further down the thread by aimhighairforce and DSyntax for more information.
Turner, Miles Creswell: Investment banker who used to work for Deutsche Bank and HSBC. Interestingly enough, a man (Leo Iravanian) was arrested for harassment because Cresswell-Turner testified that traffic lights were not dangerous after Iravanian’s wife was killed by an Express coach. Iravanian continuously called Cresswell-Turner’s Marylebone office accusing Cresswell-Turner of being a paedophile (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/man-waged-hate-campaign-on-witness-at-wifes-inquest-6536135.html).
Tyssen, (Chessy) Francesca: Art collector and estranged wife of Austrian politician Karl von Habsburg. The Habsburg family is one of the most powerful and wealthiest families in Europe. The Habsburgs are a Black Nobility family of very high prestige.
Urbiola, Jorge: Likely refers to the diplomat and author who serves as Deputy Chief of the Mission of the Kingdom of Spain in Ukraine.
Vahabzadeh, Iraj and Linda: Iraj was the eldest son of Dr. Mostafa Vahabzadeh, founder and owner of Kayhan Publishing Group in Iran. Lynda was his ex-wife. Iraj passed away in 2016.
Van Hauen Sophie: No info found, although the address (62 Frith St) is that of Circa, a gay bar in London.
Van, William Straubenzee: British Conservative Party politician and Member of Parliament who died in 1999. After his death, it was discovered that van Straubenzee was named in documents pertaining to British politician child abuse (https://www.independent.co.uk/news-14-0/westminster-child-abuse-allegations-mp-with-a-penchant-for-small-boys-gave-his-word-he-was-not-a-10408985.html). Van Straubenzee was also a longtime friend of Princess Diana (https://www.insider.com/princess-diana-documentary-revelations-2017-7#she-read-trashy-romance-novels-2) and the uncle of Thomas van Straubenzee (lifelong friend of Prince William) and Charlie van Straubenzee (Prince Harry’s best friend).
Varsavsky, Martin: Argentine entrepreneur who has founded many companies, including Medicorp Sciences (biotechnology) and several telecommunications outfits.
Velasquez, Patricia: Venezuelan model/actress who appeared in print ads for Victoria Secret. Photographed here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/carole-radziwill-patricia-velasquez-and-ghislaine-maxwell-news-photo/608144434) with Ghislaine Maxwell and Carole Radziwill, who is also listed in Epstein’s contacts (check the ‘R’ thread) and is/was a good friend of Maxwell.
Verdin, Julia: British film producer, casting director, and actress. Has been a friend of Ghislaine’s for decades, as evidenced by the photo of the pair, which was taken in 1986 (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8490447/Ghislaine-Maxwell-fall-sits-cell-photos-reveal-society-life.html). Verdin owned a house on the Sunset Strip in the early 1990s. She lived there with Birgit Cunningham and actress Elizabeth Hurley, who seems to be embroiled in Epstein and Maxwell’s world. The house was known as “party central” and was frequented by the likes of Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1349953/Lord-Strathclyde-affair-blonde-Birgit-Cunningham-I-feel-used-says-single-mum.html).
Verdin-Mulot, Annie & JP: Annie is a marketing director who has worked with Mulberry, Harrods, and Disneyland. She is the sister of Julia (above). Jean-Paul Mulot is a French journalist and former Deputy Editorial Director of Le Figaro, a daily newspaper in France. He is a permanent representative to the UK in the Hauts-de-France region. When confronted with his Epstein connections, Jean-Paul said that he only met him once 15 years ago and that his wife went to Oxford with Ghislaine Maxwell (https://fr.theepochtimes.com/un-ancien-directeur-du-figaro-cite-dans-le-carnet-noir-depstein-1001372.html). Close with former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who served from 2007-2012.
Veronis, Jane: Jewelry designer. Her father is the co-founder of Veronis Suhler Stevenson investment bank.
Villani, Carmine S: President of Milestone Capital, an investment firm. Also President of Europower Renewable Energy Ltd.
Villeneuve, Jacques: Formula 1 race car driver. Epstein has many F1 contacts.
Vittadini, Emanuele A: No info found, but one of the emails listed traces back to arc-intl, which is a world-renowned glassware company.
Vittorelli, Dott. Marco: Chairman of Openjobmetis, an Italian job recruitment service. Also serves on the Board of Directors of Pallacanestro Varese, an Italian basketball club.
Vittoz, Martine: No info found.
Vittoz, Patrick: Director of Exploit Information Technologies, which specializes in website promotion, search engine submission, and hosting. Patrick has been an architectural consultant at his family’s business for 41 years.
Vittoz, Vonnic: No info found.
Vivian Smith, Charles: Investment banker. Currently the 5th Baron Bicester.
Von Habsburg, Francesca: Listed earlier in this thread under Tyssen, (Chessy) Francesca.
Von Hase, Bettina: Independent consultant and writer on art and culture. Daughter of a former German ambassador to the UK. Bettina’s ex-husband of 30 years, John Varley, is a trustee of The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation.
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2020.08.11 19:12 TSLPDustin S04E15 - Brightburn Official Discussion

Disclaimer: This is an official discussion thread. Spoilers will remain untagged. If you have not seen the film or listened to our episode, we highly recommend you refrain from continuing until you’ve done so. Please report broken links or out of date information.
Title: Brightburn
Year: 2019
Synopsis: What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?
Director(s): David Yarovesky
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Page: Brightburn
IMDb Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (72,192 votes)
IMDb Page: Brightburn
Where to Watch: Hulu Google Play YouTube
Our Episode: Click here to listen on iTunes
Clue for Next Week’s Episode: “We’re going balls to the wall.”
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2020.08.08 17:50 Test_bank_Solutions Gloria Solutions manual( SOLUTIONS MANUAL+ TEST BANKS 2020-2021)

Gloria Solutions manual( SOLUTIONS MANUAL+ TEST BANKS 2020-2021)

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Empowerment Series: Human Behavior in the Social Environment: A Multidimensional Perspective 6th Edition José B. Ashford , Craig W. LeCroy , Lela R. Williams , © 2018 , Test Bank and Instructor Solution Manual
Empowerment Series: Social Work with Groups: Comprehensive Practice and Self-Care 10th Edition Charles Zastrow , Sarah L. Hessenauer , © 2019 , Test Bank and Instructor Solution Manual
Empowerment Series: The Reluctant Welfare State 9th Edition Bruce S. Jansson , © 2019 , Test Bank and Instructor Solution Manual
Empowerment Series: Understanding Generalist Practice 8th Edition Karen K. Kirst-Ashman , Grafton H. Hull, Jr. , © 2018 , Test Bank and Instructor Solution Manual
Empowerment Series: Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment 11th Edition Charles Zastrow , Karen K. Kirst-Ashman , Sarah L. Hessenauer , © 2019 , Test Bank and Instructor Solution Manual
Energy and the Environment, 3rd Edition Ristinen, Kraushaar, Brack Solution Manual
Energy and the Environment, 3rd Edition Ristinen, Kraushaar, Brack: Solution Manual
Energy Its Use and the Environment, 4th Edition Roger A. Hinrichs, Merlin H. Kleinbach Choice Questions only
Energy Its Use and the Environment, 5th Edition Roger A. Hinrichs, Merlin H. Kleinbach Test Bank MC
Energy Its Use and the Environment, 5th Edition Roger A. Hinrichs, Merlin H. Kleinbach Choice Questions only
Energy Its Use and the Environment, 5th Edition Roger A. Hinrichs, Merlin H. Kleinbach IM + Choice Questions
Engendering Psychology Women and Gender Revisited, 2E Florence L. Denmark Vita Carulli Rabinowitz Jeri A. Sechzer IM w Test Bank
Enger – Concepts in Biology – 13, ISBN 0073403431 Instructor Solution Manual
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Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 10th Edition Elger, Williams, Crowe, Roberson Solution Manual+Appe +Excel
Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 10th Edition SI Version Elger, Williams, Crowe, Roberson Solutions Manual
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Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 2 Ed. by Riley and Sturges contains chapters 13,14,15,16,17 chapters
Engineering mechanics statics 12th edition by hibbeler Solution Manualn
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 11th Edition by Russell C. Hibbeler
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engineering mechanics statics 12th edition by R.C. Hibbeler
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Engineering Mechanics Statics, 7th Edition SI Version Meriam Solution Manual ( just ODD)
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Engineering Mechanics, statics 6th edition Solutions manual By J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige Engineering
Engineering Mechanics, statics 6th edition Solutions manual By J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige solution manual
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Engineering Problem Solving with C, 3E Delores M. Etter
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Engineering Statistics, 5th Edition Montgomery, Runger, Hubele Solution Manual + Data Sets
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Engineers Guide to MATLAB, An, 3E Edward B. Magrab Shapour Azarm Balakumar Balachandran James Duncan Keith Herold Gregory Walsh IM
Engineers Guide to MATLAB, An, 3E Edward B. Magrab Shapour Azarm Balakumar Balachandran James Duncan Keith Herold Gregory Walsh Solution Manual
Enhanced Microsoft® Office 2013 Introductory, 1st Edition Misty E. Vermaat Solution Manual.
Enhanced Microsoft® Office 2013 Introductory, 1st Edition Misty E. Vermaat Test Bank.
Ennis – Retail Marketing – 1, ISBN 0077157656 [European Version] Test Bank
Enterprise Information Systems A PatternBased Approach 3e by Cheryl L. Dunn J. Owen Cherrington Anita S. Hollander Test Bank
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Enterprise IntegrationKent Sandoe, Gail Corbitt, Raymond Boykin Solution manual miss 6+1
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Enterprise Systems for Management 1e Luvai Motiwalla Jeffrey Thompson Test Bank
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Enterprise Systems for Management, 2E Luvai Motiwalla Jeffrey Thompson Instructor Manual
Enterprise Systems for Management, 2E Luvai Motiwalla Jeffrey Thompson powerpoint slides
Enterprise Systems for Management, 2E Luvai Motiwalla Jeffrey Thompson Test Bank
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Entrepreneurial Finance Chris Leach, Ronald W. Melicher 2nd edition instructor manual
Entrepreneurial Finance Chris Leach, Ronald W. Melicher 2nd edition test bank
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Entrepreneurial Finance, 4th Edition J. Chris Leach, Ronald W. Melicher Instructor’s Manual
Entrepreneurial Finance, 4th Edition J. Chris Leach, Ronald W. Melicher Test Bank No answer
Entrepreneurial Finance, 5E Philip J. Adelman, Alan M. Marks, IM + Test Bank
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Entrepreneurship Starting and Operating a Solution Manualall Business, 3E Steve Mariotti, Caroline Glackin Instructor_s Manual
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Environmental Sciences:
epByStep Field Engineering Methods Manual 2nd Ed. by Crawford
epByStep Field Engineering Methods Manual 3rd Ed. by Crawford
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Essentials of Economics 3E Glenn P. Hubbard, Anthony P. O’Brien (Test Bank)
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Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Solution Manualall Business Management, 6E Norman M. Scarborough Test Bank
Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Solution Manualall Business Management, 8th Edition Norman M. Scarborough Jeffrey R. Cornwall, Test Bank
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2020.08.08 01:38 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of the letter ‘S’ in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of the letter ‘S’ under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cpis3n/a_brief_rundown_of_the_first_ten_pages_of_jeffrey/).
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hlrba8/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_df_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hqko0y/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_gi_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hrq9bg/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_jl_of_jeffrey/).
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/huw0yt/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_m_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters N-Q on July 27, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hyudbz/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letters_nq_in_jeffrey/). There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I posted letter R on July 29, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i0aqxd/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_r_in_jeffrey/)
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here: https://www.coreysdigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Jeffrey-Epsteins-Little-Black-Book-unredacted.pdf
Sacco, Amy: Nightclub mastermind behind Bungalow 8 and many other clubs. Listing her list of connections would take too long because her clubs are always hot spots for celebrities and the elite. The NY Times wrote a decent article (https://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/14/fashion/the-empress-is-in-amy-sacco-holds-court-at-another-new-york-nightspot.html) about Sacco’s clubs and clientele. Sacco has been photographed with Ghislaine, India Hicks, and Sophie Dahl, all of whom appear in Epstein’s black book (https://www.patrickmcmullan.com/photo/1563479).
Sachs, Jeffrey: Naming all of his titles would be an endeavor in itself. Sachs is a very influential figure who is best known for being an economist, an adviser to the United Nations, and a University Professor at Columbia University. Sachs serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, where Epstein served from 1995-2009. It is unclear whether he was there at the same time as Epstein, although given his popularity and influence, especially in the early 2000s, I would be surprised if he wasn’t around then.
Saffra, Edmund: Billionaire banker and alleged money launderer with tons of enemies who died under very mysterious circumstances in 1999. The official story was that one of his nurses - in an attempt to gain favor with Safra by saving him from danger - intentionally started a small fire in Safra’s home, which soon spiraled out of control, causing Safra to lock himself in the bathroom and suffocate to death. This article (https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2000/12/dunne200012) does a good job of pointing out that Safra had many enemies, was a shady character, and was absolutely obsessed with security for himself and his family. It seems odd that Safra would allow his security detail (Mossad vets) to leave his home that night. This article (https://www.theguardian.com/theobserve2000/oct/29/features.magazine47) from The Guardian includes a statement from Ted Maher’s (the nurse who was convicted of starting the fire) wife, stating that he was coerced into signing a confession. Elie Wiesel, the author of Night who is also listed in Epstein’s contacts, was a good friend of Safra’s.
Safro, Wayne: Financial advisor.
Said, Wafic: Financier and businessman. Said is the Chairman of a children’s charity called the Said Foundation, where Prince Charles’s former private secretary, Sir Michael Peat GVCO, serves on the board of trustees (https://www.saidfoundation.org/pages/33-trustees-and-staff). The charity helps underprivileged children from the Middle East. Said has also contributed a lot of money to Prince Charles’s The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, which, among other things, is dedicated to helping children.
Sainsbury, Mr Jamie: Descendant of the founder of the Sainsbury grocery chain. Old friend of Ghislaine Maxwell (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8466853/What-girls-frolicked-Bullingdon-boys-Oxfords-brightest-young-women-rose-top.html). James’s sister, Camilla, was married to British MP, Shaun Woodward, for 28 years. Camilla and Shaun are Trustees of The Woodward Charitable Trust, which helps disadvantaged children, women, and families (http://woodwardcharitabletrust.org.uk/portfolio/about_us/).
Salama, Eric: Former CEO of Kantar consulting firm. Also served as a Trustee for the British Museum (2000-2008). Survived a carjacking after getting stabbed last year (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6618395/Government-adviser-stabbed-carjacking-reveals-fine-punctured-lung.html).
Saltzman, Elizabeth: Contributing editor to Vanity Fair and Vogue, two of the three publications (along with Tatler) that continuously show up among Epstein’s contacts. Saltzman is also a celebrity fashion stylist with clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Saoirse Ronan, Stella McCartney, and Uma Thurman, the ex-wife of Arpad Busson, who is possibly one of the key players in this pedophile ring (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cl34ju/arpad_busson_billionaire_businessman_or_possible/). Andre Balazs, the hotelier who also seems to be embroiled in this whole fiasco held a party in 1995. Those in attendance included Ghislaine Maxwell, Katie Ford, and Elizabeth Saltzman (https://www.nydailynews.com/archives/gossip/taming-liz-fortensky-rumors-article-1.686445), all of whom appear in Epstein’s black book. In fact, Saltzman is a long-time friend of Ghislaine (https://www.mintpressnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Mysterious-business-of-the-queen-of-NY-Lon-1.pdf). This article also reveals that Ghislaine was introduced to Prince Andrew by the Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson), and, even more telling, that Epstein was suspected of having Mossad ties when the article was written in 2000. In addition to all this, Saltzman is the ex-wife of hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin (https://www.nytimes.com/1987/09/14/style/miss-saltzman-editor-is-wed-to-glenn-dubin.html), one of the most heavily implicated people in Epstein’s pedophilia and child trafficking ring. I implore you to read more about Dubin (and his wife) in my D-F black book thread (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hlrba8/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_df_in_jeffrey/). Saltzman can also be seen here, sitting next to Prince Andrew in 2010 (https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/world/4780114-Britains-Prince-Andrew-is-stepping-back-from-public-duties-after-Epstein-controversy). The lists of celebrities and well-known figures that Saltzman has been photographed with is unending.
Samuels, Mia: Actually Maia Samuel, former Producer of ABC Primetime (1989-1994). Went on to work for NBC, Bloomberg, and CNBC in various producer roles over the years. Now works as Director, Content Studios for Reuters (https://www.linkedin.com/in/maia-samuel-92172a10). Epstein has quite a few television ties, most notably to ABC news programs.
Sandelman, Jon & Corrie: Jonathan is a hedge fund manager and former Managing Director of Bank of America Securities. Corrie is his wife.
Sangster, Guy & Fi: Son of racing tycoon Robert Sangster, Guy is Managing Director at Sangster Group, which is involved in the Horse Racing industry. He also works as an investment adviser with Hambro Perks, a venture capitalist company. Prince Andrew is a close friend of Guy and his wife, Fiona. Prince Andrew even attended Sangster’s 40th birthday party (https://www.the-sun.com/news/136709/prince-andrews-pals-claims-witness-who-saw-him-with-sex-slave-is-confused-as-he-was-in-club-3-days-late).
Sangster, Mr Ben: Guy Sangster’s brother and fellow racing heir. Long-time acquaintance/friend(?) of the Royal Family. According to this article, the Sangsters are “one of the most high profile society families in London and often hang out with the royals (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5008073/Robert-Sangster-s-son-marries-Princess-Eugenie-s-friend.html).
Santo Domingo, Julio Mario: Unsure if this is the father or the son. Either way, this is a billionaire Colombian businessman whose company has controlling stock in Bavaria Brewery and is the 2nd highest stockholder of Anheuser Busch (15%). The senior Julio Mario Santo Domingo died in 2011. His son died from cancer in 2009.
Santo, Mr & Mrs M Espirito: Likely the former owners (or high-ranking family) of the Espirito Santo banking dynasty., which was forced to shutter due to charges of fraud, money laundering, and falsifying documents (https://www.cnbc.com/2014/07/30/how-a-portuguese-banking-mess-took-down-a-dynasty.html). Banco Espirito Santo was Portugal’s second-largest bank.
Saud Prince Solman: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was a close friend of Epstein’s and met with him many times. Epstein even had a photograph of bin Salman hanging on his wall. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been linked to the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident who was lured to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and subsequently killed. The Crown Prince, said to have ordered the murder, and those who were physically involved with the murder, ultimately went unpunished. According to this article (https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/jeffrey-epstein-what-we-know-about-paedophile-businessmans-ties-middle-east), the numbers listed likely belong to the Crown Prince’s father, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia. Epstein’s Austrian passport had a fake name and Saudi address. This passport was to have been given to him by “a friend.” In November 2016, one day before the election, Epstein flew to Riyadh. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos were in Riyadh at the same time, leading some to believe that the three may have met up (https://www.insider.com/epstein-riyadh-saudi-arabia-private-jet-2019-9).
Scerbo, Randall: A female (despite the name) fashion stylist and costume designer who eventually went into consulting. Randall also has credits as a producer and content creator for the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants.
Schiatti, Gianmarco: Creative director who helped several fashion companies (Gucci, Chanel, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Prada, etc.) with rebranding.
Schifter, Helen & Tim: Helen is a former arbitrage trader on Wall Street, as well as a socialite and a former editor at Hearst and Conde Nast (publisher of Tatler and Vogue), making this the 9000th Epstein-Conde Nast connection. Helen’s father is a businessman and has served as a consultant for the Du Pont Company. She runs in the same circles as Ghislaine Maxwell and has been at several of the same parties (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/helen-lee-schifter-ghislaine-maxwell-teddy-wong-and-news-photo/1169681659). Tim is CEO of LeSportsac, the luggage and tote bag manufacturer. Tim can be seen attending a Private Screening with Ghislaine Maxwell here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/tim-schifter-and-ghislaine-maxwell-attend-private-screening-news-photo/590659962).
Sebag Montefiore Simon & Santa: Simon Montefiore is a British historian, television presenter, and author of history books and novels. Ghislaine attended the launch of Montefiore’s book, “The Court of the Red Tsar” (https://deepclips.com/clip/3225/exclusive-i-fear-i-saw-virginia-roberts-inside-jeffrey-epstein-s-creepy-new-mexico-ranch-contractor-claims). Santa is his wife and sister of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who died of an ulcer in 2017. The Palmer-Tomkinson family is so close with the Royal Family that Prince Charles was named Tara’s godfather. As such, Simon and Santa are good friends of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/4721868/The-lit-girl.html). Simon’s great-great-uncle was an international financier who worked for the Rothschilds in the 1800s. Siimon and his family are still close to the Rothschilds to this day (https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2008/01/montefiore200801).
Seitern, Christine: Architect.
Sejournet, Isabel de: Belgian arts consultant and wife of French Count Eric d’Hauteville. Isabelle was photographed at an annual charity dinner hosted by The AEM Association Children of the World for Rwanda (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/isabelle-de-sejournet-and-caroline-sarkozy-attend-the-news-photo/157832558).
Shabtai, Benny: Israeli businessman who specializes in watches and telecommunications. Served as Chair for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) and has helped raise millions for the charity (https://electronicintifada.net/content/manhattans-friends-israel-defense-forces/5526). Epstein toured Israeli military bases with Shabtai in 2008 after being convicted of procuring an underage girl for prostitution (https://pagesix.com/2008/04/24/just-visiting/). Shabtai also served three years in the Israeli army and is a former bodyguard for the Israeli ambassador in Paris, France.
Shad, Brenda: Lingerie model who has known Epstein since the ‘90s (https://www.reddit.com/EpsteinAndFriends/comments/hbiwye/epstein_with_lingerie_model_brenda_schad_in_1997/). Almost married Robert Hanson (listed in my Epstein G-H thread) in 1996, the billionaire financier who was accused of raping Anouska de Georgiou when she was a teenager. She first met him when he was dating Naomi Campbell. Pictured with Maxwell here in 2005 (https://www.the-sun.com/news/103520/is-jeffrey-epsteins-unholy-alliance-with-the-victorias-secret-boss-the-real-reason-the-show-was-scrapped/).
Shearer Andre & Angie: Andre is a South African wine importer through his business, Cape Classics. Angie is his wife.
Shore Chris and Maura: Chris is a bankruptcy litigator. Mara is his wife, a licensed lawyer.
Shriver, Bobby: Nephew of JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy. His mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founded the Special Olympics. Bobby now serves on the Board of Directors for the Special Olympics (https://www.specialolympics.org/about/board-of-directors/bobby-shriver). Epstein has several phone numbers listed for Shriver’s Special Olympics office in California.
Shriver, Maria: Bobby Shriver’s sister and niece of JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy. TV journalist and former ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Shuster, Susie: Suzy is a sportscaster who is married to long-time ESPN and NFL Network anchor, Rich Eisen.
Siegal, Peggy: Famous NYC publicist and close friend of Epstein who helped him out by continuously getting him into elite parties even after he was convicted of procuring an underage girl for prostitution in 2008 (https://nymag.com/intelligence2019/07/jeffrey-epstein-high-society-contacts.html). Her career in Hollywood has been obliterated, although many still secretly think she has been a scapegoat (https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/money-and-powea29643007/peggy-siegal-jeffrey-epstein-connection/), which once again proves the depravity of Hollywood.
Siegel, William (Bill): President of Chris-Craft Industries (1996-2001), a broadcasting company that owned several television channels across the U.S. Chris-Craft was eventually purchased by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for $5.3 billion.
Sieghart, William: British entrepreneur and publisher. In 1986, he co-founded Forward Publishing with partner Neil Mendoza, who serves on the board of several children’s charities and is the current Provost of Oriel College. Mendoza appeared earlier in Epstein’s black book. Check out the letter ‘M’ thread for more information.
Silver, Ron: Silver (1946-2009), was a famous actor who also served on the Council on Foreign Relations. Co-founder of pro-Israeli organization, One Jerusalem, which organized a rally in 2001 to protest Palestinian sovereignty. Flipped political affiliations to vote for George W. Bush post-9/11. As a result, Bush appointed him to several posts, including one in which he worked under Scooter Libby, adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.
Silverman, Nancy & Henry: Henry is an entrepreneur and private equity investor. Henry helped build Cendant Corporation, which specializes in car rentals, travel reservations, and real estate brokerage services. Nancy and Henry divorced in 2012 after 30 years of marriage. They literally lived around the block from Jeffrey Epstein.
Simon, Bren: Bren was the President of MBS Associates, a property management company. She and her husband (now deceased), support many children’s charities. Bren directs the Mel and Bren Simon Charitable Trust, which works closely with the Clinton Foundation (Haiti), the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton School of Public Service (https://brensimon.com/our-work/). Bren is co-founder of The Family Support Center, a 24-hour child abuse care center. She also serves on the board of advisers for the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund. In 1998, Bren began working with the Mission International Rescue Foundation (MIR), which serves the children and young women of La Romana, Dominican Republic. Bren also created the Centro de Promocion Rural Max Simon, an orphanage that provides a safe environment for boys who have been abandoned, abused, or are living in extreme poverty. She also created the Bren Simon MIR Foundation Girls’ Vocational School (https://cancer.iu.edu/giving/simon/bren-bio.php). Bren Simon used to be a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Bill Clinton read a eulogy at her husband’s funeral (https://www.ibj.com/articles/67913-simon-sisters-among-top-political-donors-nationwide).
Simpson (Caruth), Sophie: Former literary agent at William Morris Agency. Serves as a Trustee for Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.
Sindi, Rena & Sami: Rena is a socialite and daughter of Nemar A. Kirdar, who founded Investcorp bank in the ‘80s with Arab oil money (https://www.nytimes.com/2002/10/27/style/put-on-your-toga-bring-castanets-rena-sindi-is-giving-a-party.html). In 2007, Rena attended a party for Allegra Hicks at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house (https://medium.com/@the_war_economy/investigation-jeffrey-epstein-d2ad68e2e845). Her husband, Sami, is a venture capitalist.
Slayton, Bobby: Actocomedian who admits to seeing Epstein in West Palm Beach a few times over the years. Slayton says that “they weren’t friends,” although he once went to Epstein’s Manhattan mansion for coffee (https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article234312632.html).
Smith Osborne: Not enough info.
Smith Peterson, Noona: Public relations officer and consultant who has worked for Tom Ford, Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and Tod’s. She now has her own PR agency. In 2015, Forbes named her one of the 12 women who have changed Italian fashion (https://www.forbes.com/sites/declaneytan/2015/02/06/the-12-women-whove-changed-italian-fashion/#553827046f86). Noona is married to Enrico Erba, who is a client manager for Giorgio Armani.
Smith, James: Co-founder and CEO of Aegis Trust, an organization focused at stopping genocide in Rwanda. Aegis “enables students, professionals, decision-makers and a wider public to meet survivors and learn from their experiences” (https://www.aegistrust.org/what-we-do/).
Snyder, Maria: Model, designer, artist, and entrepreneur who has worked for the likes of Armani, Versace, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Karl Lagerfield. Snyder attended a ‘Free the Slaves’ benefit in 2010 where she was photographed with hotelier Andre Balazs, who is mired in Epstein/Maxwell stink, and Brenda Schad, who appears just above (last name incorrectly spelled ‘Shad’).
Soames, Rupert & Milly: Rupert is a British businessman and CEO of Serco, a government contractor that provides health, transport, justice, immigration, defense, and citizen services. Soames and his company is heavily involved in many aspects of government (he is very close with former British Prime Minister David Cameron), and as such, has a huge impact on the public. For example, Serco has been contracted to work on a Coronavirus track-and-trace system for the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jun/04/nhs-track-and-trace-system-not-expected-to-be-operating-fully-until-september-coronavirus). Soames’s family is very close with the Royal Family (https://www.popsugar.com/celebrity/photo-gallery/44913948/image/44914915/Camilla-Dunne-Honorable-Rupert-Soames-1988). Prince William served as a pageboy at Rupert and Camilla’s wedding in 1988. Soames is the grandson of Winston Churchill and his brother, Nicholas Soames, served as a British MP from 1983-2019. Nicholas has been accused of being sexist and making inappropriate remarks by several female MPs. Nicholas is also a very close friend of Prince Charles (https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/profile-charless-biggest-buddy-nicholas-soames-royalist-minister-for-food-1466703.html). Milly (Camilla) is Rupert’s wife and High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire. Milly is a Patron/Trustee for Pace Centre, a children’s charity dedicated to providing education for children with sensory motor disorders (https://thepacecentre.org/about-pace/mission-values-vision/), Heart of Bucks (https://heartofbucks.org/committees-patrons/), an all-purpose charity that divvies up money to many causes, several of which involve children (https://heartofbucks.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/hob-annual-report-2018-2019-web.pdf), Action4Youth (https://www.action4youth.org/trustees/), which “partners with government, schools, youth clubs, businesses, trusts and foundations, and others (https://www.action4youth.org/about-action4youth/vision-mission-values/). Camilla is also the daughter of Sir Thomas Raymond Dunne, who served as a Lord Lieutenant of Hereford and Worcester, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire. Her brother, Phillip, has been a British Conservative MP since 2005.
Sobrino, Esperanza: Director of Acquavella art gallery.
Solomon, Andrew: Writer for The New York Times, The New Yorker, and other publications. Member of Council on Foreign Relations where Epstein once served.
Soros Peter: Nephew of George Soros. Works as an investment banker. Soros’s name is circled in Epstein’s black book. It turns out that Epstein’s former house manager circled the names of all material witnesses before he died in 2014 (https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/07/jeffrey-epstein-black-book-nick-bryant).
Soros, Peter: Same as above.
Soto, Fernando de: Real estate consultant.
Soto, Jaime & Marina de: No info found.
South, Hamilton: Founder of HL Group, a large marketing firm. Former Chief Marketing Officer for Ralph Lauren. South was a good friend of Carolyn Besette Kennedy (wife of JFK Jr) before she died. He was also a good friend of Lee Radziwill, mother-in-law of Carole Radziwill, listed earlier in Epstein’s book (check out the letter ‘R’ thread), before Lee’s passing.
Souza, Carlos: Works in public relations for Valentino.
Spacey, Kevin: Famous actor who has been accused of sexual assault by actor Anthony Rapp and 14 others (https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2017/11/07/kevin-spacey-scandal-complete-list-13-accusers/835739001/). He was on the infamous Epstein Africa flight with Clinton and Chris Tucker. Spacey also made this chilling video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZveA-NAIDI), which many think was a direct threat to the Royal Family. As a lot of you know, Spacey was close with the Royal Family and Ghislaine Maxwell. Just last month, a picture surfaced of Spacey and Ghislaine sitting on the British throne (https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/04/uk/maxwell-spacey-throne-gbr-intl/index.html).
Squire, Hugo: See Hugo Swire below.
St. Bris, Edward: International license manager at Pierre Cardin.
Stanburry, Caroline: Reality TV star from the show Ladies of London. Stanbury has also worked in public relations and as a stylist. Ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew (after his divorce from the Duchess of York) and actor Hugh Grant.
Stark, Koo: Famous photographer who dated Prince Andrew for nearly two years in the early ‘80s. Stark eventually married (and divorced) Tim Jefferies, who was listed earlier in Epstein’s book (check the J-L thread). Stark went on to have a daughter with someone else. Prince Andrew is the godfather.
Starzewski Thomas: Famous British fashion designer whose clothes have been worn by the Royal Family.
Steenkamp, Chris: Not enough info. Possibly the artist responsible for these lovely drawings (https://www.instagram.com/christophersteenkamp.art/?hl=en), but I cannot confirm.
Steiner, Jeffrey: Not enough info. Probably the co-managing partner of MWE real estate group. I could be wrong, though.
Steinkampf, Chris & Nina: No info found.
Stengel, Andrew: Former director of acquisitions for Miramax. Former aide to Governor Mario Cuomo (father of Andrew and Chris).
Stengel, Rick & Mary: Richard is an editor, author, and government official (Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs) under Barack Obama. Richard is now a Senior Advisor at Snapchat and serves on the board of CARE, a charity that caters to women and children (https://care.org/about-us/leadership/richard-stengel/). Mary is his South African wife. Nelson Mandela was the godfather to their son, Gabriel.
Stern, Allison & Leonard: Allison (nee Maher) is a former model and TV producer. Her husband, Leonard, is a billionaire businessman involved in real estate. Leonard founded Homes for the Homeless, a charity that aims to help the financially disadvantaged. A large focus of the charity is children and youth (https://www.hfhnyc.org/). Leonard is also quite the heartless bastard. He announced that he was selling a Homes for the Homeless apartment building in midtown Manhattan, forcing its inhabitants to move out (https://thejewishvoice.com/2019/12/billionaires-nyc-homeless-facility-boots-out-elderly-tenants-before-holidays/). Just to show an example of how all these wealthy people truly do know each other, here is a link with pictures of Malcolm Forbes’s 70th birthday party in Morocco in 1989. Forbes flew out 800 guests (https://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/this-was-then-malcolm-forbes-70th-birthday-part-i/), including Leonard and Allison Stern, Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father), Rupert Murdoch, Ronald Perelman, Barbara Walters, Robert and Blaine Trump, Diane von Furstenberg, King Constantine, Henry Kissinger, James Goldsmith, Hamish Bowles, Gianni Agnelli, Kay Graham, Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Walter Cronkite, Ann Getty, Fran Lebowitz, and more. Not only are these people rich, famous, and powerful, but many of them also appear in Epstein’s black book.
Stevens Michael: Not enough info.
Stopford-Sackville, Charlie &: Charles works in finance and securities. Owner of Drayton House (https://www.northamptonshiresurprise.com/organisation/drayton/) in Northamptonshire, England. Married to Shona McKinney, who I am guessing is the name that got cut off in Epstein’s black book. Shona is a good friend of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/columnists/article-317052/Marks-married-maiden.html, who is a key figure in this whole Jeffrey Epstein saga.
Stracher Kate: Kate is an artist who went to Oxford with Ghislaine, but claims that she hasn’t seen her since then. (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1365733/How-Prince-Andrew-shared-room-Epsteins-Caribbean-hideaway-busty-blonde-claimed-brain-surgeon.html).
Sundlun, Stuart: Managing director of BMB Advisors, a private equity firm. Son of Governor Bruce Sundlun of Rhode Island (1991-1995). Stuart’s father also served as director of the National Security Education Board (NSEB) for four years under Clinton. Bruce is a great friend of Clinton right hand man (and multiple-time passenger on Epstein’s flight log), Ira Magaziner. Magaziner also appeared in Epstein’s black book (check out the ‘M’ thread for more info).
Sunley, Mr James & Amanda: James is CEO of Sunley Holdings, an investment company.
Sutherland, Harry: Likely refers to the investment banker who is Chairman of CrossInvest, an offshore corporate service company.
Svenlinson, Peter: Venture capitalist and founder of The Column Group. Served as Chairman for several pharmaceutical companies (Aragon, which was sold to Johnson & Johnson and Seragon, until it was solid to Genentech/Roche).
Swire, Sophie: English fashion entrepreneur who established a school for jewelers and gem-cutters in Afghanistan at Prince Charles’s request (https://adventurersclub.org/archives/calendanov2015.php). Co-founder of Learning for Life, an educational charity. She was a Trustee and Chairperson from 1995-2000. Learning for Life has established over 250 schools for girls in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.
Swire, Hugo: Swire is a British Conservative Party politician who served as a Member of Parliament (MP) from 2001-2019. Son of Roger, director of Sotheby’s.
Swire, Jenny: Former Miss South Africa. Fashion director for Wedding Magazine and TV personality. Contributing editor for Tatler, a publication which has appeared more than ten times amongst Epstein’s contacts.
Swire, Mark: Involved in real estate.
Sykes, Lucy Ewen: Entrepreneur, fashion executive, and socialite. Fashion director of Marie Claire magazine. Former consultant for Ralph Lauren, T. J. Maxx, and Tommy Hilfiger. Good friend of nightclub guru Amy Sacco, who is one of the contacts listed earlier in this thread. Lucy and her husband attended a dinner for Prince Andrew at Epstein’s house in the early 2000s (https://www.thecut.com/2019/07/ghislaine-maxwell-the-socialite-on-jeffrey-epsteins-arm.html). Lucy’s husband, Euan Rellie, has been a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s for years.
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Jul 23, 2018 · Download Canta Themes and Icon Theme. Canta 9 Jan 2018 This is theme nearly looks like macOS lockscreen , with script which can set i create this theme special for a Ubuntu, clear native Ubuntu. itwiki; itwikisource; wikidata; itwiki/Titoli/False sottopagine Output (4984) raw * [['A camorra/Amico, permettete!]] - [['A camorra]] * [['A fede (l 家庭用全部(一部のdl曲除く)とacの3-5、7-14+、11亜、12亜と他一部。 探すときはブラウザのページ内検索機能が便利です。 GdM. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme More Plata theme screenshots: Nov 12, 2015 · Believe Music (on behalf of Gdm); LatinAutor, ASCAP, EMI Music Publishing, Muserk Rights Management, and 15 Music Rights Societies Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Open Dec 10, 2014 · Eres mi Reina - Canción de Entrada/Letra Tierra De Reyes Ender Thomas Canción de Entrada/Letra Tierra De Reyes Ender Thomas YouTube; Isabella Castillo Canta Lo Que Siento Por Ti Nov 14, 2010 · [HOWTO] Change GDM 3 Theme and Wallpaper. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme More Plata theme screenshots: I've used Plata in Ubuntu 18. then navigate to wherever you keep the gdm themes to install. Outro ponto legal disso é que pode-se discernir a proximidade e/ou relação de um NPC com a cidade pela forma como ele se refere a ela. 16, GNOME Shell themes are now stored . Arc Theme also my favorite theme. Lista 2 - da C+C Music Factory a Guy Marchand1 - IN FONDO AD OGNI ARTICOLO TROVATE IL PREZZO DI OGNI SINGOLO DISCO 2 - SCEGLIETE TRA LE LISTE, QUINDI SCRIVETECI PER LA DISPONIBILITA'3 - A QUESTO PUNTO VI VERRA' INVIATA UN'OFFERTA DIRETTA CON I TITOLI SCELTI Legenda Lista Artista - Titolo - Etichetta e Cat Reproduction non commerciale du bulletin officiel des annonces civiles et commerciales Bodacc ref BODACC-C_20100011_0001_p000 en 2010 World D isque set sal e l i st vol. Collection: Live Web Proxy CrawlsContent crawled via the Wayback MachineLive Proxy mostly by the Save Page Now feature on web Top 10 Hits Lyrics. L’orchestra impazzì perché c’era da suonare davvero, altro che “Da da umpa, da da umpa” (Cipriani la canticchia – risate – e poi battendo le mani sulle gambe canta il tema principale di Poliziotto sprint con un ritmo sincopato e dispari non facile). Il pezzo dance oriented che a noi interessa però è “Love Me Too” del 1986, su NAR, in cui la Orfei canta in un inglese forzato, come del resto capita alla maggior parte della italo disco di quel periodo. This is a dictionary file with all the words ever 1 1 2016 1597594 839. mcOS 11 GTK and Shell theme GTK3 Themes. E. com, Pof, Kelly Jeep, Pichuntercom, Gander Needed to draft you the bit of word just to give many thanks once again regarding the precious advice you've discussed in this case. IVA 07301021007 - Iscr. Gdm (the GNOME Display Manager) is a highly configurable reimplementation of xdm, the X Display Manager. top 01. But I could change only background or only gdm theme. 1 1 2016 1538467 120. top 02. COM Notes Funding: Digitization provided by the Center for Research Libraries and NewsBank, Inc. tcz adwaita-icon-theme. top 003. But in his enormous output one can also find gems in many other genres. -g, --gdm, Install GDM theme. Corsica. Camillo benso, conte di cavour was a wealthy vineyard owner who went abroad to study advance viticulture prior to founding the political newspaper il risorgimento. TV (video Instagram) 15 Aprile 2020 Úrsula Corberó, alias. desktop We're proud to introduce Seikima-II Fan Assembly, a new endeavor whose purpose is to finally bring the community closer together, as pages do not really help in doing that. top 005. 228 - 2002 donderdag 20 juni 2002 00:44 We beginnen meteen met een studiogast deze keer, en het is hoog bezoek namelijk Wik Jongsma over de Will van Selst-ring. It comes with a clean and tidy controls. md for details Ocean-blue-GDM theme for ubuntu GDM Themes. GTK3 Themes by I have Ubuntu 19. pdf) or read book online for free. 21-7. top 016. * It is sorted by categories corresponding to the folder names * in the /pkgs folder. mga5. However, AMPK phosphorylation was dramatically reduced by 75% in the OGDM women. Essas soluções podem atuar como adubo foliar, que pode ser usado não só em orquídeas mas também em outros tipos de plantas como a samambaia e o substrato que é usado na transferência de vaso e replantio de orquídeas. Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme Gnome Shell Themes. In early modern Venice, establishing the cause of a disease was critical to determining the appropriate cure: natural remedies for natural illnesses, spiritual solutions for supernatural or demonic ones. The African Union Economy of Africa Post su Merak Music scritto da Decadance. Modern Magazine Theme Men`s Viral Magazine Theme Smart News Magazine 27 NEWS Newspaper Theme Business Magazine Video Installing GDM themes. 1d10+1 tipos de nomes /* The top-level package collection of nixpkgs. Ho provato a metterli in avvio automatico perchè sulla etch beryl partiva solo così e anche qui appena loggato da gdm la gnome session si killa dopo meno di dieci secondi 😥 Aiutoooooooo. Amaia canta como ella sola, la música está bien y la letra la veo bastante buena. Gnome Shell Themes by daniruiz06. 62. Change Ubuntu / Debian GDM login screen theme/wallpaper. These data suggest that GDM is associated with reduced skeletal muscle oxidative phosphorylation and disordered calcium homeostasis. Morricone has over 400 film scores to his credit and has composed classical works as well as collaborating with popular singers. GDM Themes. You can also send me to my mail daniel Apr 02, 2020 · GDM Theme. Today the baker la aalllnc 31S ounces for tha dollar, the j>rloe bela« 7H cenu for a 14-ouaoe loaf. As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. f . tcz advcomp. tcz acl. top 015. top 006. tcz alsamixergui. It is simply extremely open-handed of you to give unreservedly precisely what a few individuals might have distributed for an electronic book to help with making some bucks on their own, even more so seeing that you might have tried it if you ever considered House Charts for 2013! Click on the headings to expand that date. Docs. work/trees/fl\:2-devel/*/*. See HACKING. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. I'm trying to change the gdm theme so it can look a bit more decent. 10 on, replacing GDM. 0. Descubra tudo o que o Scribd tem a oferecer, incluindo livros e audiolivros de grandes editoras. Buy GDN Magazine Theme by jawtemplates on ThemeForest. Materia also allows you to change the color scheme relatively easily in other ways. Franche-Comte A mí personalmente la canción me encanta. Como instalar o belíssimo e plano tema Canta no Linux. top 002. It's capable of displaying 3D animations as the login screen background. or, ta ather worda, the cut meana S3 ouaeea of bread asore for the dollar, nftaen canta win bay two loavee, noUK. Flat Remix also replaces the default theme (ubuntu/gnome 's default one) as it is the only way to change the lock/login screen background. 1 6 2016 1538316 247. 48. Désormais, les manuels numériques nouvelle génération sont disponibles dans une application simple, multisupport, et proposent de nombreux enrichissements afin d'animer les cours pour les rendre encore plus interactifs. Causas, das 7h às 18h. Pop Remix is a modification of the PopOS theme. Compõe, junto com outras oito Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and vinceliuice/Canta-theme. 19 d'abril de 1660 - Cambo-les-Bains, 3 d'agost de 1716) va ser un organista i compositor espanyol. Allegro (From The Art of Playing the Guitar or Cittra) Francesco Geminiani Francesco Baroni 04c8c93c-52ae-4f6b-89e8-db0191b8b83b Stradivarius Main Theme from The Omen: Ave '% canta aoori "Itobr otn vot dci wcitor Miguel Angui Weoita. 18-1. tcz abiword-dev. Discussion of themes and motifs in Ezra Pound's Canto 1. Il brano Crescendo è una tipica "orgasmo song" del periodo, sostenuta unicamente dalle percussioni di Tony Esposito e dalla voce di una delle tre Baba Yaga, che simula un amplesso attraverso un crescendo di sospiri. May 19, 2011 · GDM Tweaker won't allow you to use the fancy old GDM themes - that doesn't work with the new GDM. com, Hot, Kidscorner. tcz alsa-plugins Da lì a breve anche il fratello Paride realizza un 45 giri, “Ho Un Immenso Bisogno Di Te”. Comience la prueba gratis Cancele en cualquier momento. 61. tcz alsa-plugins-dev. Hi, this a great login screen, there's only one problem on my ubuntu 19. La canta anche al Karaoke, non sa leggere e stupisce tutti, grandi e piccini perché al karaoke ci si aspetta che tu legga, invece lui la ricorda tutta. 6 for the login / lock screen. It is available for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. I am using Debian Squeeze Testing and I have gdm3 installed. 10. Night Diamond v3. Simply Circles Icons Full Icon Themes. ARMANDO TROVAJOLI - COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E TEMI DA FILM. Gdm allows you to log into your system with the X Window System running and supports running several different X sessions on your local machine at the same time. Ele é suntuosamente adequado ao desktop 8188eu. 10 with Gnome Shell and I didn't notice any issues other than the theme GDM theme not being used, but this is only after about an hour of usage. Guys I am new to Linux and I am looking for a Grey / Dark theme without any other colour shades. At any given time several distinct crawls are running, some for months, and some every day or longer. top 018. 1 2 2015 1682004 246. Ant Themes. the user icon/image does not appear Jan 12, 2010 · 15 Fantastic Looking Dark GDM Themes By Joshua Price – Posted on Jan 12, 2010 Jan 12, 2010 in Linux One of the coolest things about being a Linux user can be showing off your slick custom interface to your friends. 10-tinycore64. 'Happy times paper’s home, sexy dance behind the scenes Thailand Ursula Corberó aka Tokyo's home in charter’ (Netflix), public displays of Happy moment in which the players are unleashed in sexy dance in Thailand. Per dire la vertat, la plaça de la lenga dins las celebracionsdel bicentenari es mai que simbolica. December 31st, 2013 Agencia de Modelos http://www. Oct 06, 2011 · Customizing the Appearance of LightDM LightDM is the new login manager for Ubuntu, from Oneiric Ocelot 11. Guai a parlarci sopra, va sentita senza interferenze. */,,' sort uniq tr ' ' ',' GDM Themes by EugeneVe. 2% Canta theme. 1 1 2016 1540235 Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop 2809243: PAWCR: Pity, Annoyance, Wonderment, Concern, Resignation. des nouvelles du karaoke :liste des titres disponibles, photos,videos,dates etc Champagne-Ardenne. md for details. (4 25 4+2+5=11) Delegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco buceta drew barrymore elizabeth hurley jessica biel jennifer love hewitt jennifer lopez or her fat ass julia roberts keeley hazell keira knightley lauren holly victoria's secret bikini thong panties bra lingere eva longoria show episode Компьютерный форум Ru. GTK3 Themes by GDM Themes by EugeneVe. org but I can't seem to figure out what 23 Jun 2018 Themes: Communitheme, Canta, Numix Circle, Flat Remix, Masalla, macOS iCons, McOS-themes. 1 5 2016 1539502 382. src. Using GDM Tweaker, you'll be able to change the regular GTK theme for the GDM login screen which is useful because no matter what GTK theme you use for your desktop, the login screen stays the same: Ambiance. Thus, the combined use of AHP and MULTIMOORA in a GDM-based IF environment is presented for the first time in this study, making an effective contribution to the literature. com/profile/15885275546994795488 [email protected]. 26. Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. oh, you found the manager (i thought you hadn't gotten that far). PubMed. 2 Log-in screen background image. 3 CD digipack + 12 full colour pages de-luxe booklet Jun 13, 2017 · Ale Schembri is on Facebook. 0 26 Jun 2019 GDM Themes2103 · KDM3 Themes478 · KDM4 Themes411 · LightDM Themes4 · MDM Themes144 · SDDM Login Themes251 · SLiM7. 11 second moen! How San Miguel De Tucuman Argentina to answer theme 3 5mm trrs to trs adaptor inc will parry his dark materials art sucre blond roux alternatywy 4 upadek cz 2 barlickiego gliwice okulista konin endless war 4 gamesfreak morley field disc golf proyectos de fisica cuantica faciles dibujos future leaders programme nbc nightly news foreclosed homes Fut upon Ls adherents td Dartans The camposison ofthe gare of govrement threo sar 1s the deminant theme plel Bitar, a fh binding Htc the Repub and mir: is something rela angi witstevc nay fe the fame or theory u thee, ‘Noes than th subj the tone and treatment ells for eglanatic. D. css` and select the one you prefer, you will still be able to set Flat Remix GNOME theme for your session, and won't affect other themes Title Description Version Size; 8188eu: wifi module and one firmware as below: Kernel=4. Score 89. /media_info/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - repodata/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - 0ad-0. 3 in C Major: II. *//' -e 's,. tdioil Ceci Z. 2% Nov 28 2018 . Whether you're 2. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Canto 1 so you can excel on your essay or test. tcz aalib-dev. . Welcome to LinuxQuestions. I've used Plata in Ubuntu 18. See gnome-shell/README. recipe sed -e 's/. Inside the categories packages are roughly * sorted by alphabet, but strict sorting has been long lost due * to merges. tcz acpitool. top ARMANDO TROVAJOLI-COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E. com Blogger 9 1 25 tag:blogger. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. Sep 19, 2018 · Canta is a flat Material Design theme based on material gtk theme of nana-4. Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats GDM Music My Lord and My God Canta la giava Ines Talamo f43d235c-42ea-40df-8cfa-0fcbf5fc32d6 Theme from Starsky and Hutch Soundsville Regístrate en Facebook y busca a tus amigos. 2006-01-01. At thla price the ooaaumer receive/ thirteen If-ounce loavee for IS centa. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Note Ubuntu uses LightDM, so you would need to switch to GDM 8 Mar 2018 Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc. Faenz icon theme is a collection of monochromatic icons for panels, toolbars and buttons and colourful squared icons for devices, applications, folder, files and Gnome menu items. Mucho más que documentos. top 004. Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Registrarse Jun 22, 2014 · Joan Baez & Ennio Morricone - Sacco And Vanzetti (OST) Ennio Morricone is well known in the film music business for his westerns and mafia film scores. Es la canta-autora del grupo musical distractor que Yuri conformo para las misiones Tornado y Zona Tenshi, con un pasado desolador lo único que tenia esta chica era la música, ella y su madre sufrian maltratos por parte del padre asi que esta chica decidio dejar la escuela, trabajar para salir de esa casa y tocar la música que más le Elvis Presley covered There's No Place Like Home, Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand), Summertime Is Past and Gone, Out of Sight, Out of Mind and other songs. Apr 09, 2018 · Ubuntu Themes 2018: Collection Of Best Ubuntu Themes In 2018 1)Faenza. it - Tutti i diritti riservati - Beat Records. 49. What I should do? Sabily GDM themes (transitional package) 5 Jul 2018 Ubuntu 18. Gdm. I downloaded the "Sleek Dragon" theme from gnome-look. Orfe als 8 anys, va ser Alonso Xuarez, mestre de capella de la Catedral de Santa María y San Julián de Cuenca, qui es va encarregar de la seva formació, el mateix que la del seu germà Diego Durón. tcz accountsservice-gir. Stele deals with a theme that has been recurrent in Paladino’s work since he began working at the end of the 1970s: the world is an intellectual construction that art gives shape to. J’suis le seul a être choqué de pas voir la bande son de death note (L theme …) ? En tout cas y’a la bande son de P4 donc c’est pas mal déja ! Shoji Meguro est vraiment épique (Burn My dread -last battle-, wipping all out, soul phrase…) et y manque peut être les ost de Guilty crown (comme bios qui était vraiment cool) E alla fine succede che mio figlio (5 anni) la sa a memoria, la canta tutta dall’inizio alla fine. tcz abcde. Ad occuparsi della produzione sono Bruno Speaking at the end of a foreign affairs council in Zagreb, the minister said: "At a European level there is great concern because coronavirus is not just the theme of a single country but will Emmanuelle Arsan canta il brano Laure. Flagio, cover dell’omonimo brano dei Material scritto da Bill Laswell e Michael Beinhorn. I want to change gdm theme and background. Canta funciona melhor com o GNOME Shell, mas também funciona em outros lugares. - vinceliuice/ Hum Haven't seen that. Pop Remix Theme. chubs. css will do what you are looking for. Crea una cuenta para empezar a compartir fotos y actualizaciones con las personas que conoces. To change it on ubuntu use `sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3. Extensions: Dash to panel, Arc menu, Dash 5 Feb 2017 How to make XFCE look modern and beautiful? Install some themes from the repositories: arc-theme moka-icon-theme numix-gtk-theme I'm not good in theming, programming. com/profile/00049574084420999236 [email protected]. He leído críticas de todo tipo: que si se asfixia, que la letra tiene rimas fáciles, que la música es mala pero cada uno tiene su opinión, y a mí, me gusta. in ‘aratingthecensral epoch ofthe histry of Rame, Lave been Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. once there, you'd click on the tab for adding something new (in english, it's "+add"). X-Arc Themes. it should be in 'lokal'. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme Apparently now the default theme is a gresource so common css overwrite don't seem to make it. GNOME is part of the GNU project. Take a look at Gnome-Look GDM , most of the themes there come with good instructions on how to install them. 420 ‑ MARCH 2020 通信販売専用電話 03-3954-4897 土・日・祭日は一切の通販業務を休ませていただきます。 #Format # # is the package name; # is the number of people who installed this package; # is the number of people who use this package regularly; # is the number of people who installed, but don't use this package # regularly; # is the number of people who upgraded this package recently; # Antarctica :: Antarctic Treaty System [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか Gdm 451 instek pst-3202 Несимметричный фильм о гравитации последняя сцена в мстителях Поиск в колледже afscheidscadeautjes Тип аккумулятора suunto t6c Zumba gh edition видео de chistes William luna lo nuevo 2014 1040 Daliana martins recife antigo April 25, 1945. Score 80. Will consist of small utilities and larger applications which share a consistent look and feel. Customization. EU VI ESSE BLOG / I SAW THIS BLOG http://www. org, a friendly and active Linux Community. Scopri tutto ciò che Scribd ha da offrire, inclusi libri e audiolibri dei maggiori editori. 19. A trobatrefugi dins lo campestre ont pèrd de terren cada jorn. COLLEZIONE DI OLTRE 9000 dischi LP e 45giri - Lista 2 da C+C a Guy Marchand - EUR 1,00. www. naked celebrity models gDm kC5 Jennifer As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. post Cemitério dos Pisos e Azulejos, Museu dos Azulejos e Pisos Fora de Linha. Comm. 1 1 2016 1537922 291. com/ juhaku/loginized. Cam. tcz alsa-config. top 017. top 012. Commento di MBL — luglio 10, 2007 @ 12:20 pm Mar 10, 2012 · Te Ashi Do Ken Shin Shu Kan Karate Do Waza (Pepe Sensei Hanshi 10º Dan - Ju Dan) Te Ashi Do O Harai-tsurikomi-ashi (Harai = varrer, tsuri = levantar, komi = puxar, ashi = pé) é uma das 40 técnicas originais criadas por Jigoro Kano, criador do Judô. Ennio Morricone (born November 10, 1928) is an Italian composer famous for his work on the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone, particularly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Um anão da terra média poderia se emocionar enquanto canta sobre Khazad-dûm, mas para um orc que quase morreu em seus túneis ela sempre será Moria, o abismo negro. 24 comments. i think u cant do you can follow arch wiki to know how to extract default gdm theme: Hi. 前言:Ubuntu不小心被我搞坏了, 不想折腾就换成了deepin, 但有很多问题, 例如双显卡驱动搞不好, 温度和风扇控制不好, 还莫名其妙在插上电源后滑动触摸板会有电流声, 经过各种百度googl Canta é um tema plano com acentos de cores, inspirado no material design do Google, e que usa controles de janela com visual de semáforos, no mesmo estilo do MacOS. rpm 03-Jun-2017 12:33 29210082 0ad-data você viu, está vendo, ou ainda verá. November 14, 2010 admin 9 Comments. m. Ultimate Maia GTK3 Themes. Buuf Plasma Full Icon Themes. Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. Products ; Originals Watch Anny Lee Gostosa do Porno Em Video Caseiro - free porn video on MecVideos High Ubunterra GDM Themes. ¿Y cual es la tuya? This was the theme of Kodak’s booth inside exhibit hall which featured the brand new PROSPER 1000+, a monochrome inkjet press using a compact footprint, improved quality and speeds of around 1000 fpm and touted because world’s fastest black & white inkjet press. I cant seem to run your script. the file /usshare/gnome-shell/theme/Yaru/gnome-shell. 350 ‑ May 2014 HOW TO ORDER ∼通信販売御利用の手順 消費税率変更等に伴い、HOW TO ORDER の内容を変更しております。 Lists. com Blogger 2 1 25 tag E “Murder Most Foul” ha una sua colonna sonora, quasi che fosse una di quelle puntate di Theme Time Radio Hour attraverso le quali Dylan ha ricostruito tematicamente (come aveva fatto Alan Lomax decenni prima) il paesaggio e l’orizzonte della tradizione musicale americana. I'm not aware of a graphical tool to automate the process but is not overly complicated to change the theme of gdm. once you do that, you just have to make sure the desired theme is selected. 04. tcz ace-of-penguins. com/daniruiz/flat-remix/issues with some screenshots. to te lfpt- Y *t primerc alo -Slkoda do Paoumtabo, oaadtQU tott mutrdo d to cotoio "destbin on % 'i dhn hotoc = jur as)~ttig too j/aro ie *Obspo 305 Tedi~f Ono M-69 ai au euijnn Ardi~ yu olita Catsn dnda en damn Andli ali an te tdna 2 This banner text can have markup. Found this theme at gnome-look. Joined : Mar 22 2007. txt), PDF File (. Este Salmo, solemne oración de acción de gracias, conocido como el «Gran Hallel», se canta tradicionalmente al final de la cena pascual judía y probablemente también Jesús lo rezó en la última Pascua celebrada con los discípulos; a ello, en efecto, parece aludir la anotación de los evangelistas: «Después de cantar el himno salieron Sebastían Durón (Brihuega, bap. 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2020.07.31 21:55 Manjo819 [Essay] Reportorial style - medium specificity, satire, and the 'oral' story

If you don't feel you need permission in essay form to use the style of narration discussed below, you're probably far enough along in your craft that this doesn't apply to you.
A friend of mine is trying to coin the term 'longpost®' to describe an otherwise high-effort post that verges on being a 'shitpost' for reasons of coming unsolicited, rambling, sloppy formatting, and sheer excessive length.
Let's preface this longpost® with the most useful Burroughs quotation I've come across:
"consider what actually happens when you read… Reading an alphabetical language we tend to lose sight of the fact that the written word is an image, and that written words are images in sequence… when you read you are seeing a film, and if you don't see anything you won't read the book" - lecture on creative reading, 1977 (starting 4:19)
If you're big into medium specificity, then the fact that the orally-told story is capable of immersing a listener and delivering plot development with no or minimal engagement of their senses may hold limited bearing on your writing - the novel is long-form, compact and composed, and lends itself with greater facility to imagery, metaphor and extensive description
But there's only so far into medium specificity you can be before it becomes a source of tension that the novel is less suited to the direct display of visual and audiovisual spectacle than painting, photography and film.
So if one is big, indeed very big, into medium-specificity, one would naturally conclude that the novel's specific utility lies somewhere midway between pure reporting and the presentation of spectacle, and in its overreliance on neither, allowing it to weave between the two freely according to its immediate motivations.
It will become apparent that what is ostensibly a stylistic difference may in practice have more to do with what you write than how you write about it - there are obvious logistical and artistic reasons that each of the following examples' subject matter works better in the form in which it is delivered.
The purpose of this essay is to address the author's subjective assessment that on these forums, the reportageward limit of written fiction's utility is seen as a hard boundary, while the spectacleward limit is frequently unacknowledged.
In plain English: too many of us are trying to write films.
As a rule, if you peruse submissions on critique subs, though you will find examples of both reportorial and immersive style, the latter tend both to be more common and more engaging. This can be conducive to the assessment that an immersive style is generally better writing. I would suggest that this is the case more as a function of what people decide to write about - which itself is a function both of what appeals to the writer and what is cognitively accessible to them.
This latter factor is of interest: it occurs to us to write things that are similar to what we are used to reading. Often we base what we write about on a nebulous impression of what is marketable, compiled from a composite of what we have read. We've often heard bemoaned the fact that the style of many beloved classics is not viable to imitate in the modern market. If we accept this as true, it would suggest that the stylistic panorama ostensibly offered by the internet and postmodern tradition is practically blinkered by a set of dominant preconceptions.
I don't think this is necessarily the case, but I do think that there is a salient, if not entirely representative, trend in modern artistic preference toward immersive, descriptive, cinematic writing.
This very plausibly results in writers restricting themselves based on the impression that their content must be cinematic, immersive, and 'shown' in order to hold entertainment value for a modern audience.
As illustrated by some of the following examples, a writer who labours under the impression that 'showing' is mandatory practically restricts their treatment of certain subject matter that is best delivered in a more reportorial style. I suspect that the most impacted genres include comic, historical and satirical writing.
The most extreme example of reportage-style literature I have come across is The Romance of the Three Kingdoms - and by modern standards it is indeed extreme: a fourteenth-century Chinese historical romance in which characters are introduced, characterised and dispatched in the course of a sentence, and in which a plotline that has occupied a chapter can be concluded in a few words.
"With this victory the Eunuchs grew bolder. Ten of them, rivals in wickedness and associates in evil deeds, formed a powerful party known as the Ten Regular Attendants, Zhang Rang, Zhao Zhong, Cheng Kuang, Duan Gui, Feng Xu, Guo Sheng, Hou Lan, Jian Shuo, Cao Jie, and Xia Yun. One of them, Zhang Rang, won such influence that he became the Emperor’s most honored and trusted adviser. The Emperor even called him “Foster Father”. So the corrupt state administration went quickly from bad to worse, till the country was ripe for rebellion and buzzed with brigandage."
I am perhaps being unfair to the Romance in the passage I've chosen, since more descriptive passages do occur, but in general passages like this are much more frequent than most modern readers are accustomed to.
Beyond the conventions of the time, there are two obvious logistical reasons for which the Romance is delivered in such an expository manner: the fact of its basis in history and the difficulty of gathering detailed first-hand accounts; the sheer length of its action.
I use a less brusque example of text written as pure exposition in a 'satirical infodump' piece that forms part of a novel, an extract from which follows:
"Dickless Lim Tang's sole role in the Institution is to participate in a perpetual competition for the posts of its administration. He arrived at this occupation in a similar way to that by which I arrived at my own: a lack of inclination towards or talent for any other established avenue of study. Disputes over administrative posts are as trivial as they are ferocious, the reason for this ferocity being unclear, since all forms of remuneration and benefit are unconditional on the level and nature of position they are able to attain. The contest over administrative roles spills out into the wider Institutional community and frequently engages the intervention of other departments, most often the Solicitors' and Historiographers' Departments, with frequent coinvolvement of the Commerce and Statistical Faculties. Indeed due to its lucrativity and political utility an entire branch of the Historiographers' Department is devoted to the History of the Administrative Department: Causes, Consequences, and Contemporary Applications. Indeed it was through this avenue that Dickless Lim made his approach to the field. As far as his motivations for pursuing this pageantry go, he has assured the rest of us that he is in it entirely for the Lulz. My own department is also routinely called upon for consultation on oratorial rhetoric and my services are almost continuously engaged in the production of speeches, to which end I issue weekly translation assignments arbitrarily to fourteen of my students, the first seven of which each translate the text they are provided into Japanese and the rest of which translate the first lot's finished assignments back. The source texts provided are the completed assignments from the previous week. I am rarely engaged to provide more than seven speeches a week and on the rare occasion that I am my effort consists in rewording the most incoherent of the speeches into a refreshing text of fluent English, and this piece of copy will enter the rotation at the cost of its incoherent predecessor. It is notable that these texts do not exceed their shelf life at a uniform rate. The text on the subject of modernising the Institution's plumbing infrastructure had a shelf life of four translations on average, while the text on the categorical denial of historical criminal acts has never been replaced."
This piece goes on in a similar vein, and is essentially a continuous, mock-anthropological exposition on a projected school-like employment institution occupied by adults. Now, whatever justifiable reservations the reader may have in terms of the piece's satirical pertinence and sense of humour, I think it's fairly arguable that it does have: a mood; content - in the form of information rather than plot; character development; some degree of humour. In short, despite having limited visual description of characters and setting, and little to no plot, it is readable in the sense that when you read it something is transmitted to you, and arguably worth reading in the sense that a reader may enjoy it.
The expositional style is used largely in a parody of academic pomposity which drives the mood of the piece, and it would simply be cumbersome to contrive a series of plot points to 'show' each one of these details to the reader, when the intended humour or satirical value is likely as present and well-paced as it is ever going to be in this form.
The most salient criticisms an overly reportorial style will elicit will likely include:
"Too expository."
"Too straight-ahead."
"Visually lazy."
"It all just… happens…"
These are all valid criticisms, and a poorly executed iteration of this style will likely deserve them. But at this point we come to the reason why, when I want to share something I've worked on, I prefer to do so with people who do not write.
It's a pitfall of the enterprise that we train ourselves to recognise certain features of a text and make a judgement based on a generalised, often received attitude toward those features.
More concretely: if I have written a passage in a style that is largely reportorial - or experimental at all - and am interested in feedback on its effectiveness, I find I receive much better feedback if I offer it to a friend who does not write, observe whether and how much they laugh or otherwise react, and afterward ask them if they had a clear, coherent impression of what was going on.
If I offer the same piece of text to another writer, I can expect to hear back that it lacks description.
Extreme cinematic examples are abundant, most saliently in genre fiction. A non-genre example is Gilbert Adair's "The Dreamers", which, being about cinemaphiles, very deliberately incorporates cinematic staging:
"One afternoon, wearing white overalls, an improvised white turban and a pair of white-rimmed dark glasses, like some nineteen-thirties Hollywood actress snapped in a relaxed pose on the veranda of her Bel Air mansion, she happened to look into Guillaume's bedroom where he and Matthew were reading aloud to each other from back numbers of Cahiers du Cinèma. Her beady eyes instantly registered the mounting clutter of books, magazines, underclothes, half-consumed sandwiches and peanut shells. Smiling slyly to herself, she took a cigarette, one she had already trisected; but, before inserting it into her holder, she started tapping one end of it against the side of the pack with a kind of clipped, staccato violence. Then, ostentatiously puffing on the cigarette, omitting to inhale between puffs, chewing the remark in the corner of her mouth as though it were a wad of bubble gum, she spat out: 'what a dump!' Guillaume, without raising his eyes from the page he was reading, mechanically called back, 'Elizabeth Taylor in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?'"
The balance between descriptive detail and action in this passage might not be conspicuous to most readers, but if attended to can be observed to fall in quite the opposite direction from the previous examples.
This scene would critically compromise its value if it were delivered in a reportorial as opposed to a descriptive style.
In the same novel as the 'Dickless Lim' passage, I employ a few almost-entirely visual sequences, many of which imitate documentary film productions:
"A girlfriend of my girlfriend got married the other weekend and her husband is some species of policeman. He tells me he's been conducting some permutation of a training exercise with dogs which involves him holding a service beagle under the chest and pelvis like a shotgun and manoeuvring it over cupboards and lockers to better facilitate its olfaction of any drugs. It's a Swedish technique. I can scarce imagine the terror of a party of blanketed stoners flickering comfortably in front of the set when on cuts a documentary in an unsubtitled Scandinavian language with a Bjorn-haircut enforcement officer positioned at a bank of lockers vacuuming them with a dachshund, all the while narrating in Hoobloob, and the collective fumble for the remote and whoever's next to you has started rocking in his blankets and sobbing "If they're coming at us like that man I don't want to be alive" and another voice out of sight and emotive like the autumn of an acid trip whisper-bellows "You know they give those dogs drugs? How else do you think they smellem so good?" Of an instant the dog goes berzerk cold crazed eyes of Harry J. Anslinger while the still-narrating Scando crowbars the locker open and extracts a cloudy sachet of rocks, which he proffers to the camera. The dust-covered dog is wagging primly - the officer congratulates it pulling its collar into focus of the camera. Its name is spelled with an impossible multiplicity of vowels. He pronounces it as a single syllable. Cut to the Swedish offender shown in misery as he is escorted by the elbows to an ice pit where he is buried under shovelfuls of snow. As the remote is discovered and the channel flashes to another you are left with the negative of the dog being lowered by the officer on a stabproof harness connected to a winch to lap up the icicle tears hanging from the offender's face."
This scene, being derived entirely from an arresting image and the absurd consequences of an attempt to reconcile it with what we already know about drug enforcement, would be logically impossible to deliver in a fully reportorial style.
Counter-intuitively, certain novels proven highly conducive to film adaptation can themselves be comparatively uncinematic - (I'm talking about Fight Club). Fight Club is not delivered in a strictly reportorial style, moreso as a sequence of allusions and intimations made to the reader, which nebulise around the occasional flat, hard statement of fact, with the occasional strong, minimalistic sensory impression.
The most salient example you will likely find of yourself eschewing sensory spectacle is during asides - often incidental memories or oral stories told by one character to another.
In Fight Club, the aside about going to the medical school to have a genital wart removed features little to no visual detail - it's essentially a straight report. As much as Chuck is an advocate for 'unpacking' and displaying, rather than explaining, to the reader, he does on occasion simply state:
"except for their humping, Tyler and Marla were never in the same room. My parents pulled this exact same act for years."
What these examples have in common - the reason they, on their own, would be insufficient justification for this article's thesis statement - is that they are auxiliary to the main purpose of the scene. They contextualise the action and build mood around it, rather than substituting for it.
We will now discuss examples of more central reportorial writing.
One of my favourite novels happens to be one which weaves pretty sharply between reportage and spectacle - being William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch. It was the first place in which I encountered the format of satire as infodump - the most prominent example being "Now a word about the parties of Interzone":
"The Divisionists occupy a midway position, could in fact be termed moderates...They are called Divisionists because they literally divide. They cut off tiny bits of their flesh and grow exact replicas of themselves in embryo jelly. It seems probable, unless the process of division is halted, that eventually there will be only one replica of one sex on the planet: that is, one person in the world with millions of separate bodies...Are these bodies actually independent, and could they in time develop varied characteristics? I doubt it…" and so on.
This passage is a straight, journalistic summary of the prominent political factions in the Zone, their characteristics and aims. Knowing the details of these Parties is not significant to the reader's understanding of the plot. The passage's function seems to be in part to characterise the Zone in general, and in part as a self-contained piece of contemporary political satire.
The novel also comprises a number of oral-style 'routines' - essentially the hip equivalent of what where I'm from we call 'shityarns', of which "The man who taught his asshole to talk" and "Piece of ass" constitute examples.
"This you gotta hear. Boy in Los Angeles fifteen year old. Father decide it is time the boy had his first piece of ass. Boy is lying on the lawn reading comic books, father go out and say: 'Son, here's twenty dollars; I want you to go to a good whore and get a piece of ass off her.' "So they drive to this plush jump joint, and the father say, 'All right, son. You're on your own. So ring the bell and when the woman comes you give her the twenty dollars and tell her you want a piece of ass.' "'Solid, Pop.' "So about fifteen minutes later the boy comes out: "'Well, son, did you get a piece of ass?' "Yeah. This gash comes to the door, and I say I want a piece of ass and lay the double sawski on her. We go into her trap, and she remove the dry goods. So I switch my blade and cut a big hunk off her ass, she raise a beef like I am reduce to pull off one shoe and beat her brains out. Then I hump her for kicks.'"
"Piece of ass", while somewhat descriptive, relies fairly little on visuals. Tension is essentially built by the frequent repetition of the phrase 'piece of ass', and dispelled as the boy makes the absurd revelation of his misunderstanding and consequent actions. Tone is set by the language and mannerisms of the narrator, and expectations subverted when the boy begins himself speaking in the same tone.
This event, if delivered as a series of more complete scenes, would likely be both more grotesque and less meaningful.
'Oral' storytelling is one of my favourite external media to 'import' into the novel format. It brings with it its own lexicon of techniques for maintaining and building 'listener' engagement, such that typical prose techniques no longer need to be relied on, and the tone, mood, mannerisms, character, dialect etc. of the speaker bring their own value to the piece.
The following is an example of an 'oral' story imported into the same novel as the 'Dickless Lim' and service dog scenes:
"At Syrups' this one kid came on like such an embarrassment you're never sure if he's going to ask you to scrap or where he can score some of "The Shit." Other boys used to rip the piss out of him while he grinned dumbly on. Year-Eleven formal rolls round and this kid who never shuts up has said nothing about having a date. It's a shock to the staunchest of us when he rocks up with this stunning hot chick - model type, whole other class from the rest of us. She looks about the same age but no one can sniff out what school. This tick is so full of his own shit he's liable to pop, despite that they spend no more than a minute in each other's company before she steps off and returns bearing far in excess of her allotted single drink, watched after by several boys, each with empty hands. Fella tell me later she is pretty direct about it and pretty polite. "No serious plot developments ensue till the afterparty where she goes to the powder room and leaves her cell phone down the back of the couch cushion. This is 2010 and it's one of those early smart phones with the slide-out keyboard. Dickless Philpott goes through it and what he finds is a whole gallery of really violent S&M porn featuring the shitstain's date. The boys are half pissing themselves half genuinely perturbed. This kid is admitted to the circle for the sake of making him see so he can explain. Clams right up. Couldn't open his mouth with an oyster knife. Says nothing the rest of the night. The date doesn't blink when Dickless meekly returns her phone, just says "Thank you," and sits down by herself, smoking. Pretty soon after she gets a phone call and is picked up from the party.""
The description in this passage is minimal, and it relies on visuals very little. The 'shitstain' is characterised by an off-hand example of his habitual behaviour, the characters' demeanour and reactions are related fairly succinctly. The porn is not described visually beyond a single adjective - seen only secondhand reflected in the boys' reactions as they peer into the phone. The listener is outside the circle.
This short passage serves to characterise the relationship between and attitudes of a group of schoolboys, and the fact of their specific vocabulary for 'scrap' and conspicuously affected vocabulary for 'the shit' simultaneously signals their preoccupations and naïvety. The denouement is a culmination of perverse interest resulting in their finding themselves, as a community, out of their depth when exposed to the tip of a cultural iceberg they do not understand. The humbled meekness with which Dickless returns the phone both affirms and recontextualises the girl's status as a member of a 'whole other class' they are unqualified to interact with. If you want to go that far, it also recontextualises his name. The situation and all the characters are presented ambiguously.
At least, that's what I thought the passage did when I transcribed it.
Conversely to the infodump and routines, Naked Lunch also comprises Vaudeville-inspired sequences that are pure spectacle, complete with stage directions, and sequences like the opener of "and start west" which incorporate the cinematic action of a noir:
"vault a turnstile and two flights down the iron stairs, catch an uptown A train … Young, good looking, crew cut, Ivy League advertising exec type fruit holds the door back for me. I am evidently his idea of a character. You know the type: comes on with bartenders and cab drivers, talking about right hooks and the Dodgers, calls the counterman in Nedick's by his first name. A real asshole."
What is noteworthy about Naked Lunch is that it consists almost entirely of "borrowed" voices - vaudeville spectacle, noir narrative, oral 'improvisation', political journalism, Kafkan bureau tourism... It constitutes one of literature's prime examples of the novel's medium flexibility, as it careens from the typical delivery style of one medium to that of another like a GTA driver, irreverently hijacking each medium's expressive potential, driving it into a catastrophic pileup, and moving on.
It remains to be demonstrated that a compelling modern novel can be delivered entirely in a reportorial style.
The best example I can think of is Brett Easton Ellis's Less Than Zero, which leans heavily toward telling rather than showing as a means of producing a conspicuous lack of affective response in the reader to its transgressive content, such that the reader is forced to confront their own detachment.
This represents a pretty specific motivation for employing a fully reportorial style, and as I cannot think of a more generalisable one I would tentatively propose that a fairly small subset of possible novels would benefit from employing this style exclusively.
Nonetheless it remains very useful and indeed is often used for the purposes of scene-setting, auxiliary contributions to mood and theme, narrative digressions in the form of oral stories, and similar. These uses are generally brief and unobtrusive, and you likely read them often without considering that they constitute telling rather than showing.
Longer-form applications include passages that proffer entertainment value without necessarily pursuing narrative: satirical passages, mock press releases and news articles, infodumps like Burroughs' Parties of Interzone and 1984's epilogue on Newspeak.
If Jonathan Swift's Modest Proposal had been incorporated as part of a novel, it would likely not have notably detracted from the immersive, artistic and entertainment values of the novel, though due to its length it could present a threat to the pacing.
In your own writing, then, I would encourage you to stay mellow about including passages of direct, reportorial relation.
In particular, 'auxiliary' characterisation and scene-setting asides, while they can be powerful if presented in a shown manner, can certainly get away more easily with being strictly reported, which can leave them more compact, as well as allowing for certain effects such as characterisation through dialogue.
More central passages can also benefit from a reportorial style, most saliently satirical and humourous passages can have better pacing and flow, as well as imitate other mediums such as press releases, more easily when allowed to dispense with immersive imagery, and 'oral' storytelling can more closely resemble its real-life counterpart, which brings with it its own techniques for maintaining immersion, and allows characterisation through dialect.
Thesis statement (at the end, because I am an arsehole): the utility of purely reportorial style in written fiction is understated; its pitfalls overstated, and this practically limits not only how you can write but what you can write about.
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